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Isle of Islay - Nature Observatory

Zhen Zhang
This graduation project is a social critique against the overrule of rationality over humanity, a frustrated plea for more emotional capacity (for love and nature) within (or beyond) a rational world. To overcome the conditions
and paradox described above, I have developed various fictive concepts
or utopias. The project here is one of such concepts, and perhaps also a radical and pessimistic one. The protagonist takes his frustration with an escapist attitude, leaves his city behind and...

Lighthouse: Dwelling on a Remote Island. A Bachelor Diploma Project within a Narrative Framework

Mark Proosten & Katrin Recker
Within this article, a curious storyteller will guide our way to remotely situated islands and their marvellous stories and stubborn inhabitants, invented by students. In the summer of 2016, the bachelor diploma students of the department of Wohnbau at the RWTH-Aachen University were asked to develop a dwelling for a lighthouse keeper, a house with a beacon. Within this article, we aim to give an insight into the project’s boundaries, by describing the project brief...

Many Voices. Intertextualities as an Underlying Cultural Theory of ‘Escola do Porto’

Bruno Gil
Several pedagogical experiences in architecture bring literary inputs to teaching, through a multidisciplinary curriculum with courses explicitly focusing on these relationships. Other pedagogical scenarios, even if admitting the relevance of literature references into design, have blended these semantic and structural translations implicitly in their teaching processes. The main goal of this article is to acknowledge the many voices of an implicit transfer between literature and architecture within a learning scenario at the Escola Superior de...

A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment, No 3 (2018): Diffusion and Risks of House Prices in the Netherlands

Alfred Larm Teye 126 Pages ISBN 978-94-63660-14-3

Het straatje van Vermeer: een plaatsbepaling

Frans Grijzenhout
In the autumn of 2015, Frans Grijzenhout published his sensational findings regarding the likely location of Johannes Vermeer’s ‘little street’ (The Little Street). After consulting a variety of sources, including the ‘The Ledger of Dredging of the Canals in the Town of Delft’ from 1666–1667, he had reached the conclusion that the famous painting by Vermeer must have been based on the houses and two intervening passageways that in Vermeer’s day stood on Vlamingstraat, an...

West- und mitteleuropäischer Hausbau im Wandel 1150-1350

Vincent Debonne
Review of a book published by Arbeitskreis für Hausforschung.

Het hofje. Bouwsteen van de Hollandse stad 1400-2000

Glenn Lyppens
Boekbespreking van een boek geschreven door Willemijn Wilms Floet.

Observations on Urban Aesthetic

Vincent Van Rossem
Boekbespreking van een boek geschreven door Wim Denslagen.

Haagse Hitte: Het Haagse warmte-eiland in kaart gebracht

Frank Van Der Hoeven & Alexander Wandl
De afgelopen jaren zijn verschillende studies verricht naar het warmte-eiland effect in Nederland. Een studie van TNO (TNO, 2012) heeft voor wat betreft Den Haag de toon gezet. Den Haag zou van alle Nederlandse steden het sterkste warmte-eiland effect kennen. Die beeldvorming heeft gezorgd voor een maatschappelijke en politieke bezorgdheid die het vertrekpunt vormt voor dit Haagse Hitte onderzoek van de TU Delft, mede mogelijk gemaakt door de gemeente Den Haag. Bij het onderzoek hebben...

project baikal, No 54 (2017): eastwest

eastwest...1-1 International Architecture News...5-7 Anniversary Zodchestvo...8-11 The Children of the First Zodchestvo Festival Have Grown Up. Their Successors Are Coming...12-15 MITU-MACI Competitions. Participation in competitions in the context of continuous creative training of architects...16-19 Water Park in Krasnoyarsk. Concept Competition...20-21 Revitalization of Irkutsk’s Landmark.The today and tomorrow of the Jerusalem Staircase...22-23 Architecture to the Style of Rock...24-27 The Wooden Nizhny: at the Point of No Return...32 A Pack of Questions. On the problem of intercivilisational...

FOOTPRINT, Issue # 22 | Spring / Summer 2018 | Exploring Architectural Form: A Configurative Triad

This issue of Footprint follows a tripartite trajectory regarding formal studies. On the one hand, it includes reflections on the way built form is produced, while, on the other, it gathers studies that examine how architectural form appears in discursive and communicative terms. Finally, it serves as an attractor for multiple inquiries into the different relations that can be established between human actions, understood in the broadest possible terms, and the shape of the built...

On Bigness and the Problem of Urban Form

Armando Rabaça & Carlos Moura Martins
The term ‘bigness’ refers to large-scale, mixed-use buildings and was introduced into the architectural vocabulary by Rem Koolhaas. Contrary to Koolhaas’s focus on the ‘generic city’ and the Asian context, this essay explores the role that large-scale buildings may play in establishing a dialogue between new areas of urban expansion and the formal and typological characteristics of European cities. By looking at three designs by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron in the light of...

The Diagrammatic Inquiry of Architectural Media

Peter Bertram
According to the philosopher C.S. Peirce the diagram is a system of interrelated parts that operates in a manner similar to another system of interrelated parts. It is a mental map of relations. It drives an open-ended inquiry on a given problem. In architectural discourse a diagram is often defined as a particular form of drawing. It is a simplified image and/or it uses a notation system. In this context, the latter is termed a...

Transversing Formalisms

Stavros Kousoulas & Jorge Mejía Hernández
In the editorial introduction of this issue of Footprint, the question of architectural form is approached from a population of minor perspectives. Inspired by Bateson’s metalogues, the authors wish to bring forward multiple questions on architectural form instead of a single generalizing one: from ‘what is form’ to ‘how, when, where and why is form’. In this respect, they examine the ways for a possible reconciliation between the genetic and the generic, between the discursive...

Китай изнутри: Фрагменты дневника

Mark Meerovich
Представлены обобщения автора о трендах развития современного Китая: урбанистических процессах, формировании особых экономических зон, характере трудозанятости населения, качестве городской среды. Проводятся исторические параллели между событиями советского периода в СССР и перестройки Китая 1980-х гг. Описываются особенности организации деятельности проектной организации и специфика проектной культуры, а также некоторые особенности быта, межличностных отношений и менталитета.

Русское Притомье. Концепция историко-этнографического экспозиционного комплекса

Sergey Zykov
Анализируется архитектурная концепция историко–этнографического экспозиционного комплекса «Русское Притомье». Формулируются задачи проектирования. В концепции учитывается многофункциональность будущего использования территории музея-заповедника. Рассматривается проект создания этнографического поселения, исторической реконструкции и реставрации перенесенных исторических построек.

Фрэнк Ллойд Райт в Советском Союзе

Brian A. Spencer
В 1937 году в Москве прошел Первый Всесоюзный конгресс советских архитекторов. Конгресс собрал архитекторов со всего Советского Союза. При содействии Всесоюзного общества культурной связи с заграницей (ВОКС) были приглашены архитекторы из Европы, Северной и Южной Америки. Организационный комитет Союза советских архитекторов пригласил Фрэнка Ллойда Райта из США. На конгрессе Фрэнк Ллойд Райт представил свою философию и продемонстрировал свои работы: проект загородной резиденции Э. Дж. Кауфмана «Дом над водопадом» и чертежи административного здания компании «С. С....


Vladimir Bukh
проект байкал, No 6 (2005): bazar

Double Face 2.0: A lightweight translucent adaptable Trombe wall

Martin Tenpierik, Michela Turrin, Yvonne Wattez, Tudor Cosmatu & Stavroula Tsafou
SPOOL, Vol 5 No 2: Expo #1

sustainability and resilience: socio-spatial perspective

Alenka Fikfak, Saja Kosanovic, Miha Konjar & Enrico Anguillari
Sustainability and resilience have become indispensable parts of the contemporary debate over the built environment. Although recognised as imperatives, the complexity and the variety of interpretations of sustainability and resilience have raised the necessity to again rethink their notion in the context of the built environment and to reframe the state-of-the-art body of knowledge. The purpose of this book is to present ongoing research from the universities involved in the project Creating the Network of...

energy: resources and building performance

Thaleia Konstantinou, Nataša Ćuković Ignjatović & Martina Zbašnik-Senegačnik
Today, humankind is completely dependent on energy. Energy is indispensable for growth and life on Earth, and it is also of key importance for living comfortably – for heating, lighting, cooling, ventilation, operation of machines and appliances, for transport, etc. The major energy-generating source is the sun, sending the energy to Earth and making life on our planet possible. This energy is free of charge and without negative effects. However, we only know how to...

A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment, No 13 (2018): Open for business

Marina Bos-de Vos 234 pages ISBN 978-94-6366-040-2

A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment, No 7 (2018): Better public housing management in Ghana

Samson Aziabah 292 pages ISBN 978-94-6366-036-5

A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment, No 12 (2018): Smart Energy Dissipation

Mauricio Morales Beltran 310 pages ISBN 978-94-6366-042-6

project baikal, No 52 (2017): non-metropolitan practices

non-metropolitan practices...1-1 International Architecture News...5-6 Irkutsk Windows. Venice Doors...7-7 Competition for Development of Artistic Solution for the Exhibition Room at the V. G. Rasputin Museum...8-9 The Gallery-Type House in Irkutsk...10-11 From the Flying Carpet to the Time Machine...12-12 XVII International Festival “Zodchestvo of Eastern Siberia 2017”...13-15 Chronicle...16-19 Guest of the Festival Georgi Stanishev (Bulgaria)...20-21 Laureates of the Festival...22-42 A Model and a Method...44-47 On Socio-Cultural Prerequisites for Formation of Russian Space. The Triangle and the...

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