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Field Programmable Gate Arrays with Hardwired Networks on Chip

M.A. Wahlah

De systeembenadering van professionals als drager van de besluitvorming in het rivierbeheer

G.J. Roovers

It is the library. What else.

W.J.S.M. Van Wezenbeek

Centrifuge investigation of the load transfer mechanism above rigid inclusions

M. Blanc, G. Rault, L. Thorel, M.S.S. Almeida & M.C.F. Almeida

Recycling of Glass Fibre Reinforced Aluminium Laminates and Silicon Removal from Aerospace Al Alloy

G. Zhu

Evolution of a centrifugal compressor: From turbocharger to micro gas turbine applications

M. Olivero

Heuristics in dynamic scheduling

J.L. De Jong

De grootste gemene deler

W.J.S.M. Van Wezenbeek & J. Groot Kormelink

VibroCav: Hydrodynamic Vibration and Cavitation Technology

T.W. Bakker

Physical modelling of san-filled geosystems for coastal protection

L. Das Neves, M.L. Lopes, F. Veloso-Gomes & F. Taveira-Pinto

Risk Based Maintenance of Petroleum Pipelines

A.W. Dawotola

Seismic behaviors of earth-core, concrete-faced-rock-fill, and composite dams

D.S. Kim, M.K. Kim, S.H. Kim & Y.W. Choo

Software Language Evolution

S.D. Vermolen

Catalytic dehydrogenations of ethylbenzene to styrene

C. Nederlof

Ray Tracing for Real-time Games

J. Bikker

On sedimentation processes in a stratified estuarine system

M.A.J. De Nijs

Architectural Contestation

J. Merle

Logistics Concept Development in Multi-Actor Environments

J.H.R. Van Duin

Severe slugging in gas-liquid two-phase pipe flow

R. Malekzadeh

Distributed Estimation and Control for Robotic Networks

A. Simonetto

Psychological aspects of travel information presentation

M. Dicke-Ogenia

Engineering the electronic structure of lanthanide based materials

E.G. Rogers

On Conductance and Interface Effects in Molecular Devices

C.J.O. Verzijl

Engineering Flexible and Agile Services: A Reference Architecture for Administrative Processes

Y. Gong

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