351 Works

Energy Saving for Belt Conveyors by Speed Control

D. He

Autonomous Conflict Detection and Resolution for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Y.I. Jenie

Strategic design of multi-actor nascent energy and industrial infrastructure networks under uncertainty

Y.G. Melese

Self-management support system for renal transplant patients

W. Wang

Modelling expertise

S.J. Junier

Dielectric Coatings for High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear

D. Van Der Born

Peptide Fingerprinting Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence

H.G.T.M. Van Ginkel

Me against myself

D. Ozkaramanli

Personalized Energy Services

A.U.N. Srirangam Narashiman

Techniques for depth acquisition and enhancement of depth perception

J. Liao

Evolving biocomplexity

R.C.E. Flohr

Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2011

Jacqueline De Bruyn, Moritz Diehl, Reinhart Paelinck & Richard Ruiterkamp



Sustainable Food by Design

J.I.J.C. De Koning

Anthropogenic impacts on global organic river pollution

Y. Wen

Self-Healing Mn+1AXn-Phase Ceramics

A.M. Farle

Aeroelastic Modelling and Design of Aeroelastically Tailored and Morphing Wings

N.P.M. Werter

Selective Electrocatalytic CO2 Conversion on Metal Surfaces

M. Ma

A dual interface method in cylindrical coordinates for two-phase pipe flows

G.T. Oud

ADR: The use of Advanced Dry Recovery in recycling fine moist granular materials

W. De Vries

The international university curriculum: Challenges in English-medium engineering education

R.G. Klaassen

A new computational approach towards the simulation of concrete structures under impulsive loading

L.F. Magalhaes Pereira

Virus-inspired dna replication coupled with gene expression in a minimal cell framework

P.Y.B. Van Nies

Next Generation Automotive DeNOX Catalysts: Ceria What Else?

Y. Wang

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