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BPI Challenge 2013

Ward Steeman
Logs of Volvo IT incident and problem management

BPI Challenge 2014

B.F. (Boudewijn) van Dongen
BPI Challenge 2014: Similar to other ICT companies, Rabobank Group ICT has to implement an increasing number of software releases, while the time to market is decreasing. Rabobank Group ICT has implemented the ITIL-processes and therefore uses the Change-proces for implementing these so called planned changes. Rabobank Group ICT is looking for fact-based insight into sub questions, concerning the impact of changes in the past, to predict the workload at the Service Desk and/or IT...

Damage Tolerance of Adhesive Bonds - Datasets

John-Alan Pascoe
Quasi-static and fatigue tests of metal-metal adhesive bonds. Both raw data (crack length, force and displacement) and derived data (e.g. strain energy release rate) are included.

Traffic flow observations

S.P.(Serge) Hoogendoorn
Tracing congestion dynamics - with innovative traffic data to a better theory

Environmental permit application process (‘WABO’), CoSeLoG project

J.C.A.M. Buijs
This data originates from the CoSeLoG project executed under NWO project number 638.001.211. Within the CoSeLoG project the (dis)similarities between several processes of different municipalities in the Netherlands has been investigated. The dataset consists of 5 event logs that record the execution of a building permit application process in five different anonymous municipalities. The recording of these processes is comparable which means that activity labels in the different event logs refer to the same activities...

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