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Data and scripts used in the paper: Moving from drought hazard to impact forecasts

S.J. (Samuel) Sutanto & M. (Melati) van der Weert
These are all the data that we used in our Nature publication with the title: Moving from drought hazard to impact forecasts.
The new datasets are intended to replace the drought Standardised Runoff Index (SRI), which was not the final and correct version. The new drought indices that we revised are the final and corrected version. For any further questions, please contact the responding author: Samuel Sutanto (samuel.sutanto@wur.nl).

Data underlying the paper: An agent-based process mining architecture for emergent behavior analysis

Rob Bemthuis, M. (Martijn) Koot, M.R.K. (Martijn) Mes, F.A. (Faiza) Bukhsh, M.E. (Maria-Eugenia) Iacob & N. (Nirvana) Meratnia
The dataset contains a collection of experiment results and event logs generated. The experiment comprises a job-shop scheduling problem, implemented in a discrete-event simulation model. The raw experiment results are given from which event log files can be generated by following the steps as described in this data paper or the referred academic paper. A collection of event log files is given, as well as the raw files. The logs include the filtered part of...

Supporting data for: Cyclic quasi-static test on calcium silicate element masonry assemblage (TUD_BUILD-2)

Rita Esposito, G.J.P. (Geert) Ravenshorst, H.R. (Roel) Schipper & J.G. (Jan) Rots
This dataset collects the experimental results of a quasi-static cyclic test on a calcium silicate (CS) element masonry assemblage tested at TU Delft in 2017/18. The tested specimen resembles a two-storey Dutch terraced house typically built after 1980 in the Groningen region currently subjected to induced seismicity. The test can be used as benchmark for the validation of analysis methods to assess the seismic vulnerability of buildings.

Data underlying the research of: Thin-plies in adhesively bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymers

Julian Kupski & S. (Sofia) Teixeira de Freitas
Single lap bonded joints with three different ply thicknesses of 200 micron, 100 micron and 50 micron were tested under quasi-static tensile loading. Acoustic Emission and Digital Image Correlation were used to monitor the damage and strain evolution of the overlap area during testing. 3D post-mortem failure analysis of the fracture surfaces were performed using a 3D profiling microscope. A non-linear finite element analysis up to damage initiation of the single lap joint under static...

Data underlying the research of: Snowfall enhances secondary inorganic aerosol formation

Pengkun Ma
The data were conducted from January 15, 2019 to March 6, 2019. Those data include NR-PM2.5, PM2.5, meteorological variables, and gaseous pollutants.

Input files underlying the the publication \"PCR-GLOBWB 2: a 5 arcmin global hydrological and water resources model”

Edwin Sutanudjaja, R. (Rens) van Beek, N. (Nico) Wanders, Yoshihide Wada, Joyce H C Bosmans, N. (Niels) Drost, R.J. (Ruud) van der Ent, I.E.M. (Inge) de Graaf, J.M. (Jannis) Hoch, K. (Kor) de Koning, D. (Derek) Karssenberg, P. (Patricia) López López, S. (Stefanie) Peßenteiner, O. (Oliver) Schmitz, M.W. (Menno) Straatsma, E. (Ekkamol) Vannametee, D. (Dominik) Wisser & M.F.P. (Marc) Bierkens
The folder "pcrglobwb2_input" contains global-extent input files, e.g. meteorological forcing data and model parameters, for running PCR-GLOBWB model (Sutanudjaja et al., 2018, {https://doi.org/10.5194/gmd-11-2429-2018}). PCR-GLOBWB is a hydrology and water resources model developed at Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University, intended for global and regional applications. Using the input files in the folder "pcrglobwb2_input", global-extent PCR-GLOBWB model runs can be performed at the spatial resolutions of 5 arcmin (~10 km at the equator) and 30 arcmin...

Data underlying the publication: A global Budyko model to partition evaporation into interception and transpiration

A. (Ameneh) Mianabadi, Miriam Coenders, P. (Pooya) Shirazi, B. (Bijan) Ghahraman & A. (Amin) Alizadeh
This model calculates total evaporation on the basis of simple interception and transpiration thresholds in combination with measurable parameters like rainfall dynamics and storage availability from remotely sensed data sources.

Neutrophils and macrophage cell count in the gut area of zebrafish larvae treated with antibiotics or saponin or a combination of treatments

A. (Adrià) López Nadal & S. (Sylvia) Brugman
This data set contains data collected during zebrafish larvae experiments at the Wageningen University as part of Adrià López Nadal PhD Thesis. This study corresponds to the article: “Exposure to Antibiotics Affects Saponin Immersion-Induced Immune Stimulation and Shift in Microbial Composition in Zebrafish Larvae” published in Frontiers in Microbiology the 29th of October 2018.

Dataset for Changing global cropping patterns to minimize blue water scarcity in the world’s hotspots

Hatem Chouchane, M.S. (Maarten) Krol & A.Y. Hoekstra
Dataset for the paper: Changing global cropping patterns to minimize blue water scarcity in the world’s hotspots

Comparisons of assessing boar semen quality by WST-8 assay, flow cytometry (FC) and Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA)

Hsiu-Lien LIN
The results of assessing boar semen quality by WST-8, flow cytometry (FC) and Computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA), which were compared to obtain the standard curves of WST-8 assay to evaluate sperm motility, viability, acrosome integrity and mitochondrial activty.

Supporting data for finite-element simulations of ultrasonic guided wave propagation on a plate with a permanently corrugated shape

Pedro Carvalho
The data refers to finite-element (FE) simulations of ultrasonic guided wave (GW) propagation on a plate with a permanently corrugated shape. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that a short time window of GW propagation under high-amplitude, low-frequency vibration (HA-LFV) can be described by GW propagation in a structure with a permanently corrugated shape.

The dynamic response of the bicycle rider's body to vertical, fore-and-aft and lateral perturbations

Georgios Dialynas, J.W. (Jelle) de Haan, Alfred Schouten, R. (Riender) Happee & A.L. (Arend) Schwab
In bicycles the rider’s mass is much larger than the vehicle’s mass. Hence, the rider influences the dynamic behaviour of the bicycle not only by means of voluntary control actions, but also by means of passive response of his/her body to bicycle oscillations. As a matter of fact, the rider’s body has inertial, stiffness and damping properties that are combined with the bicycle characteristics and affect the dynamic response of the whole system. More specific,...

Acoustic, mechanical, and microstructure data used in: Coda-Wave Based Monitoring of Pore-Pressure Depletion-driven Compaction of Slochteren Sandstone Samples from the Groningen Gas Field

Reuben Zotz-wilson
Pore-pressure depletion in sandstone reservoirs is well known to cause both elastic and inelastic compaction, often resulting in notable surface subsidence and induced seismicity. Recent studies indicate that in such cases inelastic strain, which is often neglected in geomechanical models, represents a significant proportion of the total strain throughout reservoir production. While there has been considerable effort to quantify the proportion of continuous inelastic deformation from the mechanical response of laboratory samples, there has been...

Pelargonium geometric morphometric data

Sara van de Kerke
Photographs and TPS file including landmark placement for Pelargonium species included in the SPUR and PETAL dataset. Outcome of the virtual3D reconstruction analysis.

Rainfall observations datasets from Personal Weather Stations

L.W. (Lotte) de Vos
Two datasets of rainfall observations from Netatmo personal weather stations in the Amsterdam metropolitan area (25 months) and the Netherlands (1 month). Included are metadata files with the station locations and a readme.txt file with details on the dataset.

Data of HIV treatment failure in the presence of Transmitted Drug Resistance Mutation strains using a Bayesian model.

Urban Nchimunya Haankuku
The HIV data collected on the treatment failure of ARV treatment in the treatment of HIV.

Supplementary material for the paper: How do driving modes affect the vehicle’s dynamic behaviour? Comparing Renault’s Multi-Sense Sport and Comfort modes during on-road naturalistic driving.

Timo Melman, Joost de Winter & D.A. (David) Abbink
This file contains the Matlab script used to generate all figures in the manuscript named: How do driving modes affect the vehicle’s dynamic behaviour? Comparing Renault’s Multi-Sense Sport and Comfort modes during on-road naturalistic driving. Published in the journal Vehicle System Dynamics. Timo Melman, Joost de Winter, Xavier Mouton, Adriana Tapus, David Abbink

Videos of liquid-solid fluidisation experiments of calcite pellets and glass beads in water

Onno Kramer
20 videos of liquid-solid fluidisation experiments in a university laboratory. You see a 5.7 cm PVC column where tap water is pumped in an upward direction causing particles to elevate into a fluidised state. Particles are calcite grains obtained from a full-scale drinking water softening reactor or perfectly round monodispersed glass beads. The reason to show these videos is to demonstrate that homogeneous flow regime not always occurs whilst this is often assumed regarding liquid-solid...

Data underlying the article: Multistep synthesis of a valsartan precursor in continuous flow

Katharina Hiebler
Part of ONE-FLOW data collection. Corresponding raw data for following publication: "Multistep synthesis of a valsartan precursor in continuous flow", Katharina Hiebler, Sebastian Soritz, Kristian Gavric, Sam Birrer, Manuel C. Maier, Bianca Grabner, Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler, Journal of Flow Chemistry, https://doi.org/10.1007/s41981-019-00044-x

Supplementary material for the manuscript entitled: Mechanical Controls on Horizontal Stresses and Fracture Behaviour in Layered Rocks: A Numerical Sensitivity Analysis

Quinten Boersma
This data set contains the data and scripts used for manuscript: Mechanical Controls on Horizontal stresses and Fracture Behaviour in Layered Rocks: A Numerical Sensitivity Analysis, which is submitted to Journal of Structural Geology. Please refer to the manuscript when using the script and data set.

Supplementary Data for the Research on Geo-Hazard Based on Natural Ecological Environment Characteristics and Human Activities

Chunfang Kong
This dataset is selected as evaluation index system for geo-hazard based on natural ecological environment characteristics and human activities. The dataset come from various maps and field surveys of Guangxi Bureau of Land and Resources.

Supplementary data on the research of Satellite-Terrestrial Channel Characterisation in High-Speed Railway Environment at 22.6 GHz

Lei Ma
The extensive ray-tracing (RT) simulation results in four terrestrial and satellite-terrestrial communication links.The three-dimensional model of the railway scenario is reconstructed and imported into the Cloud Ray-Tracing (CloudRT) simulation platform. Based on extensive ray-tracing simulations, the channel for the terrestrial HSR system and the satellite-terrestrial system with two weather conditions are characterised, and the interference between them are evaluated.

Data presented in the paper “Water motion and vegetation control the pH dynamics in seagrass-dominated bays”

Rebecca James, M.M. (Marieke) van Katwijk, P M J Herman & T.J. (Tjeerd) Bouma
This dataset contains data collected from three sites on the eastern side of St Martin, Caribbean. A sheltered site (Galion Bay), exposed site (Orient Bay) and a site with strong unidirectional flow currents (Islets de L’embouchure). Monitoring of diurnal pH, waves, vegetation cover, light and temperature were conducted at each site. Additionally, an experiment was conducted at the unidirectional flow site to investigate the influence of water residence time and vegetation on diurnal pH fluctuations....

Data gathered related to the study of ‘Attitudes towards fashion clothing among youthful consumers’

Abraham Yeboah
The data set was collected for the purpose of the study titled ‘attitudes towards fashion clothing among youthful consumers’. The data was collected using Qualtrics and evaluated through R-Studio.

Supplementary data to the paper: Opioids and their endocrine effects.

Amir Zamanipoor Najafabadi
The dataset includes systematic review and meta-analysis used in the article: Opioids and their endocrine effect

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