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Link Managers for Grey Literature

Elena Lodi, Jens Vigen & Martin Vesely
In the self-service area of the library reading rooms it is necessary to organise the collections in the simplest way possible. This is an important feature for readers making it possible to get direct access to the material without necessarily having to go via the library catalogue to retrieve the call number. A typical example will be that a collection is organised so that a reader can easily get directly from an article reference to...

The Grey-side of Audio Archives

MONICA MONACHINI, Maria Francesca Stamuli, Silvia CALAMAI, NICCOLO' PRETTO & Silvia Bianchi
Archives often include documents that can hardly be considered publications or grey literature as such, yet they maintain their documentary value and play a role of primary sources for the specialists. These documents, indeed, can help archivists to reveal the sedimentation process of the archive itself and to preserve the authentic context of the documentary production. They also appear to be very useful for the community of researchers and scholars. This happens more frequently with...

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  • University of Siena
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