3,035 Works

New biomarkers of exposure to metals using exhaled breath condensate (EBC)

P.M. FĂ©lix

Centrifuge investigation of the load transfer mechanism above rigid inclusions

M. Blanc, G. Rault, L. Thorel, M.S.S. Almeida & M.C.F. Almeida

Revealing the Fate of Photo-Generated Charges in Metal Halide Perovskites

E.M. Hutter

Evaluating Hosting Provider Security Through Abuse Data and the Creation of Metrics

A. Noroozian

Space-based SAR and optical remote sensing for productivity monitoring and mapping of sugarcane

R.A. Molijn

Deterministic execution of multithreaded applications for reliability of multicore systems

B. Blazquez Valles

Shape fitting

J.G. Vogel

The role of clouds in climate model bias and sensitivity

C. Lacagnina

Data-driven Analysis and Modeling of Passenger Flows and Service Networks for Public Transport Systems

Ding Luo

Solid oxide fuel cells for ships: System integration concepts with reforming and thermal cycles

L. van Biert

Photochromic Properties of Rare-Earth Oxyhydrides

F. Nafezarefi

Silicon carbide thin films for MEMS nanoreactors for in-situ transmission electron microscopy

B. Morana

Green Bulk Terminals: a Strategic Level Approach to Solid Biomass Terminal Design

I. Dafnomilis

Transmission expansion planning under increased uncertainties, towards efficient and sustainable power systems

A.R. Ciupuliga

Dielectric Coatings for High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear

D. Van Der Born

Large-Scale Learning Analytics

D.J. Davis

Image analysis methods for dynamic hepatocyte-specific contrast enhanced MRI

T. Zhang

The origin of preferential flow and non-equilibrium transport in unsaturated heterogeneous porous systems

S.M. Baviskar

Experimentally validated multi-scale fracture modelling scheme of cementitious materials

Hongzhi Zhang

Evaluation Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policies

R. Wolbertus

Measuring, Predicting and Controlling Disruption Impacts for Urban Public Transport

M.D. Yap

A Systems Design Approach to Sustainable Development: Embracing the Complexity of Energy Challenges in Low-income Markets

J. Da Costa Junior

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