3,035 Works

Graph-time signal processing: Filtering and sampling strategies

E. Isufi

Autonomous Relative Navigation for Small Spacecraft

D.C. Maessen

Cathodoluminescence Microscopy of Nanostructures on Transparent Substrates

A.C. Narváez

Thermodynamic and Gasdynamic Aspects of a Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion

M. Xie

Fire sprinklers and water quality in domestic drinking water systems

L. Zlatanovic

Time-lapse microscopy study of noise in development

N. Gritti

Band-Edge Energetics Control for Solar Hydrogen Production

I.A. Digdaya

Wegen door Brussel: Staatssteun en publieke belangen in de vervoersector

N. Saanen

Reliability analysis of the Red River dikes system in Viet Nam

T. Pham Quang

Design for Well-Being

A. Mink

An experimental procedure to study the impact of animal burrows on existing levee structures

G. Saghaee, M.A. Meguid & A. Bayoumi

Spatial organization in nano-sculptured bacteria, a tale of shape, scale, patterns, and genomes

F. Wu

The Singular Optics of Random Light

L. De Angelis

Control design for two-bladed wind turbines

E. Van Solingen

Manual Control for Medical Instruments in Minimally Invasive Surgery

C. Fan

Effect of chordwise deformation on unsteady aerodynamic mechanisms in hovering flapping flight

T.A. Noyon, W.B. Tay, B.W. Van Oudheusden & H. Bijl

The Relation Between Structure and Function in Brain Networks

J.M. Meier

Accelerating DNA Variant Calling Algorithms on High Performance Computing Systems

S. Ren

What to Bid and When to Stop

T. Baarslag

Declarative Specification of Information System Data Models and Business Logic

D.C. Harkes

Residual Stress Development due to High-Frequency Post Weld Impact Treatments for High-Strength Steels

H. Gao

Computational fluid dynamics of gassed-stirred fermenters

O. Gunyol

Analysis of the hybrid genomes of brewing yeasts

I. Bolat

Regulatory Design of Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms in Regional and Low-Carbon Electric Power Markets

P. Mastropietro

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