325 Works

West European housing systems in a comparative perspective

H.M.H. Van Der Heijden

Automated computational modelling for complicated partial differential equations

K.B. ├ślgaard

Reverse engineering of industrially relevant phenotypes in yeast: An integrated approach

B. Oud

Building Beauty: Kantian aesthetics in a time of dark ecology

K. August

On Aspects of Asymptotics for Axially Moving Continua

S. H. Sandilo

Mixed-signal instrumentation for large-signal device characterization and modelling

M. Marchetti

Residual Stresses in Thick Bi-metallic Fusion Welds: a Neutron Diffraction Study

C. Ohms

Failure: Analysis of an Engineering Concept

L. Del Frate

Algorithms for Simple Temporal Reasoning

L.R. Planken

Quantum measurement and entanglement of spin quantum bits in diamond

W. Pfaff

Low-velocity impact on fibre-metal laminates

F.D. Moriniere

Economic Complex Networks: a holarchy of evolving sector

E.F.M. Van Boven

Evaluation Framework for Task Scheduling Algorithms in Distributed Reconfigurable Systems

M.F. Nadeem

Multifunctional Converter Drive for Automotive Electric Power Steering Systems

T.J. Hackner

Graphene Nanodevices

V.E. Calado

Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of Compacted Graphite Iron in Diesel Engine Components

S. Ghodrat

On Lattice Methods in Integer Optimization

F.J. Von Heymann

A Koiter-Newton arclength method for buckling-sensitive structures

K. Liang

Airborne Conflict Resolution in Three Dimensions

J. Ellerbroek

Behaviour of High Strength Steel Endplate Connections in Fire and after Fire

X. Qiang

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