334 Works

Plasticity under rough surface contact and friction

F. Sun

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Biogrout

W.K. Van Wijngaarden-Van Rossum

OPE3: a model system for single-molecule transport

R. Frisenda

Next-generation satellite gravimetry for measuring mass transport in the Earth system

J. Teixeira Encarnação

Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation of Safety and Resilience in Air Transportation

S. Bouarfa

Analog Integrated Circuit and System Design for a Compact, Low-Power Cochlear Implant

W. Ngamkham

Towards the production of core-shell nanoparticles with fluidized bed ALD

A.P. Didden

Dynamics of Storage Carbohydrates Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

C.A. Suarez-Mendez

Enhanced Ocean Scatterometry

F. Fois

Active Vision for Humanoid Robots

X. Wang

Tips for TIPS

C.F. Cuijpers

Underwater noise generated by offshore pile driving

A. Tsouvalas

Zr-based conversion coatings for multi-metal substrates

J.M. Cerezo Palacios

Multi-fidelity methods for fluid-structure interaction and uncertainty quantification

T.P. Scholcz

Coherent fourier scatterometry

N. Kumar

Combined imaging and velocity estimation by Joint Migration Inversion

X.R. Staal

To detect anomalies in diaphragm walls

R. Spruit

Optical and Electrical Biosensors: A Chemist's View

D. Ullien

Interactions between carbon and power markets in transition

J.C. Richstein

Quantifying electron fluxes in methanogenic microbial communities

H. Junicke

Uncertainty Analysis of Phytoplankton Dynamics in Coastal Waters

L. Niu

Aspects that govern the timing resolution of scintillation detectors

D.N. Ter Weele

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