3,672 Works

Analog Integrated Circuit and System Design for a Compact, Low-Power Cochlear Implant

W. Ngamkham

Dynamics of Storage Carbohydrates Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

C.A. Suarez-Mendez

Towards the production of core-shell nanoparticles with fluidized bed ALD

A.P. Didden

Plasticity under rough surface contact and friction

F. Sun

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Biogrout

W.K. Van Wijngaarden-Van Rossum

OPE3: a model system for single-molecule transport

R. Frisenda

Gas-phase Deposition of Thin Aluminium Oxide Films at Ambient Conditions

D. Valdesueiro

Developing Anammox for mainstream municipal wastewater treatment

T. Lotti

Transmission Expansion Planning of Transnational Offshore Grids

S. Shariat Torbaghan

Cybersecurity via Intermediaries

H. Asghari

Place-time discontinuities: mapping in architectural discourse

M.G.H. Schoonderbeek

Risk Based Maintenance in Electricity Network Organisations

R.P.Y. Mehairjan

Signatures of Majorana Fermions in Hybrid Superconductor-Semiconductor Nanowire Devices

K. Zuo & V. Mourik

Image analysis to measure sorting and stratification applied to sand-gravel experiments

C. OrrĂº

Adaptation of Saccharomyces yeasts to low and fluctuating temperatures

M. Hebly

Particle enhanced foam flow in porous media near the critical micelle concentration

R.R. Thorat

Dynamics of Vortex Cavitation

P.C. Pennings

On the Turbulent Mixing in Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Wakes

L.E.M. Lignarolo

Integration of High-Tc Superconducting Cables in the Dutch Power Grid of the Future

R. Zuijderduin

Tidal and sediment dynamics in a fine-grained coastal region

P. Yao

Crystallization & Encapsulation in multicomponent mixtures

M.A. Reus

Progradation and erosion of a fine-grained tidally dominated delta

M. Su

Mastering Electro-Mechanical Dynamics of Large Off-Shore Direct-Drive Wind Turbine Generators

M. Kirschneck

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