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Pose and Velocity Estimation for Soccer Robots

Johan Kon, Wouter Houtman, Wouter Kuipers & Ren´E Van De Molengraft
This paper details the design and real-time implementation of a planar state estimator for soccer robots. A camera system, encoders, gyroscope and accelerometer are combined in a two-stage Kalman filter through a constant acceleration model. Inflating Noise Variance is employed to handle slip and ensure convergence in stationary periods. The approach oers substantial improvement w.r.t. the old pose estimator.

The Link between Salivary Surfactant-Protein D and Dementia in Nursing Home Dementia Patients

Celine Budding & Toon Holman
Recently, serumal surfactant protein D (SP-D) has been shown to correlate with the development of dementia. As SP-D can be measured reliably in saliva, this might provide opportunities for a non-invasive biomarker. This preliminary study aims to determine a possible difference between the levels of salivary SP-D in nondemented elderly and late stage demented elderly. Results indicate a significant difference between demented subjects and controls, and between male and female demented subjects. This suggests SP-D...

The influence of measurement density on micro-instability testing

Nika Daling
Protection from water flooding by dikes is an important issue in the Netherlands. Therefore dikes have to be regularly tested for possible failure, for example caused by micro-instability. Micro-instability occurs in the upper layer of the dike, due to water flowing through it. The goal of this research was to determine the influence of the measurement density on safety assessment of river dikes for micro-instability and in addition to give a confidence interval for these...

Empowerment though Indignation

Hannah Nonnenberg
This research investigates activists of the Indignados movement in Spain. It identifies and explores what empowerment mechanisms said activists use in order to overcome alienation. Alienation is the condition they are in, which is greatly shaped by globalization and the Spanish economic crisis. The name chosen by the movement ‘indignados’, meaning indignation, is the reason for the present focus on emotions in academic research on social movements. The movement finds itself in an alienated context,...

Return of human capital development and training investments on corporate valuation

Florian Knaeple
The dynamic environments evolving in most markets led to the necessity of recruiting and retaining highly educated employees for a company's success. This research paper investigates the economic return of human capital investments on corporate valuation and identifies organizational activities that could signal these investments. For economic return estimations, an event study with the reception of training awards, as a signal for exceptional human capital activities, is used. It is revealed that training-award winners experience...

Creative Media Advertising: Het begin van het einde van de groeiende plastic soep?

Ellis Okkema
De huidige studie onderzocht de effectiviteit van creative media advertising (CMA) in vergelijking met traditional media advertising (TMA) in sociale marketing rondom milieuproblemen door plasticgebruik. Met behulp van een online experiment (N = 107) is gekeken of CMA tot een milieuvriendelijkere gedragsintentie leidt dan TMA en of deze relatie gemedieerd wordt door bewustzijn van het probleem. Er is een direct positief effect gevonden van CMA versus TMA op milieuvriendelijke gedragsintentie met betrekking tot eenmalig plasticgebruik...

When art makes one: Scripting narratives in the Museum of Islamic art in Cairo

Luca Bruls
When art makes one by Luca Bruls unfolds an ethnographic case study on narratives exposing the role of nationalism in the exhibition of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt. Fieldwork among museum staff documents the way they make decisions regarding scenography and organize activities. The research lays bare the motivations of museum staff to use certain techniques and exhibit particular objects. The goal of the research is to find out about ‘how’ and...

Een Alarmerend Probleem

Silvana Riphagen, Sanne Feiner & Renée Hovenier
Het aantal valse alarmen op de Spoedeisende Hulp is een groot probleem. Door de overvloed aan valse alarmen reageren zorgverleners minder adequaat op ware alarmen, wat de patiëntveiligheid in gevaar brengt. Het doel van deze studie is het ontwikkelen van een methode om het aantal valse alarmen op de Spoedeisende Hulp te reduceren. Hiervoor is een algoritme ontwikkeld waarin aritmiedetectie in het elektrocardiogram wordt gecontroleerd met signaaleigenschappen van het fotoplethysmogram. Dit algoritme leidt tot verhoogde...

Investigating The Modality Dependent and Independent Representations of Letters and Numbers

Dora Gözükara
Multimodal neural representations require a system in which both different aspects of the physical stimuli are represented, and also a multimodal abstraction is. In this study, we compared the representational systems of numbers and letters by using an fMRI experiment. Our findings can be summarized in two points: (1) The left intraparietal sulcus is involved in representing multimodal numbers and letters. (2) There are shared visual and auditory areas in the representations of numbers and...

Brideshead Revisited through the Years: Between Religion and Relationships from Novel to Screen

Anne Verhoef
Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited (1945) has been adapted on-screen twice: as a series in 1981 and as a film in 2008. Even though all three versions present the audience with the same fabula, Charles’s (sexual) orientation has been approached differently throughout the years. Whereas Waugh’s 1945 novel leaves the issue of sexuality unaddressed and focuses on Charles’s conversion to Christianity instead, the 1981 series portrays a homosexual tension between Charles and Sebastian, and the 2008...

Reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Financial Performance of Banks

Christopher Nicolaas Maria De Koning
This paper investigates the joint effects of reputation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the financial performance of a global sample of banks. Firstly, reputation and CSR act as compliments rather than substitutes. Reputation positively affects return on equity, return on invested capital, and return on assets. CSR positively relates to the above, as well as net interest income. The effects on share price remain unclear. These findings are more pronounced for less reputable and...

Exploration of the ‘Mean World Syndrome’ in Dutch Older Persons

Lisa Klinkenberg
It was hypothesized that persons aged 57 and over who use more types of mass media, such as internet, television and newspapers, are more anxious and afraid. Also the effects of the different types of media as well as the different contents are explored. The sample originates from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) and consists of 1536 respondents, who were assessed in 2005/2006. It was found that reading newspapers as well as internet use...

Optimizing the core business processes of financial asset management companies using blockchain technology

Nick Van De Luijtgaarden
The aim of this paper is to look at how blockchain technology can be used for the core business processes of an asset management company and what the best tools are to set up a blockchain. This study followed a qualitative and quantitive case study research methodology at a small to mediumsized asset management company. This paper argued that Corda was the best blockchain platform because of scalability, auditing for regulators and offering a specific...

Bringer of Death: Explaining the Severity of the Black Death in Medieval England

Elvire Nadieh Landstra
What caused the Black Death in the 14th century to be more severe than any other plague outbreak? This article argues that the Bovine Pestilence, and the consequent protein malnutrition, has contributed to an inadequate immune system for the English population. As a result, the mortality rates during the plague outbreak were high. By using contemporary insights on the Y. Pestis bacterium and immunodeficiencies, and combining that with historical data on the Black Death in...

Rechtsbescherming door de informatiebeschikking

Marieke Buijs
De informatiebeschikking uit artikel 52a Algemene Wet inzake Rijksbelastingen (hierna te noemen: AWR) is sinds 1 juli 2011 een feit. Het belangrijkste doel van deze regeling was om de rechtsbescherming voor de belastingplichtige te verbeteren binnen het stelsel van de informatieverplichting. De vraag is, zes jaar later, of inderdaad te spreken is van een verbeterde rechtspositie.

Assessment of dose conversion coefficients for accident dosimetry with mobile phone components

Demi Römkens
The resistors on the circuit board of a mobile phone can be used for accident dosimetry, because they exhibit optically stimulated luminescence due to radiation. The reconstructed dose from the resistors needs to be converted to organ absorbed doses. For this, Monte Carlo simulations are made. The resulting theoretical conversion coefficients are experimentally validated within this research. The main conclusion of this research is that the theoretical conversion coefficients do not significantly differ from the...

The Menstrual Cup Effect

Iris Flamand
This research is dedicated to comparative environmental impact analyses of menstrual products – tampons with and without applicator, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups – used in modern “Western” societies and using six indicators of environmental impact. Additionally, a menstrual waste scenario analysis, with increasing menstrual cup use as variable, is performed. Due to environmental concern, especially for waste, the research question and the survey were formed. All indicators showed lowest impact with menstrual cups. Besides,...

The Sound of Semana Santa

Jip Lensink
This anthropological research gives insight in the meaning of music for the religious experience of participants of the processions in Antigua, Guatemala. By placing the theories of lived religion, material religion and aesthetics at the central stage, the process whereby the marchas fúnebres, the music played in the processions, mediate religious experience for the participants is explained. The material-sensorial elements of the processions, the practice of carrying, and the emotional effect of the music which...

Beta and theta oscillatory dynamics in response to social evaluative feedback processing

Sophie Sweijen
Electrocortical activity to processing social evaluative feedback differed in individuals with distinct profiles in rejection sensitive personality constructs. 65 undergraduate females participated in the Social Judgment Paradigm in which they predicted if peers liked or disliked them. With EEG, beta (13-30 Hz) and theta (4-8 Hz) power was examined, which are related to anticipation of and sensitivity to social feedback, respectively. We detected an anxious and a non-anxious group. Beta power increased in anticipation of...

Een mechanistische kijk op drogende suspensiedruppels

Gea Van De Kerkhof
Het drooggedrag van watergedragen verven wordt in grote mate bepaald door de vervormbaarheid van de microscopisch kleine deeltjes waaruit ze bestaan. Om het effect van deze vervormbaarheid op het droogproces van een suspensie druppel te testen, synthetiseren wij gecrosslinkte rubber nanodeeltjes in water. De crosslinker voorkomt samenvloeiing van de deeltjes. De fenomenen die we observeren bij het drogen van zo’n druppeltje, invasie van lucht, capillaire deformatie, rimpelingen en breukvorming, blijken te veranderen rond één algemene...

Fipronil-crisis in the Netherlands: An analysis of the financial effects of the chosen approach (detoxicate or prematurely cull hens) by farmers during the fipronil-crisis in the Netherlands

Job De Lange
The fipronil-crisis that occurred in the Netherlands in 2017, had a big impact on the poultry sector. Farmers had to make the decision to either detoxicate (a diet which attempts to eliminate the fipronil which is stored in the fat) or prematurely cull their hens. This research compares detoxification and prematurely culling in a financial way, to provide an answer for the question: Which approach would have restrained, with hindsight, the financial impact for the...

The instrument of authority: The Niger river as propaganda in Northern Nigeria, 1900-1905

Bas Rensen
This paper discusses the ways in which Frederick Lugard used the Niger river and her subsidiaries as a tool to secure funding from Great Britain between 1900-1905. The annual reports written by Lugard were propaganda to convince Parliament of the value of the Nigerian project by showing progress towards the installation of “legitimate commerce”. This paper proves that the British were, especially in these early years of colonisation, to a great degree confined to the...

Bridging the value-action gap: Compliance with Kyoto in the Environmental Liability Directive

Nick Doggen
This paper analyses compliance with the 2004/35/CE Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Greece and Italy. Their compliance with the ELD reflects in how far pro-environmental ‘actions’ have been taken. Comparing compliance with environmental statements or ‘values’ made in their national parliaments displays to what extent there is a mismatch between values and actions, or a ‘value-action gap’. The four countries each represent one of the Four Worlds of Implementation, a model...

The destruction of cultural property by the Islamic State in Mosul and Palmyra

Alessandra Silva
Among countless atrocities, the Islamic State (IS) is responsible for wreaking cultural artifacts in Mosul and Palmyra. This paper enquire what actions Iraq and Syria could undertake under International Law to protect cultural property and to hold IS’s fighters accountable for their crimes. After analyzing International Humanitarian law instruments, the rules on the use of force, the UNESCO Declaration on the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage and the Statute of the International Criminal Court, it...

On the role of a permeable groyne in beach morphodynamics during sea-breeze events in Yucatàn, Mexico

Anne Hofman, Pieter Roos & Alec Torres-Freyermuth
The north coast of the Yucatàn peninsula in Mexico is vulnerable to strong sea breezes, which in turn causes high waves, driving high rates of erosion due to littoral transport. To find a solution for erosion problems caused by currently applied measurements, a permeable groyne was introduced, tested and monitored during a 24h experiment. Concluded was that the permeable groyne has the potential to reduce downdrift erosion problems due to its permeability. However, long term...

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