7 Works

Alternative work arrangements and worker outcomes: evidence from payrolling

Bas Scheer, Wiljan van den Berge, Maarten Goos, Alan Manning & Anna Solomons

Inequality and Redistribution in the Netherlands

Arjan Bruil, Céline van Essen, Wouter Leenders, Arjan Lejour, Jan Möhlmann & Simon Rabaté

Do people value environmental goods? Evidence from the Netherlands

Koen van Ruijven & Joep Tijm

Entries and regional growth: the role of relatedness

Tijl Hendrich, Jennifer Olsen & Judith Bayer

Can skill differences explain the gap in the track recommendation by socio-economic status?

Maria Zumbuehl, Nihal Chehber & Rik Dillingh

Addressing Unemployment Rate Forecast Errors in Relation to the Business Cycle

Bas Scheer

Labor Supply Effects of Survivor Insurance: Evidence from Restricted Access to Survivor Benefits in the Netherlands

Simon Rabaté & Julie Tréguier

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  • 2022

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