325 Works

Transmission expansion planning under increased uncertainties, towards efficient and sustainable power systems

A.R. Ciupuliga

Advances in tomographic PIV

M. Novara

Inland Ships for Efficient Transport Chains

R.G. Hekkenberg

Airborne Conflict Resolution in Three Dimensions

J. Ellerbroek

The Power of Electric Vehicles - Exploring the Value of Flexible Electricity Demand in a Multi-actor Context

R.A. Verzijlbergh

Armour layer stability on a bermed slope breakwater

O.P.J. Dijkstra

Sustainable Reconstruction of Houses in Seismic Desert Areas

S. Shahnoori

Performance Modelling of Timber Facade Elements

A.N. Surmeli-Anac

User Modeling and Personalization in the Microblogging Sphere

Q. Gao

Improved Economic Performance of Municipal Solid Waste Combustion Plants by Model Based Combustion Control

M. Leskens

Vision-based 3D Human Motion Analysis in a Hierarchical Way

F. Huo

Low Emission Conversion of Fossil Fuels with Simultaneous or Consecutive Storage of Carbon Dioxide

A.A. Eftekhari

Images of cooperation: a methodological exploration in energy networks

A. Ligtvoet

Confinement of charge carriers in bilayer graphene

A.M. Goossens

Evaluation Framework for Task Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed Reconfigurable Systems

M.F. Nadeem

Coordinated Agent-Based Control for On-line Voltage Instability Prevention

J.F. Baalbergen

On Aspects of Asymptotics for Axially Moving Continua

S. H. Sandilo

Electric characterization of construction materials through radar data inversion

C. Patriarca

Food Benefit-Risk Assessment with Bayesian Belief Networks and Multivariable Exposure-Response

P.L. Gradowska

Adaptive Optics to Counteract Thermal Aberrations: System Design for EUV-Lithography with Sub-nm Precision

R. Saathof

Modelling the Earth's static and time-varying gravity field using a combination of GRACE and GOCE data

H.H. Farahani

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