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Groningen Expert Center for Kids with Obesity

Eva Corpeleijn
The overall aim of the GECKO Drenthe cohort is to study the prevalence and early risk factors for the development of childhood overweight and fat distribution at very young age. Within this birth cohort the growth of the children is closely followed, starting at birth until adulthood. The children are followed using questionnaires that the parents have to answer and the regular visits to the Well Baby Clinics, where length, weight, head circumference and hip...

Predictive value of the microlesion effect on motor and cognitive outcome after Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease

J. Marc C. van Dijk & T. van Laar
Study to investigate the motor and cognitive effects of inserting a Deep Brain Stimulation electrode into the brain of a Parkinson’s disease patient.

Prehabilitation in Amutees

Rienk Dekker, Jan Geertzen & Juha Hijmans
Sex: Female, Male Diseases studied: Care involving use of other rehabilitation procedures

Lifelines DEEP Food intake

Daily nutrient intake (energy(kcal), energy (kJ), total protein (g), plant protein (g), animal protein (g), total fat (g), total carbohydrates (g), total alcohol (g), total protein (en%), plant protein (en%), animal protein (en%), total fat (en%), total carbohydrates (en%), total alcohol (en%),) Lifelines DEEP participants


Rinse Weersma
The department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the University Medical Center Groningen initiated the 1000IBD project to prospectively follow more than a 1000 IBD patients from the Northern provinces of the Netherlands. We have collected a uniquely large number of phenotypes and generated multi-omics profiles for these patients. To date, 1,215 participants have been enrolled in the 1000IBD project, and enrolment is on-going. Patients that participate in the 1000IBD project are followed prospectively and the...

Vlagtwedde-Vlaardingen Study

H.M. Boezen
In 1965 one of the first large epidemiological studies started in the Netherlands: the population study in Vlagtwedde and Vlaardingen. Over 8000 people took part. The cohort study was concluded in 1990, but the data from the databank still provide useful information in the research into the origin of lung diseases. For instance, follow-up research into mortality in this cohort has resulted in the discovery that people with a higher airway sensitivity have a greater...

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Location species element side sex age breed ; Lab Capra hircus radius dexter female p+d- ?

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Pathologie biobank University Medical Center Groningen

Jacko Duker
All patient data in PALGA, no cohort studies.

Tracking Adolescents' Individual Lives Survey - Population sample

catharina hartman & Tineke Oldehinkel
Prospective cohort. Since 2001, and starting at age 11. Representative for general population See: www.trails.nl.

Risk or benefit in screening for cardiovascular disease

Marleen Vonder
Cardiac CT-scans (non-contrast) of appr. 14.000 participants for the analysis of coronary artery calcium to determine the cardiovascular risk. High risk participants are reffered to their GP for medical treatment.

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Location species element side sex age breed ; Lab Ovis aries radius dexter female p+d+ Awassi Fat Tail sheep

Learning by Moving

Chris Visscher, Roel Bosker & Jaap Oosterlaan
The overall aim of the Learning by Moving study is to investigate the effects of two types of physical activity on cardiovascular fitness, gross motor skills, cognitive functions, academic achievement, brain structure, and brain functioning in 8-10-year-old typically developing children. Furthermore, relateions between the physical and cognitive domain will be investigated.

Quality assessment of pharmacotherapy in patients with chronic kidney disease in secondary care patients

Petra Denig
Anonimized outpatient data from 3 hospitals, including medication, kidney function, risk factor levels, age

Head-to-head comparison of three stool calprotectin tests for home use

Patrick van Rheenen
Calprotectin concentrations measured by 1440 smartphone readings and 120 ELISA tests on 40 stool samples.

TRacking Adolescents'Individual Lives Survey - Clinical sample

catharina hartman & Tineke Oldehinkel
Clinical sample of children who were referred to child psychiatric services before age 11. Complementary to the TRAILS population cohort to oversample vulnerable. See website www.trails.nl for more info and publications.

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Genetics database

Evaluation of systemic awareness training for medical students

Salome Scholtens & Joke Fleer
Data categories: Survey data Material collected: Not available Experimental data: Not available Number of donors: 373 Sex: Female, Male Age: 19-29 Year

Self-monitoring and personalized feedback as a tool to boost depression treatment

Jojanneke Bastiaansen
Pragmatic randomized controlled trial to study the efficacy of two experience sampling intervention modules for depression.

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