3,205 Works

Low Emission Conversion of Fossil Fuels with Simultaneous or Consecutive Storage of Carbon Dioxide

A.A. Eftekhari

Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of polymer-ceramic composites for sensors

N.K. James

The Ehrlich pathway for amino acid catabolism in yeasts

G. Romagnoli

Toward Turbulence-Resolving Weather and Climate Simulation

J. Schalkwijk

Dielectric Strength and Thermal Conductivity of Mineral Oil based Nanofluids

H. Jin

Atomistic and artificial intelligence simulations of grain boundaries and dislocations

S. Echeverri Restrepo

Low-Back Stabilization

P. Van Drunen

Health Impact Assessment of New Urban Water Concepts

H. Sales Ortells

Compressive Power Spectral Analysis

D.D. Ariananda

Landscape-based hydrological modelling

H. Gao

Polymers for Micropollutants Removal from Wastewater

M.F. Mohd Amin

Towards Dependable Network-on-Chip Architectures

C. Chen

Fast solvers for concentrated elastic contact problems

J. Zhao

The Effect of Surfactants on Gas-Liquid Pipe Flows

A.T. Van Nimwegen

Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments

S.J.M. Van Eekelen

Analysis of Diffusion MRI: Disentangling the Entangled Brain

J. Yang

Combined imaging and velocity estimation by Joint Migration Inversion

X.R. Staal

Functional Calculus via Transference, Double Operator Integrals and Applications

J. Rozendaal

Zr-based conversion coatings for multi-metal substrates

J.M. Cerezo Palacios

Dynamics, Distributed Control and Autonomous Cluster Operations of Fractionated Spacecraft

J. Chu

Estimation of the mechanical loading of the shoulder joint in daily conditions

W.H.K. De Vries

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