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Grey Lit Repositories: Tools for NGOs Involved in Public Health Activities in Developing Countries

June Crowe & Gail Hodge
Information International Associates, Inc. (IIa), a woman-owned, small business specializing in information management, performs research for government and commercial clients. IIa’s Research Division has researched over 60 studies in the area of public health in less developed countries and regions. The information needed to complete the studies covers a range of health system topics that include statistics for health personnel, infrastructures, disaster preparedness, health financing, and other factors that impact public health care. In our...

The “Grey” Intersection of Open Source information and Intelligence

June Crowe & Thomas Davidson
The U.S. Government intelligence community (IC) is relying less on “classified” information as a sole source and is moving toward an “all source” product that includes open source information. Gradually, this change will result in a more comprehensive, virtual IC that will enhance or replace the smaller, classified collections of individual government bureaucracies. This has created an emerging paradigm involving technology, outsourcing, and relationships both inside and outside of the IC that has resulted in...

The Intersect Of Cultural Studies with other focus in the HDIAC Database

June Crowe & Crystal Sherline
Our bibliometric research will examine a select set of documents in the Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center’s (HDIAC) collection. The focus will be on documents in the “Cultural Studies” focus area. There are over 210,000 documents in the HDIAC collection, and much of it is grey literature. Staff use a template that includes bibliographic information, keywords, task areas, and other descriptive information to catalog items for inclusion in HDIAC’s database. In staff discussions,...

Scientific Data: Increasing Transparency and Reducing the Grey

Bonnie C Carroll, June Crowe & Joseph Candlish
The foundation for all scientific research begins with data, however most scientific datasets are not publicly available and are an increasingly important part of the body of scientific grey literature. We provide an overview of the current scientific data landscape, primarily in the United States with regard to both policies and tactical approaches to better scientific data management and access. This includes how to improve bibliographic control (a metric for the definition of grey) as...

Harnessing NASA Goddard’s Grey Literature: The Power of a Repository Framework

Nikkia Anderson & Gail Hodge
Co-authored together with Gail Hodge and Andrea Japzon. - The NASA Goddard Library collaborated with several projects on-Center to create a framework for the development of web-accessible repositories of grey literature. Tools and methods for collaboration were developed through a series of prototypes with a variety of Goddard projects based on the Library’s Digital Asset System (DAS), a repository to describe and provide access to project information including images, videos, web sites, and technical reports....

A new generation of Grey Literature : the impact of advanced information technologies

Bonnie C Carroll & G.A. Cotter
A basic challenge of the Weinberg report addressed the question of information overload. The Weinberg panel was extremely concerned with the proliferation of scientific literature and the specific issue of how to sift through the reams of data to find the "gems" or wisdom, or that which is truly new and useful. In the early 1960's when the report was being written, computers were not part of the information access and retrieval infrastructure. Writing 25...

The Integration of Grey Literature and Primary Research Data in Open Source Analysis: The Jordan Property Regime

June Crowe & Bonnie C Carroll
The Jordan Property Regime project was an exciting and challenging in-country research project that combined primary and secondary research, the latter containing substantial amounts of grey literature. Since there is not sufficient time to discuss all of our research in detail, this paper provides the general background of the project, our research methodologies, and highlights our research results and conclusions as they relate to women’s rights to land ownership in Jordan. This paper also highlights...

Wallops Island Balloon Technology: Can’t see the Repository for the Documents

Andrea Japzon & Nikkia Anderson
Since the Wallop’s Balloon Technology documents repository began approximately 9 years ago, the Goddard Library has become increasingly involved in developing digital archiving capabilities. The Library developed the Digital Archiving System (DAS) which is a prototype infrastructure for creating a combined metadata repository that allows metadata for heterogeneous digital objects to be searched with a single search mechanism and presented in a single results page. With this, the opportunity has been presented to expand the...

Data Analytics: The next big thing in information

June Crowe & Joseph Candish
Information is now available in an overabundance, so much so, that distinguishing the noise from the signal has become very problematic. In the past, the collection and storage of information was the primary issue. Currently, there are massive amounts of data both structured and unstructured, that need to be analyzed in an iterative, as well as in a time sensitive manner. In response to this need, data analytical tools and services have emerged as a...

AccessGrey: Securing Open Access to Grey Literature for Science and Society

Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, Stefania Biagioni, Carlo Carlesi, Antonella De Robbio, Ana Češarek, Cees de Blaaij, Kiyoshi Ikeda & June Crowe
Persistent identifiers such as a DOI for a publication and an ORCiD for an author/researcher can be approached from both the demand-side as well as supply-side of information. It appears however that the former attracts more attention. Here emphasis lies in the access to and preservation of research output. Yet, it is on the supply-side regarding the acquisition of research output that persistent identifiers may by the same token have influence in identifying and populating...

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