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Comparison of analytical methods for detection of perchloroethylene glutathione conjugates and application in liver fractions

Robin Coosen & J. Commandeur
Perchloroethylene (PER) is a degreasing solvent widely used to replace the toxic trichloroethylene. However, PER can also lead to nephrotoxicity via bioactivation by the glutathione (GSH) conjugative pathway. In this study, a postcolumn o-phtaldialdehyde (OPA)/N-acetylcysteine (NAC) derivatisation method has been developed and compared to existing methods for analysis of PER GSH conjugates. Subsequently, the rate of this conjugation has been studied for the first time in human subcellular fractions. The specific activity of PER GSH...

Towards Multimodal Analysis of Dialogic Moments in Storytelling-based Discourse

Ngoc Doan, Andrius Penkauskas & Ecaterina Grigoriev
The key to an effective communication method arguably lies in its ability to facilitate moments of high mutual understanding (dialogic moments). It would, therefore, be useful to identify these moments and perhaps facilitate them. In this pilot study, we present a multimodal analysis of dialogic moments in storytelling-based discussions. We collected skin conductance, heartrate, speaking turns, relative body position, conversation transcripts, and subjective experience. This multimodal data corpus enables the computational study of these highly...

Triage van pijn op de borst klachten bij de huisartsenpost Arnhem, een mixed methods onderzoek

Monique Vaneker & Nina Drijfholt
De toepassing van de Nederlandse Triage Standaard (NTS) bij patiënten met pijn op de borst staat ter discussie. Triagisten op de huisartsenpost (HAP) kunnen initiële triagecodes op- of afschalen. Uit deze studie blijkt dat 33,1% van de initiële U1’s (levensbedreigend zieke patiënten) zijn afgeschaald. Overtriage lijkt hierdoor te existeren. Beïnvloedende factoren voor aanpassing van initiële triagecodes zijn te categoriseren in triagist specifieke, NTS specifieke, patiënt specifieke en organisatorische factoren. Ervaring en onderbuikgevoel werden frequent aangedragen...

Novel folded pendulum residual seism accelerometer for the Virgo gravitational wave observatory: parasitic resonance mode characterisation

Harun Dza
Optical components of a gravitational wave (GW) detector must both actively and passively be isolated from microseisms to be able to detect GWs. Active attenuation is achieved by making use of accelerometers within seismic isolation systems. Herein, a characterisation of the internal leg mode resonances of an improved design Folded Pendulum accelerometer, present at the Virgo GW observatory, is being discussed. We model internal leg mode resonances of the accelerometer using Finite Element Method analysis...

Fighting Pollution with Nudges

Tamara Houweling
On the one hand we have nudging: a relatively new policy instrument that promises to be cheaper, less invasive and more effective. On the other hand we have pollution caused, among others by litter and energy waste due to inefficient appliances. The oceans are filled with disposable plastic bags, this forms a great threat to marine life and can even end up in our own seafood. What happens if we use nudging in order to...

Testing a sustainable source of Taxol for the treatment of RUNX cancers using Caenorhabditis elegans

David Van De Klashors & Samantha Hughes
RUNX proteins, master regulators of development, are frequently dysregulated in cancers, particularly leukaemia and breast cancer. A common drug for RUNX cancers, Paclitaxel, is derived from the bark of the Taxus plant. We tested compounds derived from leaves and needles of Taxus as a sustainable source of compounds to treat RUNX cancers. We accessed the effectiveness of Paclitaxel, Cephalomannine and 10-Deacetylbacatin III (10-DAB), in a Caenorhabditis elegans RUNX cancer model. Our results show Taxol derivatives...

Het aanleren van ergonomisch handelen is geen gespreid bedje

Hanneke Van Nistelrooij
Het merendeel van de tweedejaars Helpende studenten (n=6) van de pilotopleiding Dienstverlening ROC de Leijgraaf, handelt niet ergonomisch bij de vaardigheid ‘bed opmaken met zorgvrager erin’. Uit verkennend onderzoek blijkt onder andere dat er in lichte mate sprake is van kennistekort, maar ook dat ergonomie niet expliciet getoetst wordt. Uit interviews met studenten werd duidelijk dat zij behoefte hebben aan meer uitleg, directe feedback en een duidelijk voorbeeld. Als verbeteracties zijn hiervoor een lessenreeks en...

The clash between mutual recognition, fundamental rights and public security

Elena Emilia Popa & Luca Pantaleo
This article focuses on the recent judgment of the Court of Justice, Aranyosi and Caldararu. After conducting a legal analysis on this case, three issues are identified and they are separately discussed in three sections. The aim of this paper is to show the impact of this judgment on public order and public security in Europe on the one hand and on the individual’s fundamental rights, on the other hand. It is going to be...

Wave attenuation by vegetation applied on dike design

Joost Remmers
Wave attenuation by vegetation on the foreland can reduce hydraulic loads on dikes. Literature study showed the reliability issues within several methods. The currently most popular method is based largely on an empirical constant, called the bulk drag coefficient. Several datasets were analyzed to find a relation for this coefficient. With the use of this data a quantitative method and tool was developed for computations of this effect. The impact of the vegetation on the...

Gamma-range oscillations evoked by Optogenetic stimulation - an in silico study

Meriam Malekzadeh
Gamma-range oscillations are repetitive neuronal activation in various regions of the brain, displaying prominent energy distribution in the 30-90 Hz frequency band. It is shown that these oscillations emerge through excitatory-inhibitory neuronal interplay, but their mechanisms and functions remain unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify the in vivo complexity. This has been accomplished by the host laboratory, which reproduced these rhythms in an in vitro model of cortical microcircuitry using Optogenetic tools and suggested...

“De Stenen Man”: strong guardian or weak link?

Marc Frankena & Koen Berends
De ‘Stenen Man’, standing on top of the Westerzeedijk near Harlingen, was built to commemorate the construction of the sea defenses. However, there is reason to believe this monument to flood safety endangers the stability of the dike. In our study, we quantify the effect of the statue on the failure probability of the dike. This is achieved through a combination of archive research, ground survey, and probabilistic assessment within the new legal framework. Results...

Green cosmetics via bio-oil

Laurens Cappoen, Pieter Deconinck, Kevin De Ras, Delphine De Saegher & Axel Vernimmen
The refining of crude vegetable oil results in an unused sidestream, the oil deodorizer distillate (ODD). This distillate contains valuable ‘minors’, like squalene, tocopherols and sterols, which have applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutrition industry. Therefore, their successful separation from this sidestream increases the viability of a refinery. The separation is achieved by supercritical esterification and supercritical CO2 extraction. The objective of this study is to simulate the process with Aspen® and model the...

Insulin sensitivity and fat mass in young male sedentary adults

Gereon Hecht, Esther Phielix, Yvo Op Den Kamp & Joris Hoeks
We live in an obesogenic environment, spending a lot of time sitting neglecting physical activity. This study aims to determine the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on insulin sensitivity by comparing insulin sensitivity of healthy athletes and sedentary subjects. Twelve athletes and 12 sedentary subjects underwent a two-step hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp test to assess insulin sensitivity and a DEXA scan to assess body fat mass. Insulin sensitivity was significantly lower in sedentary subjects (p=0.009) and...

The Effects of Exercise on the Tumor Immune Microenvironment

Ricky Siebeler & Vincent De Boer
This review explores the current understanding of the immunomodulatory effects of exercise, and the effectiveness of utilizing exercise as a therapy for cancer. Physical exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of developing cancer and appears to possess tumor-suppressive capabilities in existing solid tumors by modulating the tumor immune microenvironment. The current literature suggests exercise to enhance intra-tumoral tumor-suppressive immune cell activity through multiple pathways. The immunomodulating capabilities of exercise are likely dependent on...

Impact modifiers als high-tech toepassing van RAFT polymerisatie

Astrid Clarysse, Thibo Clicteur, Bram Kemseke, Fabian Van Den Bosch & Mieke Van De Velde
Schokweerstand is één van de belangrijkste eigenschappen van een kunststof voor succesvol gebruik in allerlei toepassingen. Om de schokweerstand te boosten, kan een impact modifier (zie Figuur 1) in de vorm van core-shell nanodeeltjes toegevoegd worden aan kunststoffen. De productie van deze core-shell nanodeeltjes is echter niet vanzelfsprekend en vergt het gebruik van een gecontroleerde polymerisatietechniek, namelijk reversibele additie-fragmentatie ketentransfer (RAFT) polymerisatie, in emulsie. Als RAFT-specifiek reagens worden xanthaten aangewend. Ondanks een verminderde controle over...

Strawson's take on responsibility applied to AI

Laura Cromzigt
This paper investigates the attribution of responsibility to artificial intelligent systems (AI). It argues that traditional approaches to the subject are insufficient because they encounter some of the same problems that one encounters when attributing responsibility to humans. Peter Strawson's take on responsibility is introduced as an alternative approach. He claims that theoretical considerations miss the point when we ponder the responsibility of human agents. Instead, we should understand responsibility as part of the practice...

Kennis en gedrag van vrouwelijke studenten ten aanzien van risicofactoren voor borstkanker

Willemijn Kesteloo
Dit cross-sectionele onderzoek beschrijft de mate van kennis en gedrag van vrouwelijke studenten ten aanzien van risicofactoren voor borstkanker. Aan dit onderzoek deden 158 van de 532 studenten van de academies voor Zorg & Welzijn en Educatie & Pedagogiek van de HZ mee. Bij de meerderheid van de respondenten is er een gebrek aan kennis over de borstkankerrisicofactoren. Professionals kunnen door voorlichting te geven kennis vergroten en aanzetten tot gezonder gedrag. Dit kan bijdragen aan...

The Interdependence of Economic Growth, Human Development and Political Institutions

Sebastian Krantz
The causal links between growth, human development and institutions are central to understanding the long-run development process. The turn of the millennium has seen influential research in development economics attempting to uncover some of these links, but a focus on root-causes of growth has limited its insights in both scope and method. This paper provides a fresh analysis of the interdependence of growth, human development and institutions using a general equilibrium framework. The framework is...

A case study of how reshoring affects the quality of software development

Amna Mirza
The purpose of this research is to provide more insights into the consequences of reshoring on the performance of software development. A thorough understanding of the consequences of reshoring has been attained by interviewing the stakeholders of a recently reshored software development department. This research embraced a multimethod qualitative approach. The insights gained from the case indicates that software performance has been affected by reshoring. Due to reshoring, the software developers of the department are...

Participatory Design of a Social Robot Toolkit for and with Adults with Autism

Suhaib Aslam
Autism impacts around 5 million people in the EU (Autism-Europe). Research has shown that social robots, due to their deterministic nature, simplified appearance and technological capabilities, can enable therapy or become assistive technology for empowering autistic individuals with household activities. Consequently, toolkits have emerged for prototyping social robots. Regarding such toolkits, there is a methodological, inclusion gap: there is no comprehensive co-design process to include cognitively disadvantaged users in decision-making regarding robots’ fundamental design choices....

De adviserende rol van pedagogisch medewerkers bij peuters met stotterverschijnselen

Ilham El Harouni
Inleiding: In de praktijk valt het op dat pedagogisch medewerkers (pm-ers) niet altijd tijdig adviseren om een stottertherapeut/ logopedist te consulteren als de stotterverschijnselen/-problemen bij een peuter opvallen. Dit kan negatieve gevolgen hebben op de ontwikkeling van de stoornis. Methode: Er is een gemengd onderzoeksdesign uitgevoerd door middel van 54 ingevulde enquêtes en twee semigestructureerde interviews. Resultaten: De huidige beschikbare informatie over stotteren is bij een groot deel van de pedagogisch medewerkers onbekend. Conclusie: Een...

Central and Local Approaches to Transitional Justice

Julianne Subia
This paper aims to examine the relationship between central and local approaches to transitional justice in postconflict situations. It is found that these two levels are not as ‘neat’ as some may suggest, and actors from both levels behave in ways more commonly attributed to the other level. By thinking of them in dynamic and behavioral rather than static and spatial terms, the (inter)relationship might be better understood. This is important as transitional justice is...

Overmatig alcoholgebruik bij ouderen

Yvonne Van Arts-Van Haastrecht & Annet Van Der Horn
Als gevolg van de vergrijzing groeit de groep oude-ren met overmatig alcoholgebruik. Dit leidt tot gerontologische problematiek bij ouderen maar ook tot extra druk op maatschappelijke en gezondheids-voorzieningen. Een vroege signalering en een betere bespreekbaar-heid van dit voor ouderen en hulpverleners lastige onderwerp zijn belangrijke voorwaarden voor de aanpak van het probleem. Uit Nederlands onderzoek in de stad Zwolle en omgeving blijkt dat zowel ou-deren als zorgprofessionals veel heil zien in alcohol-preventiecampagnes die zich specifiek...

Het voorlopig beslagverlof: de weg naar evenwichtsherstel bij conservatoir beslag?

Joël Lozeman
Het onderhavige artikel bevat een onderzoek naar de mogelijkheid van voorlopig beslagverlof. Meer specifiek wordt de vraag beantwoord of het opnemen van voorlopig beslagverlof in de wet zorgt voor een betere afweging tussen de belangen van de beslaglegger en die van de beslagene. Het betreft een kwalitatief onderzoek, waarbij gebruik is gemaakt van literatuur en (in mindere mate) rechtspraak. Allereerst volgt uit het onderzoek dat er sprake is van onevenwichtigheid binnen het wettelijke systeem van...

The effects of topsoil inversion tillage on soil carbon storage, New Zealand

Jorn Dijkstra
Soils in the world play an important role in the carbon (C) cycle. Many pasture soils do have a potential to store more carbon. This might be an option to combat climate change. By field experiments in New Zealand, different tillage treatments (i.e. topsoil inversion tillage and shallow tillage) are compared on their effect on total C stocks in the soil with time. The study concluded that regarding C stocks, deep ploughing had no significant...

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