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Ground-based FTIR CO2, CH4 and CO measurements at Xianghe, China

Yang Yang, Minqiang Zhou, Bavo Langerock, Mahesh Kumar Sha, Christian Hermans, Ting Wang, Denghui Ji, Corinne Vigouroux, Nicolas Kumps, Gengchen Wang, Martine De Mazière & Pucai Wang

GEM-Mars GCM simulations for 2018 global dust storm for Neary et al., GRL, 2019

Frank Daerden & Lori Neary
The data is from the GEM-Mars GCM and contains vertical profiles and zonal mean averages of various atmospheric quantities such as water vapour, water ice clouds, temperature, etc. The simulations are for Mars Year 34, between Ls 180 and 240 (May - Aug 2018).

Vertical profiles of water vapor in the Martian atmosphere during dust storms in 2018-2019 observed by TGO/NOMAD, presented in Aoki et al., JGR, 2019

Shoshei Aoki, Ann Carine Vandaele & Frank Daerden
The data is water vapor vertical profiles in the periods of the two dust storms (Ls=162–260° and Ls=298–345°) in MY 34 on Mars retrieved from the solar occultation measurements by Nadir and Occultation for Mars Discovery (NOMAD) onboard ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) as well as simulated by GEM-Mars GCM, which are presented in Aoki et al., JGR, 2019.

O+, H+, and He+ Ion distributions in a new polar wind model

J. Lemaire

The origin of Nitric oxide in the terrestrial atmosphere

M. Nicolet

Photochimie de l'ozone dans la stratosphere sous l'action des oxydes d'azote et des composes de l'hydrogene

M. Nicolet

Ionospheric processes and nitric oxide

M. Nicolet

Stratospheric nitrogen dioxide from infrared absorption spectra

M. Ackerman & C. Muller

Stratospheric methane from infrared spectra

M. Ackerman & C. Muller

QA4ECV HCHO tropospheric column data from SCIAMACHY

Isabelle De Smedt, Huan Yu, Andreas Richter, Steffen Beirle, Henk Eskes, K. Folkert Boersma, Michel Van Roozendael, Jos Van Geffen, Thomas Wagner, Alba Lorente & Enno Peters
The QA4ECV HCHO Essential Climate Variable precursor product contains harmonized HCHO tropospheric column densities/ The HCHO ECV precursor data in this dataset provides geophysical information for ground pixels observed by the Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Cartography (SCIAMACHY, aboard the EnviSat satellite; overpass time: circa 10:00 hrs) for the period January 2003 to April 2012. . In addition to the tropospheric HCHO columns, the product contains intermediate results, such as the result of the...

Heat balance and thermal conduction

G. Kockarts

Recent stratospheric spectra of NO and NO2

M. Ackerman, J.C. Fontanella, D. Frimout, A. Girard, L. Gramont, N. Louisnard, C. Muller & D. Nevejans

Effusion of ions through small holes

E. Arijs

Aeronomic chemistry of the stratosphere

M. Nicolet

Contribution au problème de l'aberration différentielle

H. Debehogne & E. Van Hemelrijck

Observation de l'absorption du rayonnement ultraviolet solaire par ballons stratospheriques

P. Simon

Exospheric models of the topside ionosphere

J. Lemaire & M. Scherer

Stratospheric CH4, HCl and ClO and the chlorine-ozone cycle

M. Ackerman, D. Frimout & C. Muller

Irradiation solar flux measurements between 120 and 400 nm. State of the art and future needs

P.C. Simon

Low and very low level DC amplifiers (Part III): Modulators and demodulators

P. Ville

Low and very low level DC amplifiers (Part V): Literatures and references

P. Ville

An iterative method for the solution of eigenvalue problems

M. Godart

Begrippen over plasma fysica

E. Aerts

Aeronomic chemical reactions

M. Nicolet

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