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Barbican London

Dick Van Gameren
The large-scale destruction wreaked by the Second World War in London’s financial heart, the City of London, was responsible for intensifying the population decrease that had started many years before. Where 120,000 people had lived in 1851, this number was barely 5,000 a century later. The Corporation of London, the City’s governing body, resolved to reverse this trend, and designated one of the largest bomb craters in the City – the Barbican site – as...


Dick Van Gameren
Large-scale urban renewal is often associated with the radical visions of the avant-garde in the first half of the twentieth century. This association often carries a negative connotation. The wanton demolition involved in projects such as Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin and Hilbersheimer’s Hochhausstadt is a source of criticism. These proposals were propelled by an optimistic faith in the idea that the world could be designed to order, an aversion towards the stagnating traditional city and...


Dick Van Gameren
The concepts ‘standard’ and ‘ideal’ are inextricably associated in housing design. Efforts by various architects in the twentieth century to create standardized and affordable dwellings produced an endlessly varied series of ideal homes, some of which were built, others not. While large-scale housing is based to a high degree on optimization and repetition, residential floor plans have nevertheless proven to be the subject of continuous development. Roughly speaking, two approaches can be distinguished: on the...

40BOND New York Herzog & de Meuron Architekten AG

Paul Kuitenbrouwer
40BOND is a complex and contradictory experiment that anticipates a new type of building: a combination of townhouse and apartment building, a so-called diversité d’habitation (Stefano Casciani). Its mix of ingredients includes: dwelling type, artfully applied materials and a ‘close reading’ of the urban context and its graffiti ‘tags’. The building is a radical reinvention of the traditional cast-iron warehouse that epitomizes the Bowery District in Manhattan. Herzog & de Meuron’s reinterpretation has produced a...

The Luxury City Apartment

Dick Van Gameren
In today’s economic climate with housing production at a record low, it might seem odd to devote a publication to the luxury city apartment. Yet over the past few years, this very sector is where there have been surprising innovations in housing design. While the bulk of production entails the repetition of a few standard floor plans considered adequate, we see interesting indications for the future in projects for more expensive city apartments. A serious...

Westhove Amsterdam F.A. Warners

Paul Kuitenbrouwer
At the start of the twentieth century, Dutch building regulations placed severe restrictions on high-rises. The maximum number of storeys in Amsterdam was four. Not surprisingly then, plans for high-rise buildings never left the drawing-board. The general public was not in favour of highrises and cherished the ideal of the detached house with a private piece of land. F.A. (Philip Anne) Warners (1888-1952) was a true pioneer of the multi-storeyed house in Amsterdam during the...

119 Avenue de Wagram Parijs/Paris Auguste & Gustave Perret

Pierijn Van Der Putt
Auguste Perret (1874-1954) did not shun contradictions, neither in his finished work nor in his writings. Twin concepts such as frame and infill, order and chaos, and permanent and transient play an important role in both his theoretical treatises and his building practice. Perhaps this love of polar opposites explains why the brilliant student Perret suddenly left the École des Beaux-Arts to start work at his father’s construction company. During this period he created a...

Journal of Facade Design and Engineering, Vol 7 No 2 (2019): Facade Design and Engineering

Journal Of Facade Design And Engineering
Superposition matrix for the assessment of performance-relevant adaptive façade functions...1-20 Rethinking Adaptive Building Skins from a Life Cycle Assessment perspective...21-43 Effects of a Vertical Green Façade on the Thermal Performance and Cooling Demand...44-63 A Methodological Approach to Assess the Climatic Potential of Natural Ventilation Through Façades...64- 90 Shape-changing architectural skins: a review on materials, design and fabrication strategies and performance analysis...91-102

Superposition matrix for the assessment of performance-relevant adaptive façade functions

Jens Boeke, Ulrich Knaack & Marco Hemmerling
The environmental boundary conditions and the demand for comfort change constantly during the use of a building. By dynamically balancing changing conditions and requirements, adaptive façades contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings. The façade fulfils a multitude of functions that are interdependent and relate to environmental conditions and requirements. By negotiating mutually supportive and competing adaptive functions, intelligent coordination offers the potential for better performance of façades in building operation. The strategy is already...

Rethinking Adaptive Building Skins from a Life Cycle Assessment perspective

Manuela Crespi & Sandra Giulia Linnea Persiani
Adaptive building technologies have opened up a growing field of research aimed at ensuring indoor comfort while reducing energy consumption in buildings. By focusing on flexibility over short timeframes, these new technologies are, however, rarely designed for sustainability over their entire lifecycle. This paper aims to address an information gap between the research field of architectural Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the state of the art of adaptive façades, by presenting an analysis of the...

Effects of a Vertical Green Façade on the Thermal Performance and Cooling Demand

Phan Anh Nguyen, Regina Bokel & Andy Van Den Dobbelsteen
Traditional architecture has often applied greenery in the design to improve the thermal performance of indoor spaces. Such a bioclimatic approach is not often seen in the contemporary tube houses of Vietnam. Vietnamese architects recently started to focus more on greenery solutions for housing projects. However, the quantitative effects of plants on the building performance has not yet been investigated in Vietnam. This paper reports on an experiment to quantify the benefits of a vertical...

A Methodological Approach to Assess the Climatic Potential of Natural Ventilation Through Façades

Nejmia Ali Mohammed, Gabriele Lobaccaro, Francesco Goia, Gaurav Chaudhary & Francesco Causone
Due to the rapid development of super insulated and airtight buildings, the energy requirement for mechanical ventilation is becoming more and more dominant in today’s highly efficient buildings. In this scenario, natural ventilation has the potential to reduce energy use for buildings while maintaining ventilation rates that are consistent with acceptable indoor air quality. The increase in air temperature and frequency of extreme weather events (e.g. heavy rains, heat and cold waves) due to climate...

Shape-changing architectural skins: a review on materials, design and fabrication strategies and performance analysis

Elena Vazquez, Clive Randall & Jose Pinto Duarte
In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in shape-changing smart materials in design fields. The ability to design responsive architectures that adapt to different climatic conditions is, without doubt, an appealing idea. One area in which shape-changing materials are applied is in the design of building skins or envelopes. This paper presents a systematic review of the literature on the use of shape-changing materials in the development of active skin systems, identifying patterns...

De toren als theoretisch probleem in de classicistische bouwkunst. Een verkenning in de hoogte

Thomas H. Von Der Dunk
The architecture of ancient Hellas and Rome had a strongly horizontal character. The most monumental type of building from this cultural sphere - the classical temple - bears witness to this. From the Renaissance, when throughout Europe this classical architecture was the source of inspiration for contemporary building, the temple was the pre-eminent aesthetic ideal. Consequently, its proportions, which were considered harmonious, were in principle also normative for completely different types of building created later...

Общее собрание РААСН в Курске

Elena Grigoryeva
проект байкал, No 44 (2015): university

Два художника – два мира

Khadicha Dulatova
проект байкал, No 1 (2004): winter university

GSPublisherVersion Кремационный комплекс в с. Смоленщина Иркутской области

Anna Kantakova
проект байкал, No 55 (2018): conversion

Providing a stage for atmospheric encounters: Brattøra’s seafront by SLA

Alice Labadini
SPOOL, Vol 3 No 2: Landscape metropolis #3

Structural performance of GFRP connectors in composite sandwich façade elements

Mathias Flansbjer, Urs Mueller, Dániel Honfi, Daniel Vennetti, Natalie Williams Portal & Lech Własak
To take structural aspects into consideration in the SESBE research project, focusing on the development of “smart” façade elements a systematic testing and modelling program has been developed for the verification of the structural performance of the façade sandwich elements. The present paper mainly focuses on the verification of the mechanical performance of the glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) connectors of the novel type of façade element composed of reactive powder concrete (RPC) panels with...


Alexander Rosemann, Guillaume Doudart De La Grée, Argyrios Papadopoulos, Michael Debije, Mark Cox, Angèle Reinders & Frans Van Zeeland
Conventional solar energy collection technologies have a lot of limitations with respect to their applicability in the urban environment. The PV cells of the buildings need to be oriented towards the South at a specific angle causing restrictions on urban planning. Moreover, the aesthetics of PV cells are not well suited for building design, creating a generally dull and industrial look in urban environment. The 3TU Lighthouse Leafroof project focuses on creating a roof design,...

Seditious Spaces

Nurul Azreen Azlan
The title ‘Seditious Spaces’ is derived from one aspect of Britain’s colonial legacy in Malaysia (formerly Malaya): the Sedition Act 1948. While colonial rule may seem like it was a long time ago, Malaysia has only been independent for sixty-one years, after 446 years of colonial rule. The things that we take for granted today, such as democracy and all the rights it implies, are some of the more ironic legacies of colonialism that some...

Конверсия проектирования

Petr Kapustin
За разнообразием смыслов слова «конверсия» сегодня вновь становится возможно углядеть новые горизонты трансформации деятельности, в т. ч. – архитектурной и проектировочной, но для этого необходимо очистить слово от привнесенных смыслов и постичь его глубину. Разделяя высказанное Константином Лидиным видение ожидаемой трансформации архитектурной профессии в сторону сбережения социально-экологических и культурно-экологических ценностей, автор предлагает обсудить границы и возможности такой трансформации.

Plan Documentation for the New Open Space in the Housing Ensemble

Karin Theunissen & Sebastiaan Kaal
The plan documentation for the new open space in the housing ensemble comprises a set of recent projects and some historical reference points. The documentation sets out to facilitate a comparative analysis of the various projects. For this purpose the projects have all been newly drawn and photographed, using both documentation supplied by the architecture offices involved and archival material. The characteristic features and the internal cohesion of the new open space within these developments...

New Open Space in Housing Ensembles

Karin Theunissen
In the past few years, a new generation of housing ensembles has emerged. Despite great differences in appearance, these new complexes have one important characteristic in common: the ‘new open space’ within them that is created by the arrangement of the buildings and which gives the ensemble its architectural identity – as, for example, the central inner courtyard of the De Grote Hof in the Ypenburg district near The Hague, or the series of little...

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