410 Works

Optical trapping and manipulation of bacteria with photonic crystal devices

M.M. Van Leest

Improving the operability of planing monohulls using proactive control: From idea to proof of concept

A.F.J. Van Deyzen

Exciton and Charge Carrier Dynamics in Materials for Photovoltaics

M.C. Fravventura

Gel layer formation on membranes in Membrane Bioreactors

P.F.H. Van Den Brink

Terminal Fluvial Systems in a Semi-arid Endorheic Basin, Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)

J. Li

Design of a Quadrotor System for an Autonomous Indoor Exploration

M. Gäbel, T. Krüger & U. Bestmann

Flexible framework for the development of versatile MAV systems for multi-disciplinary applications

M. Cordero, M.A. Trujillo, J. Ruiz, A. Jimenez, L. Diaz & A. Viguria

Autonomous Aerial Mapping and Observation Task for IMAV2014 Competition

E. Colles, F. Nollet, B. Vandeportaele & G. Hattenberger

Ultrasound Imaging Methods for Breast Cancer Detection

N. Ozmen

Probabilistic Analysis of Failures Mechanisms of Large Dams

G. Shams Ghahfarokhi

High-Level Power Estimation and Optimization of DRAMs

K. Chandrasekar

Pitch and roll control mechanism for a hovering flapping wing MAV

M. Karasek, A. Hua, Y. Nan, M. Lalami & A. Preumont

A Computational Study on the Aerodynamics of a 90 mm Ducted Contra-Rotating Lift Fan

F. Schiano, J. Alonso-Mora, K. Rudin, P. Beardsley, R. Siegwart & B. Siciliano

Advanced Wireless Local Area Networks in the Unlicensed Sub-1GHz ISM-bands

S.H. Aust

Multithreading for Embedded Reconfigurable Multicore Systems

P.G. Zaykov

Towards a Systematic Exploration of the Optimization Space for Many-Core Processors

J. Fang

Microbial Ecology of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion

F.S.L. Marty

Static Aeroelastic Optimization of Composite Wings with Variable Stiffness Laminate

J.K.S. Dillinger

Structural safety: Study into critical factors in the design and construction process

K.C. Terwel

Microstructural evolution in deformed austenitic TWinning Induced Plasticity steels

R.T. Van Tol

GPS-based precise orbit determination and accelerometry for low flying satellites

J.A.A. Van Den IJssel

Nanowire-based Quantum Photonics

G. Bulgarini

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