2,998 Works

The origin of preferential flow and non-equilibrium transport in unsaturated heterogeneous porous systems

S.M. Baviskar

Experimentally validated multi-scale fracture modelling scheme of cementitious materials

Hongzhi Zhang

Evaluation Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policies

R. Wolbertus

Measuring, Predicting and Controlling Disruption Impacts for Urban Public Transport

M.D. Yap

A Systems Design Approach to Sustainable Development: Embracing the Complexity of Energy Challenges in Low-income Markets

J. Da Costa Junior

Increasing the Impact of Voluntary Action Against Cybercrime

F.O. Çetin

On-chip reconstitution of an FtsZ-based divisome for synthetic cells

F. Fanalista

Plunging motions of an elastically suspended wing with an oscillating flap: An experimental and numerical assessment

J.J.H.M. Sterenborg

Response of DNA molecules to external fields: Electric and hydrodynamic

S. Sachdev

Experiments and modelling for by-pass pigging of pipelines

M.H.W. Hendrix

Photovoltaic-(photo)electrochemical devices for water splitting and water treatment

P. Perez Rodriguez

User contribution in peer-to-peer communities

M. Capotă

On the measurement of VIV lift force coefficients at high Reynolds numbers

J.J. de Wilde

Quadrature Methods for Wind Turbine Load Calculations

L.M.M. van den Bos

Peptide Fingerprinting Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence

H.G.T.M. Van Ginkel

Utilizing dynamic context semantics in smart behavior of informing cyber‐physical systems

Yongzhe Li

Agent-based mathematical modeling of pancreatic cancer growth and several therapies

J. Chen

Quantification of Modelling Uncertainties in Turbulent Flow Simulations

W.N. Edeling

Me against myself

D. Ozkaramanli

Personalized Energy Services

A.U.N. Srirangam Narashiman

Dykes and Embankments: a Geostatistical Analysis of Soft Terrain

T. de Gast

Biorefinery Design in Context

M. Palmeros Parada

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