262 Works

Low temperature sintering of copper nanoparticles

Boyao Zhang

Josephson junctions in superconducting coplanar DC bias cavities: Fundamental studies and applications

F.E. Schmidt

How to quickly detect the overlap and the consistency between LADM with LandInfra and LandXML: Application of schema matching techniques

Jacynthe Pouliot , Claire Monney, Jens Ingensand & Suzie Larrivée

Measuring, Predicting and Controlling Disruption Impacts for Urban Public Transport

M.D. Yap

A Suggested Terminology for Point-Like Entities in a Bi-Temporal Representation of 2D and 3D Land Administration Data

Rodney Thompson & Peter van Oosterom

Modeling the atmospheric diurnal cycle

J.A. van Hooft

Lessons learned from the Creation of the LADM based Country Profiles

Karel Janečka, Jarosław Bydłosz, Aleksandra Radulović, Nikola Vučić, Dubravka Sladić & Miro Govedarica

Towards realistic numerical simulations of Majorana devices

B. Nijholt

Connecting LADM and IFC Standards – Pathways towards an Integrated Legal-Physical Model

Behnam Atazadeh, Abbas Rajabifard & Mohsen Kalantari

Combining LiDAR and Photogrammetry to Generate Up-to-date 3D City Models

K. Zhou

Biosynthesis of protein filaments for the creation of a minimal cell

J.M. Kattan

3rd International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres


A Database Implementation of LADM Valuation Information Model in Turkish Case Study

Abdullah kara, Ümit Işikdağ, Volkan Cağdaş, Peter van Oosterom, Christiaan Lemmen & Erik Stubkjær

On the free-surface vortex driven motion of buoyant particles

S.P.A. Duinmeijer

Correlated Spin Phenomena in Molecular Quantum Transport Devices

J. de Bruijckere

Ducted wind turbines revisited: A computational study

V.V. Dighe

Working together to ensure a free flow of knowledge: TU Delft Library Roadmap 2020-2024

W.J.S.M. van Wezenbeek, H.G. Heijmans, I.J. Klok & C.L. Clavel

An LADM-based Approach for Developing and Implementing a National 3D Cadastre – A Case Study of Malaysia

Abbas Rajabifard, Muyiwa Agunbiade, Mohsen Kalantari, Kit Meng Yip, Behnam Atazadeh, Farshad Badiee, Dato’ Mohd Noor Bin Isa, Mohamad Kamali Bin Adimin, Keat Lim Chan, Ali Aien, Hamed Olfat, Davood Shojaei & Mohsen Rahimipour Anaraki

Joint Parameters Estimation using FMCW UWB Waveform

Shengzhi Xu

6th International FIG Workshop on 3D Cadastres


Through Package Via: A bottom-up approach

Hengqian Yi

Microkelvin Nanoelectronics

N.F. Yurttagul

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