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The anammox house: On the extracellular polymeric substances of anammox granular sludge

M. Boleij

Motion Cueing Fidelity in Rotorcraft Flight Simulation: A New Perspective using Modal Analysis

I. Miletović

Modelling Safety Impacts of Automated Driving Systems in Multi-Lane Traffic

F.A. Mullakkal-Babu

TU Delft Code of Conduct: Why What Who How

S. Roeser & S.M. Copeland

TU Delft Gedragscode: Waarom Wat Wie Hoe

S. Roeser & S.M. Copeland

Emission Modelling from a Multi-Fuel Dual Combustor Gas Turbine

A. Augusto Viviani Perpignan

Exploring the use of AOx for organic synthesis and biofuel cells

T. Pedroso de Almeida

Rotating Heat Pipe Assisted Annealing

M. Çelik

Conversations between the Earth and Atmosphere: A study on the seismo-acoustic wavefield

G. Averbuch

Atomistic Simulations of Nickel-Titanium Shape-Memory Alloys

P. Srinivasan

From Dutch Short-Lived to Antarctic Long-Lived Stable Boundary Layers

S.J.A. van der Linden

From Dutch Short-Lived to Antarctic Long-Lived Stable Boundary Layers

S.J.A. van der Linden

Information Technology and Urbanization Economies

D.W. de Vos

Process stratigraphy: from numerical simulation to lithology prediction

P. Karamitopoulos

High Performance Seed-and-Extend Algorithms for Genomics

N. Ahmed

A Spectral Element Model for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems: Forward and Inverse Calculations

N.H.N. Bni Lam

Continuous Sensing on Intermittent Power

A.Y. Majid

Hot Mix Asphalt Recycling

M. Mohajeri

Credibility and Social conflicts: Mining Institutions and Rural Community in China

X. Yang

Subject-specific upper extremity modelling

B. Bolsterlee

On the Design and Analysis of Micro-metric Resolution Arrays in Integrated Technology for Near-Field Dielectric Spectroscopy

H. Thippur Shivamurthy

Readout circuits for hot-wire carbon dioxide sensors in CMOS technology

Zeyu Cai

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