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Supplementary data for the article: PC-based hazard anticipation training for experienced cyclists: Design and evaluation

N. (Natália) Kovácsová, W.P. (Willem) Vlakveld, Joost de Winter & M.P. (Marjan) Hagenzieker
This dataset includes a pdf file describing the PC-based hazard anticipation training program and additional analyses, and four illustrative video files of the training program.

Constructing dataset of classified drainage areas based on surface water-supply patterns in High Mountain Asia

Jieyu Lu
The High Mountain Asia (HMA) region is a geographical unit, holds the largest reservoir of glaciers and snow outside Earth poles, ranging from the Hindu Kush and Tien Shan in the west to the Eastern Himalaya, with altitude between 2000 to 8844m. In last decades, numerous glaciers and lake areas there have undergone tremendous changes, where the formation of surface runoff, glacier meltwater are the main sources of water inflow to lakes, modulating the distribution...

Detecting Perceived Appropriateness of a Robot's Social Positioning Behavior from Non-Verbal Cues: a Dataset.

Jered Vroon, G (Gwenn) Englebienne & V (Vanessa) Evers
What if a robot could detect when you think it got too close to you during its approach? This would allow it to correct or compensate for its social ‘mistake’. It would also allow for a responsive approach, where that robot would reactively find suitable approach behavior through and during the interaction. We investigated if it is possible to automatically detect such social feedback cues in the context of a robot approaching a person. We...

Supplementary Data for the Paper: A General Method for the Creation of Dilational Surfaces

Freek Broeren & W.W.P.J. (Werner) van de Sande
This dataset provides the input STLs and processed files for the method and algorithm described in the paper. For each of the three examples discussed in the paper, we provide the input STL, the directed graph, and the final dilational structure (.scad and .stl).

Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Intrusion Dataset v2

Guillaume Dupont, Alexios Lekidis, J. (Jerry) den Hartog & S. (Sandro) Etalle
This dataset contains automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) bus data from three systems: two cars (Opel Astra and Renault Clio) and from a CAN bus prototype we built ourselves. Its purpose is meant to evaluate CAN bus Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS). For each system, the dataset consists in a collection of log files captured from its CAN bus: normal (attack-free) data for training and testing detection algorithms, and different CAN bus attacks (Diagnostic, Fuzzing...

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