343 Works

Bioinformatic Analysis of Genomic and Transcriptomic Variation in Fungi

T. Gehrmann

Data assimilation in the minerals industry

T. Wambeke

Application of Sophisticated Models to Conventional Diffusion-Weighted MRI Data

G.A.M. Arkesteijn

Breaking the clay layer

Z. Rezvani

Parameter analysis for speed skating performance

E. Van Der Kruk

Unified correspondence and canonicity

Z. Zhao

Steps towards the universal direct current distribution system

L.J. Mackay

Effect of Non-Uniform Flow in Fracture Networks on Recovery from Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

J. Gong

On boundary damping for elastic structures

T. Akkaya

Quantum cascade lasers as super terahertz local oscillators for astronomy

B. Mirzaei

Optimizing ethanol yield in Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentations by engineering redox metabolism

I. Papapetridis

Electrochemical activation of photo- and electrochemical water oxidation catalysts

B. Trzesniewski

Objective evaluation of human manual control adaptation boundaries using a cybernetic approach

T. Lu

DNA sensing with nanopores in graphene nanoribbons

S.J. Heerema

Magnetic adatoms as building blocks for quantum magnetism

R. Toskovic

Scattering control of optical nano-antennas with designed excitations

L. Wei

Responsive organocatalysis in soft materials

F. Trausel

A numerical heat transfer study on spheres and droplets in two-phase flows

Nafiseh Taleban Fard

Assessment of Capacity and Risk

X. Bellsola Olba

Porous organic framework (POF) membranes for CO2 separation

M. Shan

Hydrodynamics of vegetated compound channels

S. Truong Hong

Drinking Water Microbial Communities

J. El Chakhtoura

A lattice model for prediction of ice failure in interaction with sloping structures

R. van Vliet

Plasma synthetic jet actuators for active flow control

H. Zong

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