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The integration of GL documents with the research information system on occupational safety and health

Daniela Luzi & Maria Castriotta
Co-authored together with Maria Castriotta, Mariarosaria Manco, and Renza Mazzucco. The paper presents the results of a joint project between the Italian National Institute of Safety and Health at Work and the Italian National Research Council. It illustrates the choices and main features in the development of the RIS-OSH system (Research Information System on Occupational Safety and Health). This system has been developed giving particular attention to the organisational improvement of the production, collection, preservation...

Enhancing diffusion of scientific contents: Open data in Repositories

Daniela Luzi & roberta ruggieri
The free availability of data gathered during research activities is becoming one of the new challenges facing the Open Access Movement. New scientific instruments and technologies used in highly collaborative fields such as molecular biology, astronomy and environmental sciences, make it possible to collect a great amount of data in different formats. Moreover, data are often associated with tools that can aggregate them as well as with direct references to the publications – conventional or...

Metadata-based analysis to improve clinical trial exchange

Daniela Luzi, Fabrizio L. Ricci & Luca Dan Serbanati
Co-authored together with Fabrizio Ricci and Luca Serbanati. - There are various, important information sources devoted to the diffusion of clinical trials, but they fail to achieve a complete coverage of clinical research. The demand for a mandatory public registration of clinical trials is emerging from different institutions, which are making efforts to develop common metadata schemas to both increase information exchange and make this information publicly available. The paper describes a metadata analysis of...

Data sharing in environmental sciences: A survey of CNR researchers

Daniela Luzi, roberta ruggieri, stefania biagioni & Elisabetta Schiano
The paper presents the results of a survey on researchers’ attitudes and practices of data sharing in the area of Environmental sciences. It is based on an online questionnaire submitted to CNR researchers active in this disciplinary field, that has proved to be data intensive, collaborative and multidisciplinary. The study lies within the framework of other international analyses that consider this complex process exploring different aspects that may influence the propensity of a consistent and...

Present and past experiences in GL management and research. A questionnaire survey on Italian participants to GL events

Rosa Di Cesare, roberta ruggieri & Loredana Cerbara
Co-authored together with Roberta Ruggieri and Loredana Cerbara. - The widespread acceptance of Grey Literature throughout Italy is due largely to work undertaken by the Italian Libraries Association (AIB). In 1985, the Association set up a work group to analyse the sphere of grey literature. In 1987, the Association published a monographic issue of its in house magazine dedicated entirely to GL. The issue contained fundamental contributions from Italian library and document bank managers, who,...

A profile of GL producers in the field of safety and health at workplaces in Italy: results of a sample survey

Angela Aceti, Maria Castriotta, Rosa Di Cesare & Daniela Luzi
The recent European regulation (EEC Framework Directive 89/391) regarding safety and health at work and its transposition in the Italian legislation (L.D. 626/94 and L.D. 242/96) attaches great importance to the role of information. For the first time, employers are obliged to carry out the risk assessment pertaining to the specific workplace and to inform all their employees; the latter, in their turn, have not only to be informed, but to play an active role...

The use of grey literature in the agricultural economics field: a quantitative analysis

Rosa Di Cesare & Cesare Sala
Despite the increasing attention to GL a number of methodological issues remain unsolved, basically standards of presentations and indicators for measuring GL use. The main aim of this paper is to study the use of GL in agricultural economics. This field of agricultural science is an interesting point of observation because it represents a social science (economics) in an applied context (agricultural). Previous studies showed that all agricultural research fields are strongly connected to agricultural...

The evaluation of GL impact in Physical sciences using bibliometric indicators : preliminary results

Rosa Di Cesare
A bibliometric study of the Italian grey literature in SIGLE database. Preliminary results. Given the increasing importance of Grey Literature (GL) for the information and documentation field, it is essential to apply a bibliometric analysis similar to the one widely used for the conventional literature. Study objectives: 1) impact evalutation of grey literature in physical sciences; and 2) differentiation between scientific and non scientific grey literature documents in the same discipline, according to their role...

The communication flow of research projects results

Daniela Luzi & Rosa Di Cesare
Co-authored together with Di Cesare R., Libutti L., Castriotta M., & Manco M. Research projects and scientific grey literature are linked by a cause-effect relation 1,2. Scientific Grey Literature (GL) production is generally originated by research activities related to more or less formalised projects. Research projects, in their turn, are represented through GL documents (deliverables, technical reports, etc.) and it often happens that research products themselves are also GL (patents, protocols, guidelines, etc.). This relation...

Issues connected with grey literature education and training from a questionnaire survey

Anna Maria Campanile & Rosa Di Cesare
The development of appropriate curricula and instructional programs requires and analysis of GL "actors" such as producers, operators and users. Actually the life of a GL document goes through three main different steps as follows: production - management - use. Of course this activity are carried out at a level of efficiency and effectiveness depending on the "organizational context". Each phase of this process involves "actors" with specific needs and skills which are to be...

The incidence of Grey Literature in online databases : a quantitative analysis

Daniela Luzi
This study aims to verify the diffusion and distribution of Grey Literature (GL) documents in commercially available online databases. It has been undertaken due to the growing importance of GL in the field of information and documentation, on the one hand, and the increasing supply of online databases, on the other hand. The work is divided into two parts. The first provides the results of a previous quantitative analysis of databases containing GL documents. Using...

Internet as a new distribution channel of scientific grey literature : the case of Italian WWW servers

Daniela Luzi
The enormous range of information sources and communication services available on Internet today recalls the information explosion and information overload which characterises this century. We are certainly facing new kinds of information and communication patterns, based on direct electronic communication between end-users among themselves and/or between end-users and information sources. Moreover, this new channel of communication gives the opportunity of spreading different types of information which is, in some cases, available only in a networked...

Towards an Institutional Repository of the Italian National Research Council: A Survey on Open Access Experiences

Daniela Luzi, roberta ruggieri & Loredana Cerbara
Paper co-authored together with Di Cesare R., Ruggieri R., & Cerbara L. The paper presents the results of a survey aiming at identifying documentation, organization as well as technological resources that could be the basis for a future development of a CNR IR. The survey makes use of a semi-structured questionnaire submitted to all CNR research units. Results show that, despite a limited number of OAI complaint repository developed under the autonomous initiative of some...

Open archives and SIGLE participation in Italy: Is there a subtle link between the two experiences?

Daniela Luzi, Rosa Di Cesare & roberta ruggieri
Co-authored together with Rosa Di Cesare and Roberta Ruggieri. This paper proposes on the one hand to outline Italian initiatives regarding open archives, with a qualitative rather than quantitative analysis, focusing in particular on data providers and on organisation and initiatives that lead to integration that encourage the development of IRs. On the other hand, it proposes to analyse the 20 years of Italian input to SIGLE in order to verify if and to what...

Assessment and improvement of a corporate research information system

Maria Castriotta & Daniela Luzi
Co-authored together with D. Luzi and M. Manco: In 2003 the Italian National Institute for Occupational Prevention and Safety (ISPESL) developed a Research Information System in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (RisOSH) through a project in collaboration with the Italian National Research Council (CNR). RisOSH became operational in 2005 and it is now embedded in the Institute webpage dedicated to Research Activities (www.ispesl.it/ricercheOSH/ext/). Its double-fold interface supplies information on conditions and modalities to...

From CNR Annual report to an Institutional repository: Results from a survey

roberta ruggieri, Daniela Luzi, Rosa Di Cesare & Loredana Cerbara
Considering that the collection policy is one of the most important elements in the development of Institutional Repositories (IR), the general aim of this study is to contribute to the development of a future CNR’s IR identifying and proposing GL collections and related metadata. In this paper the results of a qualitative analysis of a sample of GL document types stored in a database containing CNR scientific production are described. The analysis of both the...

A Profile of Italian Working Papers in RePEc

Rosa Di Cesare, Daniela Luzi, Marta Ricci & roberta ruggieri
This paper co-authored together with Daniela Luzi, Marta Ricci, and Roberta Ruggieri describes the results of an analysis of Italian Working papers (WP) available both in RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) and in Institutional Repositories (IR) and websites. Given that RePEc is a disciplinary repository based on the active involvement of economic institutions, rather than authors, our analysis intends to explore the institutions’ propensity for making their collections available both in disciplinary and Institutional repositories....

The impact of Grey Literature in the web environment: A citation analysis using Google Scholar

Rosa Di Cesare, Daniela Luzi & roberta ruggieri
Co-authored together with D. Luzi and R. Ruggieri: The use of Grey Literature (GL) has hitherto been studied on the basis of whether and to what extent GL documents had been cited in peer-reviewed conventional literature applying citation analysis techniques based on primary sources (i.e. bibliographic references of journal articles) >Alb2000, Dic2004@, or on the multisciplinary citation indexes produced by Thomson ISI, the Web of Science (WoS) [Pel2003, Cor2004]. More recently, other tracking citation systems...

Working for an open e-publishing service to improve grey literature editorial quality

Rosa Di Cesare & Silvia Giannini
A survey of in-house publishing practices at CNR Institutes is described. Fourth categories are introduced to measure the level of innovation in the management of in-house publications in order to identify the business model used by each CNR Institutes to manage their editorial products, especially digital products. Data used for this descriptive and quality study were obtained from CNR Institute websites.

Towards the Integration of Information on Grey Literature: A Case Study

Rosa Di Cesare & Giovanni Lazzari
The institutional goals and the organizational contexts of grey literature producers, determine the level and the process of production and diffusion. Moreover grey literature producers don't bring all the same "dowry": they have got neither the same resources, nor the same information policy.It is well known that the chance of success of an information system is based on its capacity of integrating different information sources, which only may create a value added of information. Inspired...

IRPPS Editoria Elettronica: An electronic publishing web portal based on Open Journal Systems (OJS)

Marianna Nobile & Fabrizio Pecoraro
This paper presents IRPPS Editoria Elettronica, an e-publishing service developed by the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies (IRPPS) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Its aim is reorganize the Institute scientific editorial activity, manage its in-house publications and diffuse its scientific results. In particular this paper focuses on: the IRPPS editorial activities, the platform used to develop the service, the publishing process and the web portal developed.

Trend evaluation and comparison of the use and value of GL in core demography and computer science journals

Rosa Di Cesare, roberta ruggieri, Silvia Giannini & stefania biagioni
Co-authored together with Roberta Ruggieri, Silvia Giannini, and Stefania Biagioni. Over the last ten years the impact of grey literature on conventional literature has frequently been studied. Studies have made use of bibliometric instruments used for citation analysis. Recently, this research has magnified attention on the impact of new forms of GL that have emerged along with the spread of Internet. This work aims to a) measure the impact of GL on two different scientific...

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