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Asset Management DataInfrastructures

P.A. Brous

Towards control of the optoelectronic properties of organic-inorganic perovskites

M.C. Gelvez Rueda

Green Bulk Terminals: a Strategic Level Approach to Solid Biomass Terminal Design

I. Dafnomilis

Large-Scale Learning Analytics

D.J. Davis

Image analysis methods for dynamic hepatocyte-specific contrast enhanced MRI

T. Zhang

Experimentally validated multi-scale fracture modelling scheme of cementitious materials

Hongzhi Zhang

Utilizing dynamic context semantics in smart behavior of informing cyber‐physical systems

Yongzhe Li

Relative Flow Data: New Opportunities for Traffic State Estimation

P.B.C. van Erp

Novel concepts, systems and technology for sludge management in emergency and slum settings

P.M. Mawioo

Railway wheel defect identification

A. Alemi

Selective Water Addition: Investigations of hydratases from the genus Rhodococcus

H. Busch

Gaps, Frequencies and Spacial Limits of Continued Fraction Expansions

C.J. de Jonge

Straws That Tell the Wind

B.L. van Veen

Restructuring medium voltage distribution grids

A. Shekhar

Simulation of the Inhomogeneous Deadman of an Ironmaking Blast Furnace

J.R. Post

On Coherent Structures, Flow-Induced Vibrations, and Migratory Flow: In Liquid Metal Nuclear Reactors

F. Bertocchi

Numerical Finance with Backward Stochastic Differential Equations: An Exploration of Three Schemes

Ki Wai Chau

Radionuclide generator based production of therapeutic lutetium-177

R. Bhardwaj

Scaling Aspects of Silicon Spin Qubits

J. Boter

Crossing borders in coastal morphodynamic modelling

A.P. Luijendijk

Fault-tolerant quantum computation

C. Vuillot

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