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Multilevel Solvers for Stochastic Fluid Flows

P. Kumar

Reduced Order Models For Unsteady Fluid Dynamic Optimization of Turbomachinery

A. Rubino

Guide for Good Modelling Practice for policy support

I Nikolic, Z. Lukszo, E.J.L. Chappin, M.E. Warnier, J.H. Kwakkel, P.W.G. Bots & F.M. Brazier

In-plane dynamics of high-speed rotating rings on elastic foundation

Tao Lu

Switch Panel Structural Performance (SP2)

E.J.M. Hiensch

Enhancing reliability-based assessments of quay walls

A.A. Roubos

Dynamics and Control of Atomic Force Microscopy

A. Keyvani Janbahan

8th international Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC2019)


Consolidation and drying of slurries: A Building with Nature study for the Marker Wadden

M. Barciela Rial

Shedding light on the nanoscale: carrier dynamics and photogeneration in Quantum Dot systems

G. Grimaldi

Incremental sliding mode flight control

X. Wang

Numerical Modelling Of Pile Installation Using Material Point Method

N. Thi Viet Phuong

Molecular Modeling of Supramolecular Structures

T.K. Piskorz

Scientific progress in sediment and water quality assessment: Implementation of practical case studies

A.J. Wijdeveld

Mobilization and Displacement of Residual Oil by means of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes

F.S.H. Al Saadi

The Manoeuvrability of High-Speed Craft in the Following Sea

M. Bonci

Managing startle and surprise in the cockpit

H.M. Landman

Light trapping in Si thin film solar cell

S.H. Ahmadpanahi

Supporting Human-Machine Interaction in Ship Collision Avoidance Systems

Y Huang

Advanced calibration and measurement techniques for (sub)millimeter wave devices characterization

L. Galatro

In Situ Foam Generation: In Flow Across a Sharp Permeability Transition

S.Y. Shah

Spin–orbit coupling and geometric phases at oxide interfaces

D.J. Groenendijk

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