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Real-world sales forecasting benchmark data

Emir Žunić
This dataset contains one .csv file that can be used as a new benchmark data for the solving of real-world sales forecasting problem. All data are real and obtained experimentally in production environment in one of the biggest retail company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The available data in this dataset are in period from 2010 to 2018.

Data presented in the paper \"Prey size selection in invasive (Hemigrapsus sanguineus and H. takanoi) compared with native (Carcinus maenas) marine crabs\"

M.M. (Mark) Bouwmeester, A.M. (Andreas) Waser, J. (Jaap) van der Meer & D.W. (David) Thieltges
We investigated the prey size selection of two invasive Asian crabs (Hemigrapus sanguineus and Hemigrapus takanoi) which have recently invaded European coasts and compared their prey size preferences with those of native shore crabs (Carcinus maenas) which are known to feed on similar prey species. In laboratory experiments, we offered different size classes of native blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) to different size classes of the crab species in an effort to identify the respective prey...

Data presented in the paper \"First record of the endoparasitic isopod Portunion maenadis (Giard, 1886) (Epicaridea: Entoniscidae) in shore crabs in the Wadden Sea and a review of its distribution in Europe\"

A. (Annika) Cornelius, A.M. (Andreas) Waser, Christian Buschbaum & D.W. (David) Thieltges
We report on the first record of the entoniscid Portunion maenadis (Giard, 1886) in European shore crabs (Carcinus maenas L., 1758) in the Wadden Sea and provide a quantitative review of the parasite's distribution in Europe based on published literature and biodiversity database records.

Matlab code to generate Artificial fractal riverbeds.

Anzy Lee
The self-similarity of fractals is indicated by the power-law relationship between their power spectral density and wave number, e.g. |X(k)|=Ck^(-b) where X(k) is the Fourier transform of surface elevation at wave number k and C and b are positive constants. b is often expressed as a Hurst exponent, H: b = 2H+1. 1) fractal_riverbed_4TU.m A Matlab script code to generate artificial fractal riverbeds with specified variables (e.g. Hurst Exponent, domain length, number of points, mininum...

Supplementary materials for the article: How do drivers merge heavy goods vehicles onto freeways? A semi-structured interview unveiling needs for communication and support.

F.A. (Felix) Dreger, Joost de Winter & R. (Riender) Happee
Supplementary materials for the article Dreger, F. A., De Winter, J. C. F., & Happee, R. How do drivers merge heavy goods vehicles onto freeways? A semi-structured interview unveiling needs for communication and support. Cognition, Technology and Work.

Dataset underlying the research of Online Aging Determination in Lithium-ion Battery Module with Forced Temperature Gradient

Ilya Zilberman, S. (Sebastian) Ludwig, M. (Martin) Schiller & A. (Andreas) Jossen
his data set includes the presented plot data for the referrenced publication. The structure is referring to every plot shown in the research paper and presents the underlying data for every subplot. An overview of the presented data can be found in the attached "Content_of_Dataset" file.

Supplementary data to the paper: Surgery as a viable alternative first-line treatment for prolactinoma patients. A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Amir Zamanipoor Najafabadi
The dataset includes parts of the systematic review and meta-analysis used in the article: Surgery as a viable alternative first-line treatment for prolactinoma patients. A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Open source package for the Calibration of Multiple Cameras for Large-Scale Experiments Using a Freely Moving Calibration Target

Daniel Tam & K. (Koen) Muller
This open source package contains the relevant files to perform the checkerboard calibration. The supported data allows reproducing the calibration inside the large scale ocean aquarium at the Rotterdam Zoo. The included folders contain: - Calibration The calibration files which can be reproduced. - MatlabCode The relevant Matlab files and functions to perform the calibration. - TestImage Test image to perform physical measurement inside the ocean aquarium. The checkerboard calibration can be runned via the...

Indoor 3D LIDAR scans with thermal images for mapping (the Automation Lab at Jacobs University Bremen)

D. (Dorit) Borrmann & H. (Hassan) Afzal
This data set was recorded using a Riegl VZ-400 and a Optris PI IR camera. It contains several 3D scans taken around the Automation Lab at Jacobs University Bremen. The data set consists of scans and thermal images taken at different poses.

Wood-induced backwater for lowland streams model

P.J.J.F. (Paul) Torfs & T.J. (Tjitske) Geertsema
Placement of wood in streams has become a common method to increase ecological values in river and stream restoration and is widely used in natural environments. Water managers, however, are often hesitant to introduce wood in channels that drain agricultural and urban areas because of backwater concerns. This model aims to better understand the wood-induced backwater. A newly developed, one-dimensional stationary model demonstrates how the water level drop over the wood patch significantly increases directly...

Dataset: Bilge Keels for Course Stability and Sailing Efficiency of Wind-Assisted Ships

Nico van der Kolk, I. (Ido) Akkerman, J.A. (Jan) Keuning & R.H.M. (Rene) Huijsmans
Experimental results for the sailing performance of ships fitted with bilge keel appendages are presented. Sailing performance is synonymous with manoeuvring forces for the steady drift condition, i.e. increase in resistance, lateral force production, and yaw moment for leeway (drift) angle. Systematic variations in appendage height, length, and position are tested, including several special cases. The appendage typology is shown to mitigate the strong ‘destabilizing’ yaw moment that is characteristic for wind assisted commercial vessels...

Dividend and Income Related - USA S&P 500 Data (2008-2018)

Shreyansh G. (Goyal)
The data set has been created to compare the growth controlled discounted value of dividend payouts of firms across time. The opportunity cost is calculated by measuring the 3 year percentage change in S&P 500 index value. The dividend payouts are calculated preferably as cash dividends paid (including taxes) divided by net income. The growth rate in income is calculated by measuring 3 year change in net income controlling for extraordinary expenses

The risk assessment of a deep foundation pit based on fuzzy evidential reasoning method

Daojiang Wei
In general, the dataset is divided into two parts: the risk assessment part and the sensitivity analysis part. The risk assessment part is consisted of four steps: value assignment of hazards with trapezoidal fuzzy number, transformation of belief structure, fusion of belief using evidential reasoning algorithm, and redistribution of belief. In order to unveil the contribution degree of each hazard regarding to the whole risk level, the sensitivity analysis is conducted at last.

Replication Data for: Bed morphodynamics at the intake of a side channel controlled by sill geometry

T.V. (Timo) de Ruijsscher, A.J.F. (Ton) Hoitink, Suleyman Naqshband & A.J. (Andries) Paarlberg
As part of a general trend towards river management solutions that provide more room for the river, longitudinal training dams (LTDs) have recently been constructed in the inner bend of the Dutch Waal River, replacing groynes. LTDs split the river in a main channel and a bank-connected side channel with a sill at the entrance. In the present study, a physical scale model with mobile bed was used to study morphological patterns and discharge division...

Large eddy simulation output from DALES with 3D and 1D radiative transfer

Menno Veerman & F. (Fabian) Jakub
Output of 5 simulations of a convective boundary layer with shallow cumulus forming during the day. Simulations are performed with the Dutch Atmospheric Large-Eddy Simulation (DALES) and with either 3D or 1D radiation.

Data supporting article \"Deformation of a star dune impacted by anthropogenic activities\"

Benli LIU
Numerical simulated and wind tunnel experiment data on the wind flow over a star dune with different scenarios: NW and NE winds, with and without a dune arm (artificially removed), a lower and higher green land (human developted).

Source code for the article: Time/sequence-dependent scheduling: the design and evaluation of a general purpose tabu-based adaptive large neighbourhood search algorithm

Lei He, Mathijs de Weerdt & Neil Yorke-Smith
In intelligent manufacturing, it is important to schedule orders from customers efficiently. Make-to-order companies may have to reject or postpone orders when the production capacity does not meet the demand. Many such real-world scheduling problems are characterised by processing times being dependent on the start time (time dependency) or on the preceding orders (sequence dependency), and typically have an earliest and latest possible start time. We introduce and analyze four algorithmic ideas for this class...

Data underlying the research of Adoption of Cyber Insurance Among Dutch SMEs

Kate Labunets & I. (Inés) Martinez Bustamante
This dataset contains anonymized semi-structured interview transcripts resulting from our study on how SMEs’ representatives make decisions on whether to obtain cyber insurance or not. We conducted semi-structured interviews with ten representatives of various SMEs in the Netherlands. We applied the Protection Motivation Theory as an underlying framework to define interview questions. Thee interviews were conducted in English.

Data underlying the figures presented in the paper: A global empirical GIA model based on GRACE data

Riccardo Riva & Y. (Yu) Sun
Data used to generate the figures presented in the draft paper: A global empirical GIA model based on GRACE data by Yu Sun and Riccardo E. M. Riva.

Crossed Andreev Reflection in InSb flake Josephson Junctions

Folkert de Vries, M.L. (Martijn) Sol, S. (Sasa) Gazibegovic, R.L.M. (Roy) op het Veld, S.C. (Stijn) Balk, D. (Diana) Car, E.P.A.M. (Erik) Bakkers, L.P. (Leo) Kouwenhoven & J. (Jie) Shen
Data collection and code examples for plotting the figures of the manuscript entitled: Crossed Andreev Reflection in InSb Flake Josephson Junctions.

Supplementary data to the paper: Effect of convection coefficient and thickness on optimal cure cycles for the manufacturing of wind turbine components using VARTM

Giacomo Struzziero
The paper deals with the influence of the convection coefficient and laminate thickness on multi-objective optimisation of the vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding cure stage for the manufacturing of wind turbine components. An epoxy resin system widely used in the wind turbine industry has been chemically characterised and the correspondent finite element implementation validated. The optimisation methodology developed links the finite element solution with a genetic algorithm and identifies a set of optimal cure cycles...

Catcher, artifact of the paper: “Effective and Efficient API Misuse Detection via Exception Propagation and Search-based Testing”.

Xavier Devroey, M. (Maria) Kechagia, A. (Annibale) Panichella, G. (Georgios) Gousios & A. (Arie) van Deursen
Catcher is a tool that combines static exception propagation and search-based software testing to automatically detect (and generate test cases) for API misuses in Java client programs. This dataset contains the artifact accepted at ISSTA 2019.

Data accompanying the research on impacts of hydroclimate, land-use and socio-economic changes on water security in the Beas-Sutlej Basin in Northern India

Adebayo Adeloye
Data contain: (a) Climate model (GFDL-CM3) output under RCP 8.5 projections over the Himalayan catchment, consisting of precipitation and temperatures at both monthly and daily time series; (b) Observed monthly inflow and releases for the Pong and Bhakra reservoirs; (c) Irrigation water demand and allocations as simulated by the WEAP model for various climate and socio-economic change scenarios; and (d) Outcome of the land-use and population projections

Data underlying the Studies on the origin of the interfacial superconductivity of Sb2Te3/Fe1+yTe heterostructures

Jing Liang, Y.J. (Yu Jun) Zhang, X. (Xiong) Yao, H. (Hui) Li, Z-X. (Zi-Xiang) Li, J. (Jiannong) Wang, Y. (Yuanzhen) Chen & I.K. (Iam Keong) Sou
This dataset contains all data used in manuscript and supporting information of "Studies on the origin of the interfacial superconductivity of Sb2Te3/Fe1+yTe heterostructures".

Results of OLCI-derived Secchi disk depth in lakes across East China

Ming Shen & H. (Hongtao) Duan
Water clarity, represented by Secchi disk depth (Zsd), is the first-order indicator of water quality. This dataset contains Zsd of 86 major large lakes with an area greater than 30 km2 in East China estimated using a random forest regression (RFR)-based Zsd model. Scientists from optical remote sensing and aquatic sciences can use this dataset for their research

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  • 2019

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