3,085 Works

Life on N2O

M. Conthe Calvo

Aggregation of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Power Systems for Primary Frequency Control

S. Izadkhast

Guidance control and dynamics of a new generation of geostationary satellites

F.J. De Bruijn

US Army Centrifuge: Progressive Collapse Testing of a 4-Story Reinforced Concrete Structure at 1/18-Scale

W. Vanadit-Ellis, J.K. Gran & D. Vaughan

Proximity of Terms, Texts and Semantic Vectors in Information Retrieval

Constrained and reconfigurable flight control

Induction Healing of Porous Asphalt Concrete

Q. Liu

Swarm Planning: The Development of a Spatial Planning Methodology to Deal with Climate Adaptation

R.E. Roggema

Strategic Network Modelling for Passenger Transport Pricing

E.S. Smits


B.E. Tidball

Optical trapping and manipulation of bacteria with photonic crystal devices

M.M. Van Leest

Improving the operability of planing monohulls using proactive control: From idea to proof of concept

A.F.J. Van Deyzen

Exciton and Charge Carrier Dynamics in Materials for Photovoltaics

M.C. Fravventura

Gel layer formation on membranes in Membrane Bioreactors

P.F.H. Van Den Brink

Terminal Fluvial Systems in a Semi-arid Endorheic Basin, Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)

J. Li

Design of a Quadrotor System for an Autonomous Indoor Exploration

M. Gäbel, T. Krüger & U. Bestmann

Flexible framework for the development of versatile MAV systems for multi-disciplinary applications

M. Cordero, M.A. Trujillo, J. Ruiz, A. Jimenez, L. Diaz & A. Viguria

Autonomous Aerial Mapping and Observation Task for IMAV2014 Competition

E. Colles, F. Nollet, B. Vandeportaele & G. Hattenberger

Scalable Video Coding

R. Choupani

Ultrasound Imaging Methods for Breast Cancer Detection

N. Ozmen

Optimizing the Performance of Data Analytics Frameworks

Silicon Photomultipliers and Monolithic Scintillators for Time-of-Flight PET

S. Seifert

Exploitation of distributed scatterers in synthetic aperture radar interferometry

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