410 Works

Subject-specific upper extremity modelling

B. Bolsterlee

Carotid Artery Geometry and Plaque Quantification in CTA and MRI

H. Tang

Design, Analysis, Fabrication and Testing of Grid-Stiffened for Fuselage Applications

S. Shroff

Microstructural Evolution during High-Frequency Post Weld Impact Treatments for High-Strength Steels

R.K. Dutta

New biomarkers of exposure to metals using exhaled breath condensate (EBC)

P.M. Félix

The role of clouds in climate model bias and sensitivity

C. Lacagnina

Plunging motions of an elastically suspended wing with an oscillating flap: An experimental and numerical assessment

J.J.H.M. Sterenborg

High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier Architectures

J. Qureshi

Adaptive Optics based on Liquid Total Internal Reflection Mirrors

E.S. Ten Have

Determination of trim curves for a flapping-wing MAV

S.F. Armanini, J.L. Verboom, G.C.H.E. De Croon & C.C. De Visser

Textile Dry Cleaning Using Carbon Dioxide: Process, Apparatus and Mechanical Action

S. Sutanto

Quantum dot spin engineering for quantum optics

B. Witek

All-Digital I/Q RF-DAC

S.M. Alavi

Biopolymer Production by Bacterial Enrichment Cultures Using Non-Fermented Substrates

H. Moralejo Gárate

The Shortest Path Problem on Real Road Networks: Theory, Algorithms and Computations

H.N. Post

Resistance Welding of Thermoplastic Composites

H. Shi

Typical Plan: The Architecture of Labor and the Space of Production

F. Marullo

Silicon photonic micro-ring resonators to sense strain and ultrasound

W.J. Westerveld

Electrodynamic response of mesoscopic objects

H.L. Hortensius

Advanced Thin Layer Deposition of Materials for Li-ion Batteries via Electrospray

E. Garcia-Tamayo

Fundamentals of CMOS Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes

M.W. Fishburn

CTF Correction in Cryo-Electron Tomography

L.M. Voortman

Development of the Nano-Aperture Ion Source (NAIS)

D.S. Jun

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