336 Works

Credibility and Social conflicts: Mining Institutions and Rural Community in China

X. Yang

Revealing the Fate of Photo-Generated Charges in Metal Halide Perovskites

E.M. Hutter

Photovoltaic-(photo)electrochemical devices for water splitting and water treatment

P. Perez Rodriguez

The effects of using mobile phones and navigation systems during driving

A.S. Knapper

Professioneel Opdrachtgeverschap: Een handreiking voor corporaties en andere (semi-)publieke opdrachtgevers

M.H. Hermans, J.H. Veldhuis & S.P. Van Zoest

A lattice model for prediction of ice failure in interaction with sloping structures

R. van Vliet

Infrasound and the Dynamical Stratosphere: A new application for operational weather and climate prediction

P.S.M. Smets

Towards Practical Active Learning for Classification

Y. Yang

Geographical point cloud modelling with the 3D medial axis transform

R.Y. Peters

Advanced Techniques to Process Differential Phase Measurements for Polarimetric X-band Weather Radars

R. Reinoso Rondinel

Solid phase crystallisation of hydrogenated amorphous silicon deposited by ETPCVD on glass

J.M. Westra

From Fluvial Supply to Delta Deposits: Simulating sediment delivery, transport and deposition

H. Van Der Vegt

Optimizing ethanol yield in Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentations by engineering redox metabolism

I. Papapetridis

Sequential ultrasonic spot welding of thermoplastic composites

T. Zhao

A tensor approach to linear parameter varying system identification

B. Gunes

Influence of Bow-Wave Breaking on the Added Resistance of Fast Ships

B. Choi

How humans use preview information in manual control

K. Van Der El

Linearity Research of A CMOS Image Sensor

F. Wang

Representing Large Virtual Worlds

T.R. Kol

Network-Level Analysis of the Market and Performance of Intermodal Freight Transport

H. Saeedi

Aggregation Phenomena in Atomic Layer Deposition

F. Grillo

Wheel-Rail Interaction

Y. Ma

Effective robot arm motions

W.J. Wolfslag

Sea-level changes on multiple spatial scales: estimates and contributing processes

T. Frederikse

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