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Modeling and Control of Switching Max-Plus-Linear Systems

B. Kersbergen

Small-scale motions in turbulent boundary-free shear flows

D. Fiscaletti

Optimised high voltage spinels for Li-ion batteries

R. Fredon

On Robustness of Power Grids

Y. Koç

Design -|+

S.F. Fokkinga

Electric field, Magnetic field and Magnetization

N. Kumar

Inductive and Wireless Energy Transfer in Residential Applications

F.F.A. Van Der Pijl

Engineering Flexible and Agile Services: A Reference Architecture for Administrative Processes

Y. Gong

Silicon Quantum Electronics

J. Verduijn

Electrohydrodynamic Atomization in the Simple-Jet Mode: Out-scaling and Application

L.L.F. Agostinho

Hydrogen storage in metal organic frameworks

J. Yang

Microbiologically influenced corrosion in ship ballast tanks

A. Heyer

Thermo-mechanical properties and cracking during solidification of thin slab cast steel

M.B. Santillana

Sustainable Energy Technology Acceptance: A psychological perspective

N.M.A. Huijts

Advanced Retrieval Models for Web Image Search

L. Yang

Magnetic structure and phase formation of magnetocaloric Mn-Fe-P-X compounds

Z.H. Ou

Detection of early squats by axle box acceleration

M. Molodova

Interferometric redatuming by multidimensional deconvolution

J.R. Van Der Neut

Robustness and Optimization of Complex Networks: Reconstructability, Algorithms and Modeling

D. Liu

3D flow organization and dynamics in subsonic jets: Aeroacoustic source analysis by tomographic PIV

D.V. Violato

Coherent Coupling of Qubits in Small Quantum Dot Arrays

F.R. Braakman

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