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An Analysis of Current Grey Literature Document Typology

Petra Pejsova & Marcus Vaska
This analysis is based on the classification of the international systems GreyNet, (the Grey Literature Network Service), OpenSIGLE, (the System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe), and the Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR), as well as focusing on national schemata in the Czech Republic, namely ASEP (Register of Publication Activity of the AS CR), NRGL (National Repository of Grey Literature), and RIV (Information Register of R & D Results). During the analysis of...

Grey Literature in the Czech Republic

Petra Pejšová & Martina Pfeiferová
Our paper summarizes and describes activities concerning grey literature in the Czech Republic. The managing organization of the activity is the State Technical Library (henceforth the STL); in the past, it was the STL, which was collecting, publishing and submitting grey literature data into the SIGLE system. The STL was the representative of the Czech Republic in the EAGLE. Now, EAGLE being extinct, there is no coordinated collection of grey literature on the national level...

Audit DRAMBORA for Trustworthy Repositories: A Study Dealing with the Digital Repository of Grey Literature

Petra Pejšová & Marcus Vaska
The credibility of a grey literature digital repository can be supported by a specialized audit. An audit of credibility declares that the digital repository is not only a safe place for storage, providing access and migrating to new versions of document formats, it also asserts the care components required of a digital repository environment, including the mandate, typology, policy, team, etc. This audit is very important in showcasing to participants and users the quality and...

A linked data Vocabulary of the Types of Grey Literature: Version 1.0

Petra Pejšová
The aim of this article is to introduce the Vocabulary of the Types of Grey Literature, the development of which was initiated at the National Technical Library in Prague, Czech Republic. The vocabulary is created in a way compliant with the principles of linked data. The 1st version of the vocabulary is available from the project website http://code.google.com/p/grey-literature-typology.

Integration of an Automatic Indexing System within the Document Flow of a Grey Literature Repository

JindĜich Mynarz & Škuta Ctibor
The Web empowered the authors of grey literature to publish their work on their own. In case of self-published works their author is also their indexer. And because not many of the grey literature authors are professional indexers, this may result in poor or no indexing. Even though the Web made publishing easier, indexing is still hard. Nevertheless, we believe that the web technologies and machine learning algorithms may help to reduce the cognitive overhead...

Grey literature partnership network in the Czech Republic

Petra Pejšová & Hana Vyčítalová
After the dissolution of initial partnership network, involved into the international SIGLE cooperation, at the beginning of 2005, new and broader partnership network was founded at the end of 2009. In November 2012, there are 91 data producers from the fields of research and science, education, culture and also enterprise, namely research institutes, universities, libraries etc. Partnership network has been built to support National Repository of Grey Literature (NRGL). Grey literature data producers can choose...

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