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Data from: Intensity-modulated proton therapy decreases dose to organs at risk in low-grade glioma patients: results of a multicentric in silico ROCOCO trial

Daniëlle B. P. Eekers, Erik Roelofs, Macarena Cubillos-Mesías, Charles Niël, Robert Jan Smeenk, Ann Hoeben, Andre W. H. Minken, Geert O. Janssens, Johannes H. A. M. Kaanders, Philippe Lambin & Esther G. C. Troost

EPTN consensus-based guideline for the tolerance dose per fraction of organs at risk in the brain

Danielle Eekers, Maarten Lambrecht, Petra De Witt Nyström, Ans Swinnen, Frederik WR Wesseling, Erik Roelofs & Esther GC Troost

Optimization of Brain and Head & Neck Radiotherapy

Daniëlle Eekers
The aim of this thesis is to further optimise radiation therapy of Brain and Head & Neck cancer by reducing the dose to the healthy surrounding tissue, so called organs at risk (OARs), leading to a reduction in side effects. Different treatment techniques for photon and particle (e.g. proton) therapy are compared for multiple tumour sites. Furthermore, tools for consistent contouring and dose prescription are presented in close collaboration with the European Particle Therapy Network...

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  • 2018

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