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The Multilingual Brain: An Experimental Study

Joyce Van Zwet
This study investigates the organization of the mental lexicon in the multilingual brain in order to determine whether there is interaction between the lexicons of a speaker’s different languages. We performed a cross-language semantic priming experiment with Dutch native speakers having varying levels of French. We analysed our data in view of three models: the independent model (Kolers, 1963), the revised hierarchical model (Kroll & Steward, 2002) and the BIA+ model (Dijkstra et al, 2002)....

Health and the democratic dividend in Sub-Saharan Africa: are democracies better at managing the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

Demi Van Nes
The democratic dividend theory states that democracies should provide socio-economic benefits to their citizens. Scholars suggest that the legitimacy of African democracies is partly dependent on this dividend. Following this theory, democracies should handle the HIV/AIDS epidemic better than non-democracies because of their higher level of accountability. A cross-national analysis is conducted to investigate how a country’s level of democracy is associated with respondents’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the provision of HIV-testing places. The relationships...

Antimicrobial Resistance and the One Health Approach: Nine National Action Plans in the EU

Leonie Eilers
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) presents a major threat to global public health and economic development. Therefore, countries were required to have an action plan on AMR implemented by mid-2017. The research objective of this thesis is to explore whether the action plans of nine EU member states incorporated the One Health approach (human and animal health and the environment are interlinked). Only five plans were identified to include the components of the One Health concept sufficiently....

Capturing Real Impacts

Charleen Malkowsky
This research was conducted to close the knowledge gap relating to suitable evaluation methodologies for interdisciplinary approaches of Environmental Peacebuilding, covering not only intended but also unintended, unanticipated, positive and negative, short and long-term outcomes. Information was gathered on Middle Eastern case studies and from a global perspective, triangulating facts from literature reviews, expert-, NGO-, and beneficiary interviews, and a global expert survey. Findings clarify the complexity of internal and external, donor-based aspects, all indicating...

Locally resonant acoustic metamaterial panels: 3D versus 2D modelling approaches

Henok Abadi
Locally resonant acoustic metamaterial (LRAM) panel designs have been regarded as potential solutions to attenuate flexural waves in lightweight (mostly thin) structures. Two-dimensional (2D) simplification modeling is often adopted for reducing analysis cost of 3D LRAM panels with consistent cross-sections along the width direction, based on the infinite width assumption. The applicability of such reduction strategy are evaluated in details. Comparative analyses between 3D and 2D modeling are carried out on a typical LRAM panel...

Effects of Irradation on Holmium AcetylAcetonate Microspheres

Imke Boekestijn
The effects of irradiation on recently developed holmium acetylacetonate (HoAcAc) microspheres have been investigated by exposing HoAcAc microspheres to different irradiation conditions (types and doses) and temperatures. An accurate and detailed characterization of the chemical and physical properties of the HoAcAc microspheres before and after exposure to different conditions enabled the determination of the influence of neutron and/or gamma irradiation on the HoAcAc microspheres. The most important observation is that irradiation has a damaging effect...

The Male Perspective on the Underrepresentation of Women in Senior Management Positions of Hotels

Carlijn Emons
Even though women represent the largest number of workers in the global hotel industry, few are found in top managerial positions. The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness on the underrepresentation of women in senior management positions of hotels, by taking a male perspective on the subject. A qualitative research approach was used to explore personal perceptions on organisational culture, work-life balance, gender equality and competences and skills. Twelve interviews with male managers...

Tip-Tilt Mirror Control in Gravitational Fabry-Perot Interferometer Cavity

Roel Van Silfhout
Gravitational wave detection is achieved by a Fabry-Perot Michelson interferometer, which measures the change in arm length when the wave causes a strain in space-time. Optical components, such as the mirrors in the cavity, must be precisely controlled to measure these strains in the arms. This paper outlines a method for controlling the position of a suspended mirror by actuating voice coils with a breakout box which is driven by a control loop program and...

How can knowledge integration in crowdsourcing help to tackle grand challenges?

Ilse Hellemans
Global challenges such as reducing food waste have shown to be hard to overcome due to complex networks of actors. This study aims to explore whether crowdsourcing can be a new tool to help address these extremely complex ‘grand challenges’ with knowledge integration of the crowds. To do so, a pilot case study is conducted on the food waste problem on existing crowdsourcing initiative OpenIDEO, to explore how observed dynamics can reflect Robust Action strategies...

Competence Need Fulfillment Increases Engagement: Does Individual Need Strength Moderate the Effect?

Amai Brandes
The empirical literature on Self Determination Theory is unclear about whether individual need strength moderates and enhances the effect of basic need fulfillment on positive outcome variables. This study tested whether competence need strength moderates the effect of competence need fulfillment on engagement. A sample of 181 students was randomly assigned into three experimental conditions and their felt competence was manipulated. Results showed that the high need fulfillment group had significantly higher engagement levels than...

Cowabunga Cowtastrophe: An empirical research on the influence of fear appeal and collective efficacy on consumption intentions and preferences towards

Angela Low
This paper investigated if fear levels in persuasive meat and level of intentions to reduce weekly meat consumption, and whether perceived collective efficacy moderates this effect. An online experiment was conducted among 182 meat-eating participants with either a low or high perceived collective efficacy. A 3 (level of fear appeal: no vs. low vs. high) x 2 (level of collective efficacy: low vs. high) between-subjects design was used. Results showed that high levels of fear...

I want to succeed, and I can succeed. Examining the moderating role of achievement values and self-efficacy on women’s task choices and implicit association with leadership

Eva Riering
Despite long-standing progress, women remain underrepresented in managerial positions. Rising to leadership might require women to overcome norms that promote gender-congruent behavior. This study investigated the impact of exposure to a traditional male stereotype on women’s implicit association between gender and leadership and the number of nontraditional leadership roles they choose. The study also examined whether high scores on self-efficacy and achievement values moderate the impact of the gender conformity exposure. Results indicated that self-efficacy...

Detection of novel Lipid II-targeting antibiotics from fungi

Irene Zaalberg
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is one of the biggest threats to global health today. Therefore, there is a pressing need for new antibiotics. In this study, we examined four fungal strains for novel Lipid II-targeting antibiotic compounds. To do this, we analyzed fungus-extracted fractions by antibacterial activity assays in which Lipid II was included to detect antagonism, TLC and LC-MS. We identified eighteen Lipid II-targeting active fractions. Further purification and characterization of one active compound...

Imaging organoids: a correlative light- and electron microscopy approach

Sam Willemsen
Organoids are important pharmacological and disease models. To better study organoids, existing approaches have to be adapted. Correlative microscopy approaches allow for a more holistic understanding of cellular events. While beneficial to study organoids, an effective correlative protocol for organoids has yet to be established. The current paper presents an initial correlative workflow for organoids. Two-photon light microscopy is applied to capture characteristics of organoids and co-cultured bacteria. Furthermore, 3D models and near-infrared branding are...

Bovine endometrial cells as an in vitro model to address early embryo maternal cross-talk

Jens Slootmans, Mariana Sponchiado & Jo Leroy
We optimized a bovine endometrial epithelial cell (BEEC) line as a valuable research model for the study of early embryo-maternal interactions in vitro. Therefore, we aimed to characterize the BEEC monolayers along the primary culture and the first three passages with respect to the expression of cell-origin markers, by immunofluorescence, and abundance of functional key transcripts, by Real Time PCR. BEECs isolated from uteri (at early luteal phase) ex vivo were cultured and subpassed three...

The Ethical Implications of Employing Socially Assitive Robots in the Aged-care Sector in Japan

Teodora Octavia Stirbat
Ground-breaking innovations in technology depict a promising future for humanity. In particular, the robotic industry is expected to solve many of our modern challenges especially with regard to the health sector. As expected, when introducing human-robot interactions in our daily lives, we need to renegotiate our human values in terms of autonomy, control and privacy. This paper aims to explore the ethical dilemmas occurring when employing socially assistive robots in the aged-care sector. It will...

A Matter of Perception

Bernard De Roosz
This pilot study explores the possibility of cognitive training software Neurotracker (NT), to have potential beneficial effects for Traumatic Brain Injury patients with Sensory Processing Disorder. Five subjects with TBI and SPD trained for 5 weeks/21 sessions with Neurotracker. Pre-post training cognitive tests (WAIS TMTA, TMTB, LNS) and surveys were conducted to measure possible cognitive differences with no statistical significant results. However, significant improvement in Neurotracker scores were found. (α=.05, P=.043) between T1 (M=1.79, SD=0.44)...

Metabolic profiling of target organic acids in Parkinson’s Disease using LC-ESI-MS

Rowan Karg
To date, the exact cause of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is still unclear. Therefore, detection of newer targets which can be linked to the pathogenesis or progression of PD is vital. In this study, liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry was used (LC-ESI-MS) to detect target organic acid metabolites. In addition, metabolite levels were determined in three cell lines namely a healthy control, gene-corrected PD and PINK1 mutant PD cell line. Several acids were successfully detected and results...

The Stay in the WHOA: Right on Target or Missing the EU Mark?

Trieneke Lorjé
This paper compares the stay provisions of The Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on preventive restructuring frameworks (hereafter: EU Proposal) and the “Wet homologatie onderhands akkoord ter voorkoming van faillissement” (WHOA) by asking: How does Article 375 WHOA compare to Article 6 EU Proposal? When compared, the texts mentioned above, reveal that the main issue is the length of the stay period in the WHOA. While technically being...

The Effect of Innovation on Productivity in Services: Evidence from Germany

Laura Elisabeth Kraus
Innovation has already been in the past an important driver for change, performance and competitive advantage. Due to the constantly changing and more complex environment through instant flow of information, it gets increasingly more important nowadays. While the manufacturing sectors applied innovation in various ways, the structural transformation entails innovation to services. However, the corresponding amount of research is scarce and its implications for organizational change and company’s productivity. Hence, this research study aims to...

The Meat Paradox: Investigating Cognitive Dissonance and Strategies to Oppose It

Christophe Romein
The conflict between the belief that eating meat holds harmful effects, and the actual behaviour of eating meat, can lead to cognitive dissonance. The present study aims to investigate the dynamics of this dissonance, and ways to oppose it. To test whether omnivores experience cognitive dissonance, participants filled out an Animal Care Scale and an Animal Consumption Scale. A Pearson R correlational analysis was used to determine whether cognitive dissonance was present. There was no...

Studying the diffusion of responsibility in relation to stock market non-participation

Sylvain Thöni
In the light of the equity premium, stock market nonparticipation remains a puzzling phenomenon. Policy makers seeking to address non-participation, by providing investment advice, might however crowd out informal financial advisors due to the bystander effect; the inverse relation between the number of actors able to provide aid and the actual readiness of any individual to provide aid. A between subject survey was used to test willingness to give financial advice based on the presence...

Investigating influences on the strain – axle load relationship in asphalt pavement using Finite Element Modelling

Robbert Bosch
Current pavement maintenance strategies are reliant on invasive measurements or visual inspection. Fibre- WIM sensors can improve this by measuring strain, which can be used to calculate axle loads. However, this process is not simple. Finite Element Modelling is used to study several circumstantial influences on the strain – axle load relationship. These factors are combined into a predicting function, which can be refined so that it can be used to calculate axle loads. This...

Mental Health in the Consumer Society Looking beyond the Biological Dogma

Anna-Lena Hasselder
As Mental Health Disorders are on the verge of becoming one of the leading factors of disability in the world, a new perspective of mental health disorders is necessary. In fact, mental health disorders are largely analyzed within the biomedical model, leaving out those social and power structures in which a disease might be embedded. In fact, due to a focus on growth, individualism and materialistic values, societies have grown ever more fragmented in the...

Wadi’s en waterpasserende verhardingen – onderzoek naar ervaringen en de werking

Milou Loret Van Luijk
Om in te spelen op weersextremen als gevolg van de opwarming van de aarde wordt steeds vaker gekozen voor een infiltratievoorziening. Volgens Waterpas Civiel Adviesbureau komt een onjuiste werking van deze voorzieningen mede door de aangenomen waterdoorlatendheid bij het ontwerp ervan. Uit de enquête blijkt dat de ervaringen over infiltratievoorzieningen vaak niet gebaseerd zijn op metingen. Aan de hand van een proefopstelling is de waterdoorlatendheid van droge gronden van een wadi en waterpasserende verharding getest....

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