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Document Publication Policy

Herman Stehouwer
A document describing RDA policy for publishing documents.

Data Type Registries working group output

Larry Lannom, Daan Broeder &
the outcomes of the DTR WG can be summarized as: • Confirmation that detailed and precise data typing is a key consideration in data sharing and reuse and that a federated registry system for such types is highly desirable and needs to accommodate each community’s own requirements • Deployment of a prototype registry implementing one potential data model, against which various use cases can be tested • Involvement of multiple ongoing scientific data management efforts,...

Articles of Association of Research Data Alliance Foundation

A legal document describing the structure of the RDA Foundation under british law.

Data Foundation and Terminology Work Group Products

Gary Berg-Cross, Raphael Ritz & Peter Wittenburg
Based on 21 data models presented by experts coming from different disciplines and 120 interviews and interactions with different scientists and scientific departments, the DFT group has produced 5 inter-related reports and defined a number of simple definitions for digital data in a registered domain based on an agreed conceptualization.

Organisational Membership Processes

This document describes the Organisational Membership of the RDA. It also covers Organisational Affiliates.

RDA Foundation Governance Document

A document describing the high-level structures of the Research Data Alliance Foundation. This document is separate from the regular governance document, which describes procedures and processes.

Organisational Membership Invitation

An invitation for organisations to become organisational members of the RDA.

RDA Outputs and Intellectual Property Policy

Policy document on the RDA Outputs and the Intellectual Property associated with them.

Data Foundation and Terminology Work Group Products: Results RFC

Gary Berg-Cross, Raphael Ritz & Peter Wittenburg
The goals of the DFT Working Group were:  Moving the discussion in the data community towards an agreed, upon suite of terms relevant to RDA groups with a focus on basic core model of related terms along with some basic principles that will harmonize the data organization solutions.  Fostering an effective RDA community culture by converging on essential terminology arising from agreed upon reference models. Based on a variety of data models and...

PID Information Types WG final deliverable

Tobias Weigel, Timothy DiLauro & Thomas Zastrow
The working group on Persistent Identifier Information Types of the Research Data Alliance concerned itself with the essential types of information associated with persistent identifiers. The working group developed a conceptual model for structuring typed information, an application programming interface for access to typed information and a demonstrator implementing the interface. The final deliverable consists of a summarizing report, the interface specification and a set of exemplary types.

RDA TAB Responsibilities and Processes

This document describes the roles, responsibilities and processes of the RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

RDA Governance Document

The role of the RDA Governance Document is to describe the structures of the RDA, and their relationships, that support the activity and principles of the RDA, and Council’s powers and authority. The Governance Document is the responsibility of the RDA Council.

Practical Policy

Reagan Moore, Rainer Stotzka, Claudia Cacciari & Petr Benedikt
Computer actionable policies are used to enforce management, automate administrative tasks, validate assessment criteria, and automate scientific analyses. The benefits of using policies include minimization of the amount of labor needed to manage a collection, the ability to publish to the users the rules that are being used, and the ability to automate process management. Currently all sites and scientific communities use their own set of policies, if any. A generic set of policies that...

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