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GreyLitGuides.com: A revised resource for grey literature education and training

Margo Hilbrecht, David Baxter, Sarah Bonato, C. Scott Dorris & Marcus Vaska
The grey literature is a valuable body of information that is a necessary component to any evidence-based approach to solving multifaceted social problems. However, the concept of grey literature is complex and precise (Schöpfel, 2010) with one of the defining factors being that it is difficult to find due to the nature of its publication. Thus, the topic can be unapproachable for unfamiliar audiences who could make good use of it. Therefore, it is important...

Free Licenses & Creative Commons: A Powerful Tool for Open Access Publishing in Grey Literature

Petra Pejšová & Marcus Vaska
In today’s increasingly technologically savvy information society, “using remote access and free content to open doors for science students”, a statement made by NANSLO lab director Daniel Branan (http://www.scoop.it/t/ava-openeducation), is yet another example of ongoing efforts to make information more openly and freely available and accessible. Although Branan focused his remarks on the scientific community, this applies to more than one specific subject field. Rather, scientists, teachers, artists, sociologists, programmers, as well as professionals from...

Audit DRAMBORA for Trustworthy Repositories: A Study Dealing with the Digital Repository of Grey Literature

Petra Pejšová & Marcus Vaska
The credibility of a grey literature digital repository can be supported by a specialized audit. An audit of credibility declares that the digital repository is not only a safe place for storage, providing access and migrating to new versions of document formats, it also asserts the care components required of a digital repository environment, including the mandate, typology, policy, team, etc. This audit is very important in showcasing to participants and users the quality and...

Looking for Information that is not Easy to Find: An Inventory of LibGuides in Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions Devoted to Grey Literature

Marcus Vaska & Rosvita Vaska

Guiding the Grey: The Implementation and Evaluation of a Journal Club Amongst a Librarian and Clinical Practice Guideline Developers: A Cancer Care Case Study

Marcus Vaska, Xanthoula. Kostaras & Brae Surgeoner
This paper discusses the implementation of a journal club amongst an embedded librarian and clinical practice guideline developers, aimed at enhancing the importance of grey literature and its usefulness for cancer care clinical practice guidelines

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