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Data peeking: a quantitative and qualitative exploration of the use of interim analysis

Mandy Woelk & Esther Klinkenberg
Data peeking, quitting data collection early or adding more participants at the end, offers the advantage of saving time and money. However, performing an interim analysis without correction leads to a Type-I error inflation. Using alpha spending function could be used to solve this problem. In this paper, we simulated the effects of interim analysis with and without an alpha spending function on type-I error, power and expected sample size. We also offer a Bayesian...

Preventing coastal erosion by biological denitrification

Manon Ligeon
Coastal erosion is a major problem along sandy coastlines. Increasing the strength and stiffness of sand could be a possible strategy to prevent land loss. Recent studies have found that denitrifying bacteria may be able to increase erosion resistance by inducing precipitation of calcium carbonate. In this study bacteria obtained from different sites have been evaluated on their activity and efficiency in seawater conditions with different substrate concentrations. Both bacteria, one obtained from freshwater the...

Een Positieve Kijk op Emoties van Docenten in het Voortgezet Onderwijs

Suzanne Van Hoogstraten, Kim Severien & Maaike Van Der Veen
In het beroep van een docent is de emotionele betrokkenheid en de relatie met de leerlingen van groot belang. De emotionele betrokkenheid is enerzijds een motivatie voor dit beroep, anderzijds kan het ook voor stress zorgen. De huidige studie, onder 21 docenten in het voortgezet onderwijs, onderzoekt of en hoe sterk de voorkeur voor emotieregulatie, de emotieregulatiestrategie en de docent-leerling relatie samenhangen met de mate van bevlogenheid. De emotieregulatiestrategie reappraisal bleek een significante samenhang te...

The Weakest Link

Jonas Cop, Charlot Depestel, Nathalie Saikali, Sharon Temmerman & Dorien Zeebroek
This work evaluates the effect of hydrogen on welds in martensitic steels. In-situ constant-load tensile testing of a weld of HB450 steel shows that hydrogen-induced cracks appear in the filler material, which is capable of trapping the highest amount of hydrogen, as indicated by thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS). Further crack propagation takes place in the part of the heat affected zone (HAZ) with the highest hardness.

Active inference for Robot control: A Factor Graph Approach

Mees Vanderbroeck, Mohamed Baioumy, Daan Van Der Lans, Rens De Rooij & Tiis Van Der Werf
Active Inference provides a framework for perception, action and learning, where the optimization is done by minimizing the Free-Energy of a system. This paper explores whether active inference can be used for closedloop control of a 1 degree of freedom robot arm. This is done by implementing variational message passing on Forney-style factor graphs; a probabilistic programming framework. We show that an active inference controller with variational message passing can perform state estimation and control...

An Empirical Investigation into Carbon Lock-In: What Determines the Stringency of Environmental Policy?

Julian Marenz
Carbon lock-in is referring to the prolonged utilization of a fossil-based energy system despite an increasing number of reasons for the shift to alternative technologies. This paper uses environmental policy stringency (EPS), an index published by the OECD, as a proxy for carbon lockin. A fixed effect and a generalized methods of moments estimator are used. These approaches yield the conclusion that EU- membership and GDP per capita are associated with a higher EPS. Furthermore,...

Whistles as Loud as their Recipients? A Framework for Analyzing Complaint Recipients

Selina Rathke
Tax avoidance, fraud, endangerment of public safety - whistleblowers are crucial for making organizational misconduct transparent. Unsurprisingly, whistleblowing is a commonly researched subject (e.g. Brown, 2008). Yet, only few studies systematically focus on the recipients of whistleblowers’ reports. This lack of attention is striking in light of the decisive role which complaint recipients play in the whistleblowing process (e.g. Lewis, Brown, & Moberly, 2014; Read & Rama, 2003). Drawing on existing literature, this study develops...

Sediment ecotoxicity of the insecticide lufenuron to benthic macroinvertebrates

Lucas Jollie
Pesticides such as lufenuron are widely used in agriculture to preserve crops and maximize harvests. The application of lufenuron might cause it to inadvertently end up in surrounding ecosystems and causing unwanted damage. To assess the potential ecological damage and the fate of lufenuron, sediment toxicity tests using spiked sediment were performed, as well as a sediment aging test. Chironomids appeared as the most sensitive species and the toxicity of lufenuron decreased faster than previously...

Tangoing with Sexuality

Margaux Haimé
This paper aims to explore character development in the BBC-series Last Tango in Halifax through a ultimodal analysis using conversation analysis and politeness theory. It analyses the expression of homosexuality by one of its characters, and how language reflects the growth in character and confidence. Both the content (written) and manner of speech (spoken) are examined, and a decrease in politeness strategies and normal nonfluency markers could be observed over the course of the series.

Drought analysis in Tanzania using Markov Chains

Jan Den Daas
The Usambara Mountains are a region in Tanzania with a high population density, low soil fertility and high rainfall variability. The persistence of drought occurrence and the influence of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) driven sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies on drought occurrence in the Usambara Mountains was analyzed. A Markov analysis was used to calculate the rainfall probabilities and drought occurrence. The October-December rainfall season showed a higher rainfall variability than the March-May rainfall...

Hic situs est: occupational identity of Roman jewelers

Patricia Kret
In their grave inscriptions craftsmen – or their living relatives – mentioned their occupation and other aspects of their identity: the location of their workshop, supporting their former slaves as a patronus and being a member of/having a function in a collegium. However, they did not mention their skills. Craftsmen chose to show how successful they were, because they had to earn enough money to be able to do all this. This way they created...

Economies of Scale in Household Consumption

Lisa-Marie Plag & Ewelina Dera
This research empirically analyses the influence of scale economies on household consumption and the resulting implications for birth-promoting policies. For this purpose, the relation between an increase in household size and food, clothing, household goods, healthcare, energy, transport as well as education expenditures per person was investigated. Data of 10,858 Georgian households from the Integrated Household Survey 2015 was evaluated using regressions. It was found that there are significant economies of scale in consumption of...

What Determines a Bank Failure?

Polina Bochenkova
In Russia, an increasing number of banks fail every year for various reasons. Some banks get closed voluntarily, some merge with other banks, whereas others have their licenses revoked by the Central Bank for noncompliance with Central Bank rules. But is a bank’s poor performance the only reason for a failure? With a use of new datasets on bank failures, this paper shows that bank survival is determined by far more than its performance.

Van bio-olie tot cosmetica

Maxime Beck, Dieter Claus, Eline De Mulder, Charlotte De Vuyst & Bram Van Wettere
Het raffinageproces waarbij plantaardige oliën worden omgezet tot gebruiksklare producten leidt tot een momenteel onbenutte zijstroom, het ontgeuringsdestillaat. Dit destillaat bevat vrije vetzuren, glyceriden, koolwaterstoffen en minorcomponenten zoals squaleen, sterolen en tocoferolen. Deze laatste kunnen gevaloriseerd worden in de cosmetische, farmaceutische en voedingsindustrie. Daarom is het relevant hun isolatie uit het destillaat te evalueren. Dit kan gebeuren via een superkritische esterificatie gevolgd door een superkritische CO2-extractie. De optimale condities voor beide processen zijn bepaald a.d.h.v....

The Effect of Device Type on Buying Behavior in Ecommerce

Nicolai Etienne Fabian
In this research, the effect different devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop) have on purchase behavior in ecommerce was explored. With an innovative combination of web analytics (Google Analytics/Hotjar) and a customer survey, a field experiment was conducted on the website of a Dutch retailer. It was found that smartphone devices limit the customer in ecommerce, while in the customer purchase journey several devices are used for different tasks at different times. The innovative approach used allows...

Are openness to trade and regional integration good for the environment?

Dang Minh Hang
Using a 26-year panel data set from 1990 to 2015, this paper aims to investigate the effects of openness to trade and regional integration among ASEAN+3 countries. With the application of fixed-effects model, trade, foreign direct investment, and regional environmental agreements beneficially affect the environment in this region, indicated by the reduction in carbon and greenhouse gas emission and forest gain. The empirical evidence supports intra-regional incentives for more trade liberalization and deep integration. Positive...

Budget Advocacy for Child Rights in the Philippines

Teun Van Leeuwen
Policy advocates for child rights work around the world on their mission to realize child rights for all children. In recent times, policy advocates have realized that important policies are often inadequately funded. Policy advocacy must be complimented with budget advocacy which targets the national budget. Budget advocacy is complex and has, therefore, not been widely adopted by advocates. This is an impactful problem. This thesis discusses state of the art budget advocacy literature and...

State Aid in Europe

Jan Philip Böckers
The effect of state aid has been widely discussed in the existing literature from a policy makers point of view, yet the business perspective on obtaining state aid has not. This paper attempts to shed light on this viewpoint by examining potential factors affecting the aid intensity of state aid in Europe. It finds that the extent of state aid differs between countries, governing parties and the type of aid. Furthermore, it finds a general...

Engaging in CSR: The effect of perceived corporate greenwashing in the CSR fit-purchase intention relationship, depending on the sector’s social responsible reputation.

Maarten Zandvoort
Corporations have increasingly been engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, there are some inconsistent findings regarding the relationship between CSR fit and purchase intention. The aim of the current study is to examine what factors influence this relationship. Based on a literature review, CSR fit is proposed to negatively influence perceived corporate greenwashing (PCG) and this is moderated by a sector’s social responsible reputation (SSRR). PCG in turn influences purchase intentions negatively as well....

Exploring Links between Reparations and Development

Ingeborg De Koningh
Links between reparations and development have theoretically been explored in current literature, however claims have hardly been assessed empirically. This paper provides such assessment through a comparative case study in three departments of Peru from 2007 to 2014. Subject of investigation is the national reparations programme, the Programa Integral de Reparaciónes (PIR). It is hypothesised that this programme helped improve social integration, reduce poverty and improve higher educational and health outcomes. While strongly tentative, results...

Inbreeding versus Crossbreeding: the Potential Bias of Breeding Values in Dutch Dairy Cattle

Jikke Snelder
Inbreeding and crossbreeding oppositely affect the performance of livestock; inbreeding negatively- and crossbreeding positively affects all traits. This study examined if it is appropriate that breeding value estimations (EBVs) in Dutch dairy cattle only take into account the effects of crossbreeding (heterosis). Performance and EBVs for milk yield, fat, and protein; somatic cell count; and fertility of 219 purebred Holstein Friesian cows and 191 crossbred cows were compared. The outcomes suggest a bias in the...

Temporal variation in the occurrence of whale and dolphin species in the Azores from 2010 to 2017

Annelie Milou Bron, Okka Jansen & Miranda Van Der Linde
Global climate change (CC) affects marine mammals, such as cetaceans, by exposing them to an altered marine environment. Cetaceans are indirectly influenced by CC (e.g. through their prey, warmer environment). They are indicator species, significant to marine ecosystems and one of the most endangered vertebrate groups on this planet. Since oceanic water temperatures have increased, a noticeable shift in diversity of cetaceans present in marine hotspots is expected. In this paper, the community structure (occurrence)...

Factors affecting detection probability of elephant (Loxodonta africana) carcasses in an African conservation area

Johanna Märtz & Ronja Haring
Poaching for ivory has led to massive population declines of African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana). To prioritize anti-poaching efforts, elephant poaching hotspot maps were created. However, these might be biased because they are not corrected for the detection probability of elephant carcasses. Carcass decomposition state was defined as a proxy for detection probability. Detection probability was influenced by the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) influencing live elephant densities across the area. Our results show the...

Grote verhalen en grote gebaren: Nationalisme en de restauraties van de Alte Nationalgalerie en het Rijksmuseum

Caroline Schep
Dit onderzoek bevraagt de rol van nationalisme in de Alte Nationalgalerie en het Rijksmuseum. Deze musea zijn in de negentiende eeuw gebouwd om nationaal besef bij burgers te versterken. Het onderzoek richt zich dan ook specifiek op wat hiervan teruggehaald is bij de restauraties van respectievelijk 1998-2001 en 2003-2013. Hoe architectuur, inrichting en omgang met de collectie nationaal besef kunnen stimuleren, wordt bestudeerd aan de hand van archiefmateriaal als jaarverslagen, correspondentie en beleidsplannen, maar ook...

What About Prospective Fist-Generation Students Before Their Transition to Higher Education?

Diane Roberta Nicole Gordin
A great body of research demonstrated that first-generation students (FGS) face significant barriers while transferring to higher education. Contrary, not much is known about this subject in The Netherlands. Using statistical analysis, the research will offer a primary examination how this group of students are doing during high school (prospective FGS) in track havo and vwo before their potential transition to higher education in the province of Limburg (The Netherlands). The analysis will provide a...

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