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A Brave New PID: DMP-IDs

Kristian Garza & Matt Buys
Despite the challenges over the last year, we are pleased to share some exciting news about launching the brave new PID, DMP IDs. Two years ago we set out a plan in collaboration with the University of California Curation Center and the DMPToolto bring...

DataCite is hiring an application developer

Martin Fenner
Are you interested in helping build discovery services for scholarly content? We are looking for an application developer to join our DataCite team, bringing a mix of skills that complement the existing team capacity. The ideal candidate has experience...

Are You There, Metadata? It’s Me, the Bibliometrician

Kristian Garza
In a recent conversation with Dr. Isabella Peters, she mentioned: “From article citation analysis, we know that citation and publication behavior is strongly discipline-dependent. The disciplines dictate where to publish, what to publish, what is okay...

2021 underway!

Matt Buys
At the end of last year, we had the opportunity to reflect on 2020 as a year and plan for 2021. It was certainly a challenging year for all of us in the community and it is during these times that we realize our collective strength! Despite the challenges that we had, DataCite continued to grow as a global community working together...

Strength in our community!

Matt Buys
2021 was yet another year of the unexpected as the world continues to grapple with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is in times like these that communities pull together to help each other and look for a better future. As such, our year-end-post includes thoughts and perspectives from our members and team around the world.

What is next? Launching our Strategic Visioning Process

Matt Buys
Last month I shared our Vision 2021 that puts into action the goals set out in our strategic plan. In this post I want to share about our strategic visioning activity that we will collectively embark on as a community. As a community we are driven...

Sunsetting of the EZ API

Sarala Wimalaratne
The DataCite EZ API was first introduced in 2017 to assist those of our Members who transitioned from the California Digital Library (CDL) EZID service. Users were able to make the same API calls they used to make to EZID, just using the DataCite endpoint...

Farewell to DataCite

Martin Fenner
After six years as DataCite Technical Director, I am both sad and excited to announce that I will be leaving DataCite, beginning a new adventure as an independent developer for the invenioRDM project on August 1st. My focus will remain on research...

Bringing together communities: IGSN and DataCite

Matt Buys & Kerstin Lehnert
DataCite and IGSN are pleased to announce their roadmap towards a partnership that intends to support the global adoption, implementation, and use of physical sample identifiers. This collaboration is aligned with our respective missions and brings together the strengths of each organization for the benefit of the research community.

The DataCite Technology Stack

Martin Fenner
DataCite is a DOI registration agency that enables the registration of scholarly content with a persistent identifier (DOI) and metadata. This content can then be searched for, reused, and connected to other scholarly resources. But how does the underlying...

Partnership between IGSN and DataCite

Matt Buys & Kerstin Lehnert
Earlier this year, DataCite and IGSN announced their roadmap towards a partnership to support the global adoption, implementation, and use of physical sample identifiers. Today, we are pleased to share the announcement of the partnership agreement.

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