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Comparison of analytical methods for detection of perchloroethylene glutathione conjugates and application in liver fractions

Robin Coosen & J. Commandeur
Perchloroethylene (PER) is a degreasing solvent widely used to replace the toxic trichloroethylene. However, PER can also lead to nephrotoxicity via bioactivation by the glutathione (GSH) conjugative pathway. In this study, a postcolumn o-phtaldialdehyde (OPA)/N-acetylcysteine (NAC) derivatisation method has been developed and compared to existing methods for analysis of PER GSH conjugates. Subsequently, the rate of this conjugation has been studied for the first time in human subcellular fractions. The specific activity of PER GSH...

Towards Multimodal Analysis of Dialogic Moments in Storytelling-based Discourse

Ngoc Doan, Andrius Penkauskas & Ecaterina Grigoriev
The key to an effective communication method arguably lies in its ability to facilitate moments of high mutual understanding (dialogic moments). It would, therefore, be useful to identify these moments and perhaps facilitate them. In this pilot study, we present a multimodal analysis of dialogic moments in storytelling-based discussions. We collected skin conductance, heartrate, speaking turns, relative body position, conversation transcripts, and subjective experience. This multimodal data corpus enables the computational study of these highly...

Fighting Pollution with Nudges

Tamara Houweling
On the one hand we have nudging: a relatively new policy instrument that promises to be cheaper, less invasive and more effective. On the other hand we have pollution caused, among others by litter and energy waste due to inefficient appliances. The oceans are filled with disposable plastic bags, this forms a great threat to marine life and can even end up in our own seafood. What happens if we use nudging in order to...

Gamma-range oscillations evoked by Optogenetic stimulation - an in silico study

Meriam Malekzadeh
Gamma-range oscillations are repetitive neuronal activation in various regions of the brain, displaying prominent energy distribution in the 30-90 Hz frequency band. It is shown that these oscillations emerge through excitatory-inhibitory neuronal interplay, but their mechanisms and functions remain unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify the in vivo complexity. This has been accomplished by the host laboratory, which reproduced these rhythms in an in vitro model of cortical microcircuitry using Optogenetic tools and suggested...

The Effects of Exercise on the Tumor Immune Microenvironment

Ricky Siebeler & Vincent De Boer
This review explores the current understanding of the immunomodulatory effects of exercise, and the effectiveness of utilizing exercise as a therapy for cancer. Physical exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of developing cancer and appears to possess tumor-suppressive capabilities in existing solid tumors by modulating the tumor immune microenvironment. The current literature suggests exercise to enhance intra-tumoral tumor-suppressive immune cell activity through multiple pathways. The immunomodulating capabilities of exercise are likely dependent on...

A case study of how reshoring affects the quality of software development

Amna Mirza
The purpose of this research is to provide more insights into the consequences of reshoring on the performance of software development. A thorough understanding of the consequences of reshoring has been attained by interviewing the stakeholders of a recently reshored software development department. This research embraced a multimethod qualitative approach. The insights gained from the case indicates that software performance has been affected by reshoring. Due to reshoring, the software developers of the department are...

Het voorlopig beslagverlof: de weg naar evenwichtsherstel bij conservatoir beslag?

Joël Lozeman
Het onderhavige artikel bevat een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheid van voorlopig beslagverlof. Meer specifiek wordt de vraag beantwoord of het opnemen van voorlopig beslagverlof in de wet zorgt voor een betere afweging tussen de belangen van de beslaglegger en die van de beslagene. Het betreft een kwalitatief onderzoek, waarbij gebruik is gemaakt van literatuur en (in mindere mate) rechtspraak. Allereerst volgt uit het onderzoek dat er sprake is van onevenwichtigheid binnen het wettelijke systeem van...

The effects of topsoil inversion tillage on soil carbon storage, New Zealand

Jorn Dijkstra
Soils in the world play an important role in the carbon (C) cycle. Many pasture soils do have a potential to store more carbon. This might be an option to combat climate change. By field experiments in New Zealand, different tillage treatments (i.e. topsoil inversion tillage and shallow tillage) are compared on their effect on total C stocks in the soil with time. The study concluded that regarding C stocks, deep ploughing had no significant...

The Weakest Link

Jonas Cop, Charlot Depestel, Nathalie Saikali, Sharon Temmerman & Dorien Zeebroek
This work evaluates the effect of hydrogen on welds in martensitic steels. In-situ constant-load tensile testing of a weld of HB450 steel shows that hydrogen-induced cracks appear in the filler material, which is capable of trapping the highest amount of hydrogen, as indicated by thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS). Further crack propagation takes place in the part of the heat affected zone (HAZ) with the highest hardness.

Active inference for Robot control: A Factor Graph Approach

Mees Vanderbroeck, Mohamed Baioumy, Daan Van Der Lans, Rens De Rooij & Tiis Van Der Werf
Active Inference provides a framework for perception, action and learning, where the optimization is done by minimizing the Free-Energy of a system. This paper explores whether active inference can be used for closedloop control of a 1 degree of freedom robot arm. This is done by implementing variational message passing on Forney-style factor graphs; a probabilistic programming framework. We show that an active inference controller with variational message passing can perform state estimation and control...

An Empirical Investigation into Carbon Lock-In: What Determines the Stringency of Environmental Policy?

Julian Marenz
Carbon lock-in is referring to the prolonged utilization of a fossil-based energy system despite an increasing number of reasons for the shift to alternative technologies. This paper uses environmental policy stringency (EPS), an index published by the OECD, as a proxy for carbon lockin. A fixed effect and a generalized methods of moments estimator are used. These approaches yield the conclusion that EU- membership and GDP per capita are associated with a higher EPS. Furthermore,...

Inbreeding versus Crossbreeding: the Potential Bias of Breeding Values in Dutch Dairy Cattle

Jikke Snelder
Inbreeding and crossbreeding oppositely affect the performance of livestock; inbreeding negatively- and crossbreeding positively affects all traits. This study examined if it is appropriate that breeding value estimations (EBVs) in Dutch dairy cattle only take into account the effects of crossbreeding (heterosis). Performance and EBVs for milk yield, fat, and protein; somatic cell count; and fertility of 219 purebred Holstein Friesian cows and 191 crossbred cows were compared. The outcomes suggest a bias in the...

Temporal variation in the occurrence of whale and dolphin species in the Azores from 2010 to 2017

Annelie Milou Bron, Okka Jansen & Miranda Van Der Linde
Global climate change (CC) affects marine mammals, such as cetaceans, by exposing them to an altered marine environment. Cetaceans are indirectly influenced by CC (e.g. through their prey, warmer environment). They are indicator species, significant to marine ecosystems and one of the most endangered vertebrate groups on this planet. Since oceanic water temperatures have increased, a noticeable shift in diversity of cetaceans present in marine hotspots is expected. In this paper, the community structure (occurrence)...

Factors affecting detection probability of elephant (Loxodonta africana) carcasses in an African conservation area

Johanna Märtz & Ronja Haring
Poaching for ivory has led to massive population declines of African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana). To prioritize anti-poaching efforts, elephant poaching hotspot maps were created. However, these might be biased because they are not corrected for the detection probability of elephant carcasses. Carcass decomposition state was defined as a proxy for detection probability. Detection probability was influenced by the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) influencing live elephant densities across the area. Our results show the...

Grote verhalen en grote gebaren: Nationalisme en de restauraties van de Alte Nationalgalerie en het Rijksmuseum

Caroline Schep
Dit onderzoek bevraagt de rol van nationalisme in de Alte Nationalgalerie en het Rijksmuseum. Deze musea zijn in de negentiende eeuw gebouwd om nationaal besef bij burgers te versterken. Het onderzoek richt zich dan ook specifiek op wat hiervan teruggehaald is bij de restauraties van respectievelijk 1998-2001 en 2003-2013. Hoe architectuur, inrichting en omgang met de collectie nationaal besef kunnen stimuleren, wordt bestudeerd aan de hand van archiefmateriaal als jaarverslagen, correspondentie en beleidsplannen, maar ook...

What About Prospective Fist-Generation Students Before Their Transition to Higher Education?

Diane Roberta Nicole Gordin
A great body of research demonstrated that first-generation students (FGS) face significant barriers while transferring to higher education. Contrary, not much is known about this subject in The Netherlands. Using statistical analysis, the research will offer a primary examination how this group of students are doing during high school (prospective FGS) in track havo and vwo before their potential transition to higher education in the province of Limburg (The Netherlands). The analysis will provide a...

The Multilingual Brain: An Experimental Study

Joyce Van Zwet
This study investigates the organization of the mental lexicon in the multilingual brain in order to determine whether there is interaction between the lexicons of a speaker’s different languages. We performed a cross-language semantic priming experiment with Dutch native speakers having varying levels of French. We analysed our data in view of three models: the independent model (Kolers, 1963), the revised hierarchical model (Kroll & Steward, 2002) and the BIA+ model (Dijkstra et al, 2002)....

Health and the democratic dividend in Sub-Saharan Africa: are democracies better at managing the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

Demi Van Nes
The democratic dividend theory states that democracies should provide socio-economic benefits to their citizens. Scholars suggest that the legitimacy of African democracies is partly dependent on this dividend. Following this theory, democracies should handle the HIV/AIDS epidemic better than non-democracies because of their higher level of accountability. A cross-national analysis is conducted to investigate how a country’s level of democracy is associated with respondents’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the provision of HIV-testing places. The relationships...

Antimicrobial Resistance and the One Health Approach: Nine National Action Plans in the EU

Leonie Eilers
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) presents a major threat to global public health and economic development. Therefore, countries were required to have an action plan on AMR implemented by mid-2017. The research objective of this thesis is to explore whether the action plans of nine EU member states incorporated the One Health approach (human and animal health and the environment are interlinked). Only five plans were identified to include the components of the One Health concept sufficiently....

Capturing Real Impacts

Charleen Malkowsky
This research was conducted to close the knowledge gap relating to suitable evaluation methodologies for interdisciplinary approaches of Environmental Peacebuilding, covering not only intended but also unintended, unanticipated, positive and negative, short and long-term outcomes. Information was gathered on Middle Eastern case studies and from a global perspective, triangulating facts from literature reviews, expert-, NGO-, and beneficiary interviews, and a global expert survey. Findings clarify the complexity of internal and external, donor-based aspects, all indicating...

Locally resonant acoustic metamaterial panels: 3D versus 2D modelling approaches

Henok Abadi
Locally resonant acoustic metamaterial (LRAM) panel designs have been regarded as potential solutions to attenuate flexural waves in lightweight (mostly thin) structures. Two-dimensional (2D) simplification modeling is often adopted for reducing analysis cost of 3D LRAM panels with consistent cross-sections along the width direction, based on the infinite width assumption. The applicability of such reduction strategy are evaluated in details. Comparative analyses between 3D and 2D modeling are carried out on a typical LRAM panel...

Effects of Irradation on Holmium AcetylAcetonate Microspheres

Imke Boekestijn
The effects of irradiation on recently developed holmium acetylacetonate (HoAcAc) microspheres have been investigated by exposing HoAcAc microspheres to different irradiation conditions (types and doses) and temperatures. An accurate and detailed characterization of the chemical and physical properties of the HoAcAc microspheres before and after exposure to different conditions enabled the determination of the influence of neutron and/or gamma irradiation on the HoAcAc microspheres. The most important observation is that irradiation has a damaging effect...

The Male Perspective on the Underrepresentation of Women in Senior Management Positions of Hotels

Carlijn Emons
Even though women represent the largest number of workers in the global hotel industry, few are found in top managerial positions. The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness on the underrepresentation of women in senior management positions of hotels, by taking a male perspective on the subject. A qualitative research approach was used to explore personal perceptions on organisational culture, work-life balance, gender equality and competences and skills. Twelve interviews with male managers...

Tip-Tilt Mirror Control in Gravitational Fabry-Perot Interferometer Cavity

Roel Van Silfhout
Gravitational wave detection is achieved by a Fabry-Perot Michelson interferometer, which measures the change in arm length when the wave causes a strain in space-time. Optical components, such as the mirrors in the cavity, must be precisely controlled to measure these strains in the arms. This paper outlines a method for controlling the position of a suspended mirror by actuating voice coils with a breakout box which is driven by a control loop program and...

How can knowledge integration in crowdsourcing help to tackle grand challenges?

Ilse Hellemans
Global challenges such as reducing food waste have shown to be hard to overcome due to complex networks of actors. This study aims to explore whether crowdsourcing can be a new tool to help address these extremely complex ‘grand challenges’ with knowledge integration of the crowds. To do so, a pilot case study is conducted on the food waste problem on existing crowdsourcing initiative OpenIDEO, to explore how observed dynamics can reflect Robust Action strategies...

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