3,165 Works

On sedimentation processes in a stratified estuarine system

M.A.J. De Nijs

Quantum Plasmonics

R.W. Heeres

Catalytic dehydrogenations of ethylbenzene to styrene

C. Nederlof

Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of Compacted Graphite Iron in Diesel Engine Components

S. Ghodrat

Sustainable Ways of Combining Reactions and Separations Using Ionic Liquids and Carbon Dioxide

S. Kazemi

Kinetics of chemisorption and physisorption in liquid phase using a microfluidic ATR-FTIR flow cell

T.J.A. Renckens

Effect of nut coke on the performance of the ironmaking blast furnace

Q. Song

Ranking and Context-awareness of Recommender Systems

Y. Shi

Parallel Robots with Configurable Platforms

P. Lambert

Modeling of Image Formation in Cryo-Electron Microscopy

M. Vulovic

Antenna Array Signal Processing for Multistatic Radar Systems

F. Belfiori

Studies in Physical Optics: Coherence Theory and Surface Plasmons

S.B. Raghunathan

The influence of geological data on the reservoir modelling and history matching proces

G. De Jager

Prospects for flux enhancement in anaerobic membrane bioreactors treating saline wastewater

J. Yang

Evaluation Framework for Task Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed Reconfigurable Systems

M.F. Nadeem

Multifunctional Converter Drive for Automotive Electric Power Steering Systems

T.J. Hackner

On Lattice Methods in Integer Optimization

F.J. Von Heymann

Mixed-signal instrumentation for large-signal device characterization and modelling

M. Marchetti

Energy-Efficient Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks

S. Maleki

The Stabilizer-Free Emulsion Polymerization

M.E. Dobrowolska

Airborne Conflict Resolution in Three Dimensions

J. Ellerbroek

Quantification of Imaging Biomarkers For Cardiovascular Disease in CT(A)

R. Shahzad

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