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Data underlying the research on \"Comprehensibility of Tabular and Graphical Risk Model Representations: Results of Two Controlled Experiments\"

Kate Labunets
This dataset contains results of two controlled experiments with students in TU Delft on the comprehensibility of tabular and graphical risk model representations. The dataset contains the raw data collected with Qualtics survey platform, the dataset processed with responses validated against a baseline of correct responses. The dataset is related to the following publication: Labunets, K. (2018). No search allowed: what risk modeling notation to choose?. In Proceedings of the 12th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on...

Data underlying the article: Indium as a high cooling power nuclear refrigerant for quantum nanoelectronics

N. (Nikolai) Yurttagül, M. (Matthew) Sarsby & Attila Geresdi
Raw data and scripts that belong to the paper "Indium as a high cooling power nuclear refrigerant for quantum nanoelectronics". For usage instructions, see readme.txt.

Data underlying the research on Motivation perspectives of citizens of the municipality of Delft with regard to open data as a means to improve policy and decision-making

Mirjam van den Boogert
These datasets are part of a research on open data in the municipality of Delft. The research is focused on motivation perspectives of citizens to engage in democratic processes by using open data. By doing this, the municipality can adapt their policy on open data to the characteristics of (potential) users and the wishes of the citizens. To identify these motivation perspectives, Q-methodology was used. A survey was used that asks participants to rank a...

Meteorological information from Romanian newspapers of the 19th century (ROMETNEWS19)

S. (Sorin) Cheval, Aritina Haliuc, B. (Bogdan) Antonescu, A. (Adrian) Tișcovschi, M. (Mihaela) Dobre, F. (Florin) Tătui, A. (Alexandru) Dumitrescu, A. (Ancuta) Manea, G. (George) Tudorache, A. (Anisoara) Irimescu, M-V. (Marius-Victor) Birsan & C. (Cary) Mock
The dataset contains meteorological information from the period 1880-1900 extracted from three Romanian newspapers (România Liberă, Gazeta de Transilvania and Foaia Poporului). Each entry represents a meteorological event, with its metadata and characteristics (date, location, category, impact, validation). Validation consisted in checking the consistency of the newspaper reports with meteorological observations from weather stations.

Data from the paper \"Do tidally-generated inertial waves heat the subsurface oceans of Europa and Enceladus?\"

Marc Rovira Navarro
Data presented in the Figures of the paper: "Do tidally-generated inertial waves heat the subsurface oceans of Europa and Enceladus?"

Unprocessed Accelerometer and Tiltmeter Data from Fraeylemaborg, Slochteren, during 08.08.2018 Appingedam Earthquake of ML1.9

Ihsan Engin Bal, E. (Eleni) Smyrou & D. (Dimitris) Dais
Unprocessed (raw) acceleration and low-frequency tilt data from SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) network at Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren, Netherlands. The data is produced by Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Research Centre of Built Environment NoorderRuimte, Research Group on Earthquake Resistant Structures ({https://www.eqresearch.nl}) with the courtesy of Stichting Fraeylemaborg ({https://www.fraeylemaborg.nl}) and in cooperation with BuildinG ({https://www.building.nl}). The tiltmeter is produced and operated by StabiAlert ({https://www.stabialert.nl}).

Unprocessed Accelerometer Data from Fraeylemaborg, Slochteren, during 22.05.2019 Westerwijtwerd Earthquake of ML3.4

Ihsan Engin Bal & E. (Eleni) Smyrou
Unprocessed (raw) data from SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) network at Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren, Netherlands. The data is produced by Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Research Centre of Built Environment NoorderRuimte, Research Group on Earthquake Resistant Structures (www.eqresearch.nl) with the courtesy of Stichting Fraeylemaborg (www.fraeylemaborg.nl) and in cooperation with BuildinG (www.building.nl). The relevant earthquake data (time, location etc.) are given in the data file.

Optimizing bidirectional impulse turbines for thermoacoustic engines

Michael Timmer
This dataset consists of experimental data from measurements on a bidirectional impulse turbine in thermoacoustic conditions. The objective of the research is to optimize the turbine performance in these conditions. The raw data is stored in the TDMS file format. MATLAB scripts to analyze the raw results are also provided in the .m format. Note that these script can also be read by simple text editors (just not run). Finally, the processed results are given...

Supporting material for the paper: \"Viscoelasticity of liquid iron at conditions of the Earth's outer core\"

Jia-Wei Xian, T. (Tao) Sun & T. (Taku) Tsuchiya
Included are the patches to the DL_POLY source codes (version 4.08), which enable non-integer values to be taken by the parameters "n" and "m" of the Sutton-Chen potential, and the input files for DL_POLY that we employed to simulate liquid iron at different density and temperature conditions.

Beat-note signals, data underlying the studies of Linearly Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (LFMCW) Sounding

Vladimir Ovchinnikov, V. (Vladimir) Ivanov, D. (Dmitry) Ivanov, A. (Aleksey) Elsukov, N. (Natalya) Ryabova & M. (Maria) Ryabova
In our studies we employed linearly frequency modulated continuous wave (LFMCW) sounding. Reception of the sounding signal was performed by the USRP N210 platform that implements quadrature processing. Next, received signal undergoes matched filter processing. Procedure is equivalent to signal compression in the frequency domain. Compression yields a beat-note continuous signal. The beat-note signal conveys data on the channel parameters including the sounding signal group delay, signal-to-noise ratio and scattering parameters. We record beat-note signals...

Simulation Dataset for MIDAS detector (Protons, He4, C12, N14, O16, Si28, Ca40, Ti48, Fe56)

Konstantinos Karafasoulis
Geant4 based simulation data for primary Protons, He4, C12, N14, O16, Si28, Ca40, Ti48 and Fe56, incident on the MIDAS detector produced using spectra distributions produced by OMERE.

Full body motion data of subjects performing skydiving maneuvers

anna shmaglit
This data is used for on-going research in the field of Kinesiology. The objective is to develop a novel kinesthetic training method for mastering body flight: the skill of maneuvering in free-fall. Each .dat file contains data recorded at 240 Hz in an experiment (in free-fall or wind tunnel) with subjects possessing different skill levels, as reflected in the file name. The data includes inertial positions of 23 body segments, as well as their positions...

Supplementary data on the research of shrub encroached grassland succession

Yuanrun Zheng
Vegetation succession data of shrub encroached grassland in the Ordos plateau of North China from 1992-2011 were presented

Supplementary materials for the article: Factor recovery by principal axis factoring and maximum likelihood factor analysis as a function of factor pattern and sample size.

Joost de Winter & Dimitra Dodou
Supplementary materials for the article: De Winter, J. C. F., & Dodou, D. (2012). Factor recovery by principal axis factoring and maximum likelihood factor analysis as a function of factor pattern and sample size. Journal of Applied Statistics, 39, 695-710. https://doi.org/10.1080/02664763.2011.610445

An Agent-based model of labour market

Yiting Chen
This is an agent-based computer model of the labor market. This is mainly used to study the impact of expanding the scope of workers'job search. This model includes several subroutines, such as job search, wage negotiation and variable update. This model needs to be run in Netlogo program. Netlogo is a software for multi-agent simulation modeling. Software download link: http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/

Data underlying the article: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Sialic Acid Derivatives Using Immobilized N-Acetylneuraminate Lyase in a Continuous Flow Reactor

Victor Bloemendal, S.J. (Sam) Moons, J.J.A. (Jurriaan) Heming, M. (Mohamed) Chayoua, O. (Olaf) Niesink, Jan van Hest, T.J. (Thomas) Boltje & F.P.J.T. (Floris) Rutjes
The synthesis of N-acetylneuraminic acid (Neu5Ac) derivatives is drawing more and more attention in glycobiology research because of the important role of sialic acids in e. g. cancer, bacterial, and healthy cells. Chemical preparation of these carbohydrates typically relies on multistep synthetic procedures leading to low overall yields. Herein we report a continuous flow process involving N-acetylneuraminate lyase (NAL) immobilized on Immobead 150P (Immobead-NAL) to prepare Neu5Ac derivatives. Batch experiments with Immobead-NAL showed equal activity...

Data underlying: REPAiR h2020: T3.1 Spatial Analysis, Wastescapes in Amsterdam Metropolitan Region in 2018

C. (Cecilia) Furlan, Alexander Wandl, B. (Bob) Geldermans & L. (Libera) Amenta
The dataset consists of a group of shp and sld files corresponding to the layers of the map "AFH18.1 Wastescapes. Analytical Description", which is part of the spatial analysis for the AMA region. The Wastecapes map is one of the analysis maps used to define the Enabling Context. The uploaded layers are used in the Geodesign Decision Support Environment.

Supplementary data related to the reseach on Vertical Diversification of Methane Production Pathways in Freshwater Sediments of Reservoirs. Case Nielisz Reservoir, Poland

R. (Renata) Gruca-Rokosz
The file contains data on selected parameters of pore water and sediments, which can be used to determine the methan production pathways in sediment of reservoir.

Data underlying the study of the influence of the dry aerosol particle size distribution and morphology on the cloud condensation nuclei activation.

Alessandro Faccinetto & J. (Junteng) Wu
Database containing the experimental and calculated data used in the development of a model to predict the efficiency as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) of fresh and chemically aged soot particles that includes their size distribution and morphology.

Data underlying the publication: Turbulent-driven magnetic reconnection in the magnetosheath downstream of a quasi-parallel shock: three-dimensional global hybrid simulation

Huanyu Wang
By performing a three-dimensional (3-D) global hybrid simulation, we investigated the characteristics of the quasi-parallel magnetosheath of the terrestrial bow shock, which is formed due to the interaction of the solar wind with the earth’s magnetosphere. Current sheets with widths several of ion inertial lengths are found to be produced in the magnetosheath after the upstream large amplitude electromagnetic waves penetrate the shock and are then compressed in the downstream. Magnetic reconnection consequently occurs in...

Meteorological data and isotope signatures of water samples collected at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

Ceasar Jimenez Rodriguez, A.P. (Adriana del Pilar) Gonzalez-Angarita & Miriam Coenders
The data set contains all the meteorological information as well as the energy balance for three heights (43 m, 8 m and 2 m). Air temperature corresponds to the virtual potential air temperature. Also, the data contains a list of water samples collected during dry season 2018 at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica. Each sample has the description, type and isotope signatures for deuterium and oxygen-18.

Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Intrusion Dataset

Guillaume Dupont, Alexios Lekidis, J.I. (Jerry) den Hartog & S. (Sandro) Etalle
This dataset contains automotive is Controller Area Network (CAN) bus data from three systems: two cars (Opel Astra and Renault Clio) and from a is Controller Area Network (CAN) bus prototype we built ourselves. Its purpose is meant to evaluate is Controller Area Network (CAN) bus Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS). For each system, the dataset consists in a collection of log files captured from a is Controller Area Network (CAN) bus: normal (attack-free) data...

Battery temperature, pressure and light intensity readings from smartphones in the Amsterdam metropolitan area

Aart Overeem, L.W. (Lotte) de Vos, A.M. Droste & M.J. Zander
Two datasets of smartphone readings of battery temperature, pressure and light intensity in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, the Netherlands, from June 2017. Included is a readme.txt file with details on the dataset. The datasets also include metadata, e.g. regarding the accuracy of the readings or the status of the phone. They also contain humidity and temperature observations, but these have not been investigated yet. The data are meant to provide city-average estimates. Hence, location information...

Aircraft Disruption Problem - Case Study Results Datasets

Bruno Lopes dos Santos & L.K. (Lotfy) Hassan
These files contain the case study results which support the thesis work by Lotfy Hassan. Furthermore, the verification results of the Decision Support System (DSS) developed by Lotfy are included. The case study results show the statistics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) per iteration for the optimal solutions, the solutions obtained by the Heuristic developed by Vink et al (2019) and the solutions of the DSS.

Information on the data belonging to “Element banding and organic linings within chamber walls of two benthic foraminifera”

Lennart de Nooijer & E. (Esmee) Geerken
The accompanying .csv files contain the NanoSIMS counts of 21 maps for 11 specimens of Amphistegina lessonii (6 specimens) and Ammonia tepida (5 specimens). The ‘Specimen code’ with the accompanying culture conditions and average LA-ICP-MS-derived El/Ca are listed in table 1 of the accompanying article. The codes for all maps and profiles (of which there is always only 1 per NanoSIMS map) are as follows: O-beam derived maps are named ‘ElCax_y_map.csv’ or ‘ElCax_y_profile.csv’, where El...

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