14 Works

Optimal capitol ratios for banks in the euro area

Beau Soederhuizen, Bert Kramer, Gerrit Hugo van Heuvelen & Rob Luginbuhl

The impact of import competition and export opportunities on the Dutch labour market

Rob Euwals, Gerrit Hugo van Heuvelen, Gerdien Meijerink, Jan Möhlmann & Simon Rabaté

The contribution of business dynamics to productivity growth in the Netherlands

Daan Freeman, Leon Bettendorf, Harro van Heuvelen & Gerdien Meijerink

Skill up or get left behind? Digital skills and labor market outcomes in the Netherlands

Mariëlle Non, Milena Dinkova & Benjamin Dahmen

Optimizing the life cycle path of pension premium payments and the pension ambition in the Netherlands

Harry ter Rele, Carolijn de Kok, Nicoleta Ciurila & Peter Zwaneveld

When financials get tough, life gets rough? Problematic debts and ill health

Anne-Fleur Roos, Maaike Diepstraten & Rudy Douven

Housing Market Effects of a Railroad Tunneling: Evidence from a quasi-experiment

Koen van Ruijven & Joep Tijm

The impact of co-payments for nursing home care on use, health, and welfare

Marianne Tenand, Pieter Bakx & Bram Wouterse

The revealed comparative advantages of Dutch cities

Tijl Hendrich, Jennifer Olsen, Steven Brakman & Charles van Marrewijk

Home Ownership and Home Equity Promote Entrepreneurial Activity

Wolter Hassink, Matteo Millone, Remco Mocking & Benedikt Vogt

The causal effects of employment on mental health and criminality for disabled workers

Remco van Eijkel, Sander Gerritsen, Klarita Sadiraj & Maroesjka Versantvoort

Pension payout preferences

Rik Dillingh & Maria Zumbuehl

The Young Bunch: Youth Minimum Wages and Labor Market Outcomes

Emiel van Bezooijen, Wiljan van den Berge & Anna Salomons

The Child Penalty in the Netherlands and its Determinants

Simon Rabaté & Sara Rellstab

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