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A Framework for the Creation and Management of Research Data Alliance (RDA) Communities of Practice (CoP)

Patricia R. Bello Bertin, , Hilary Hanahoe, Stefanie Kethers, Dimitris Koureas, Yolanda Meleco, Cynthia Parr, Rainer Stotzka, Imma Subirats Coll & Bridget Walker
This document outlines the concept, conditions and working mechanisms for a new category of group within the Research Data Alliance, namely a Community of Practice (CoP). In the RDA, Communities of Practice (CoPs) form to build discipline or domain specific communities within RDA as well as to investigate, discuss and provide knowledge and skills on any specific discipline and/or research domain issues relevant to the community and RDA. Communities of Practice are composed of experts...

Survey on bridging the gap between funders and communities – perspectives on benefits and challenges of FAIR assessments

Christophe Bahim, , Edit Herczog, Keith Russell & Shelley Stall
This report provides a consolidated view of the answers collected during a survey conducted in October 2020. This survey took place in the context of the work of the RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model Working Group and aimed at investigating the differences of perspectives on benefits and challenges of the FAIR assessments between funders and research communities.

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  • 2021

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