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Top-view and cross-section photographs from analogue experiments of strain partitioning around a rigid indenter performed in the Tectonic modelling laboratory (TecLab) at Utrecht University

Nemanja Krstekanić & Ernst Willingshofer
This dataset contains original top-view and cross-section photographs of 12 crustal-scale analogue models. Top-view photographs were taken in regular time intervals from the beginning until the end of each experiment (for details see below). Cross-section photographs were taken at the end of each experiment. Therefore, top-view photographs provide means to track and analyse surface deformation through time and space and cross-sections allow to demonstrate overall vertical deformation of each model. The data are grouped in...

Frictional slip weakening and shear-enhanced crystallinity in simulated coal fault gouges at subseismic slip rates

Jinfeng Liu & Luuk Bernd Hunfeld
We report seven velocity stepping (VS) and one slide-hold-slide (SHS) friction experiments performed on simulated fault gouges prepared from bituminous coal, collected from the upper Silesian Basin of Poland. These experiments were performed at 25-45 MPa effective normal stress and 100 ℃, employing sliding velocities of 0.1-100 μm/s, using a conventional triaxial apparatus plus direct shear assembly. All samples showed marked slip weakening behaviour at shear displacements beyond ~1-2 mm, from a peak friction coefficient...

Data supplement to: Mapping and classifying large deformation from digital imagery: application to analogue models of lithosphere deformation

Taco Broerse, Nemanja Krstekanic & Ernst Willingshofer
The dataset consists of the original top-view and cross-section digital photographs of the model presented in Broerse et al. (2020) (Mappingand classifying large deformation from digital imagery: application to analogue models of lithosphere deformation.). The top-view images have been taken at a regular interval of 45 seconds during the entire experiment. Cross-section images have been taken after the experiment was finished. The purpose of the top-view images is to track incremental displacement fields of the...

Deciphering seismic and normal-force fluctuation signatures of debris flows: an experimental assessment of effects of flow composition and dynamics

Tjalling De Haas
Data and movies of experiments described in De Haas et al. (2021): Deciphering seismic and normal-force fluctuation signatures of debris flows: an experimental assessment of effects of flow composition and dynamics Abstract summarizing main findings: Debris flows are gravity-driven mass movements that are common natural hazards in mountain regions worldwide. Previous work has shown that measurements of ground vibrations are capable of detecting the timing, speed, and location of landslides and debris flows. A remaining...

Trust in triads: An experimental study

Vincent Buskens
Pairs of trustors play finitely repeated Trust Games with the same trustee in a laboratory experiment. We study trustfulness of the trustor and trustworthiness of the trustee. We distinguish between learning and control effects on behavior. Learning effects are related to the trustor’s information on past behavior of the trustee. Control effects are related to the trustor’s opportunities for sanctioning a trustee in future interactions. The design of the experiment, with respect to trustfulness, allows...

An Experiment on the Effects of Embeddedness in Trust Situations

Vincent Buskens
This vignette experiment was designed to study the effects of temporal embeddedness and network embeddedness in trust situations. The experiment uses a setting in which a buyer wants to buy a used car from a car dealer. We distinguish between effects on trust of the past relation and the effects of the expected future relation between the buyer and the dealer. A buyer can learn about the trustworthiness of the dealer from past transactions of...

Corporate network data - Italy

Alberto Rinaldi & Michelangelo Vasta
The source we used in this work for the benchmark years from 1913 to 1983 is Notizie statistiche sulle principali società italiane per azioni, edited by the Associazione fra le Società Italiane per Azioni (Assonime). The Imita.db database is an electronic version of this source. This dataset contains information on companies, boards of directors, and balance sheets of a large sample of Italian joint-stock companies for several benchmark years. On the whole, the dataset contains...

Managing Risk Heterogeneity in Risk-Sharing Groups - Experiment and Survey

Eva Vriens
This folder contains the data of the Risk-Sharing experiment and the Rscripts used to analyze the Broodfonds survey data and the data of the Risk-Sharing experiment to create the tables and figures as reported in 'Vriens, E., & Buskens, V. (2020). Managing Risk Heterogeneity in Risk-Sharing Groups: A Multi-Method Study on Risk Aversion and Solidarity. Working Paper.' The data of the Broodfonds survey is not included in this data package, because it is only available...

Risk-Sharing under Heterogeneity - Simulation

Eva Vriens
This folder contains the NetLogo code, the datasets of two BehaviorSpace explorations, and Rscripts used to run the analyses and create the figures as reported in 'Vriens, E., & Buskens, V. (2020). Sharing Risk under Heterogeneity: Exploring Participation Patterns in Situations of Incomplete Information. Working Paper' Abstract paper: Motivated by the emergence of new Peer-to-Peer insurance organizations in many countries globally (see, e.g., Friendsurance in Germany and Broodfonds in the Netherlands), we propose a model...

Book titles per capita in the world 1500 - 2010

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Booktitles per capita world 1500-2010' originaly forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been dowloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in september 2017. The dataset consists of an excel file with two sheets, one containing the data and one containing a description of the datasources. The set countains annual data on 70 countries and covers a period of 510 years. Bibliometrics, the science that occupies itself with the...

Decolonised Sexualities: The Lived Experiences of Black Township Women Who Love Women

Phoebe Kisubi Mbasalaki
This database was compiled as part of the NWO funded doctoral research project entitled “Decolonised Sexualities: The Lived Experiences of Black Township Women Who Love Women” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. R.L. Buikema (Utrecht University), Prof. Dr. G.D. Wekker (Utrecht University) and Dr. Z. Matebeni (University of Cape Town). This research project centres the lived experiences of black township women in same-sex relationships in Cape Town and Johannesburg – South Africa. The main question—‘How...

University policy framework for research data Utrecht University

Esther Stiekema
RDM Policy Framework of the Utrecht University.

Corporate network data - USA

Todd Shifeling & Mark S. Mizruchi
Our dataset integrates several of the leading research projects on corporate networks in the postwar United States. The data from the 1960s were derived from the Mathematical Analysis of Corporate Networks (MACNET) project, directed by Michael Schwartz (see Mintz and Schwartz, 1985, for a description). Data from the 1970s were drawn from a project directed by Gerald Davis, Eric Neuman, and Mark Mizruchi. The data from the 1980s through 2003 were collected by Gerald Davis...

Testosterone Administration and Strategic Gambling in Poker Play

Geert-Jan Will & Vincent Buskens
Testosterone has been associated with economically egoistic and materialistic behaviors, but -defensibly driven by reputable status seeking- also with economically fair, generous and cooperative behaviors. Problematically, social status and economic resources are inextricably intertwined in humans, thus testosterone’s primal motives are concealed. We critically addressed this issue by performing a placebo-controlled single-dose testosterone administration in young women, who played a game of bluff poker wherein concerns for status and resources collide. We created a computerized...

Consensual punishment does not promote cooperation in the six-person prisoner’s dilemma game with noisy public monitoring

Nynke Van Miltenburg
We study the effects of different punishment institutions on cooperation in a six-person prisoner’s dilemma game in which actors observe others’ cooperation with some noise (i.e. imperfect public monitoring). In the presence of noise, co-operators will sometimes be mistaken for defectors and punished, and defectors will sometimes be mistaken for co-operators and escape punishment. Both types of mistakes are detrimental for cooperation because cooperation is discouraged and defection is encouraged. By means of a laboratory...

Network entrepreneurial personality, network constraint and social learning: An experimental test of Burt’s theory

Charlotte Rutten
These data where gathered to study causal assumptions of Burt’s social network theory. The first assumption that was studied is the assumption that actors with stronger network entrepreneurial personalities more actively pursue a strategic network position of low constraint compared to actors with weaker network entrepreneurial personalities. The second assumption that was studied is whether being in a lower network constraint position leads to more success in advantageous decision making via social learning. What is...

Carsharing supply in Western European cities

Karla Münzel
Database contains carsharing supply data on all cities larger than 150,000 inhabitants in 5 European countries (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands). Contains data on the offered shared cars of B2C and P2P carsharing in a city and the number of inhabitants in the city. Own collection of data Sample size: 177 (177 cities) 13 variables • City name • Shared cars in total • Shared P2P cars • Shared B2C cars • Number of...

Metadata for Interview Questions, Observation Scheme and Materials Analysis

Suzanne Bogaerds-Hazenberg
This folder contains three files that are all related to a mixed-methods study on current reading comprehension instruction in the Netherlands: > Interview Questions > Observation Scheme > Materials Analysis > Interview Questions This file contains interview questions (Dutch) on the curricular content of textbooks for reading comprehension instruction, as well as a shortened English translation. These interview questions were used for semi-structured teacher interviews in the context of a mixed-methods study on the content...

History of Dutch Shell

Jan Luiten Van Zanden, Joost Jonker, Keetie Sluyterman & Stephen Howarth
Understanding oil is essential for understanding modern history. The 20th century has rightly been called the century of oil, and the beginning of the 21st century suggests that this strategic commodity still gains in importance. From its creation in 1907 Royal Dutch Shell has played a key role in the global oil industry. For most of the 20th century Royal Dutch Shell was either the largest or, after Standard Oil/Exxon, the second largest oil company....

Data carsharing companies Germany

Karla Münzel
Data on all carsharing companies in Germany. Data on the numbers of car and the geographical reach. Data on the companies (founding year, owners, partners, profit structure). Data on the service offered. Own collection of data Sample size 101 (101 companies) IBM SPSS Statistics 25 51 variables • Reference number • BM type 4 clusters (P2P, B2C Roundtrip, B2C one-way, co-operative) • Owner background: type incumbent, non-incumbent, co-operative • Firm name • Website • Names...

Analysis of organic matter in surface snow by PTR-MS – implications for dry deposition dynamics in the Alps

Dusan Materic
This is the repository of the supplementary data for the paper: “Brief communication: Analysis of organic matter in surface snow by PTR-MS – implications for dry deposition dynamics in the Alps”, https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-2018-203 The sampling of the surface snow (2 cm) was performed from 20/03/2017 – 01/04/2017, 8-9 AM each day at Sonnblick Observatory, Austria. The supplementary data include: 1. Raw mass spectra are given for all the measurements including the replicates. The unit expressed is...

Performance Measurement Data for Speeding Up Lagrangian Fluid-Flow Particle Simulations in Python via Dynamic Collections

This data repository contains the raw measurement for the scientific computing-article of speeding up lagrangian fluid-flow simulations in Python (within the parcels-framework), called: Kehl, C., van Sebille, E. and Gibson, A. "Speeding up Python-based Lagrangian Fluid-Flow Particle Simulations via Dynamic Collection Data Structures", 2021, to be submitted to SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing The repository is structured as follows: - code_links/ - folder containing a collection of text files with links to GitHub (where the...

Particle Tracking data for 'Basin-scale sources and pathways of microplastic that ends up in the Galapagos Archipelago'

Erik Van Sebille
Simulations using Parcels v2.0.0beta2 for the manuscript 'Basin-scale sources and pathways of microplastic that ends up in the Galapagos Archipelago'

Ocean Surface Connectivity in the Arctic: Capabilities and caveats of community detection in Lagrangian Flow Networks

Daan Reijnders
In- and output-data for the experiments in the manuscript "Ocean Surface Connectivity in the Arctic", as well as a snapshot of the Github repository related to this research (https://github.com/daanreijnders/arctic-connectivity - snapshot taken on 15 April 2020). Data consists of: - matrices that arise from particle simulations (`matrices` folder) - Lagrangian flow networks corresponding to these matrices (`networks` folder) - communities output by Infomap (`communities` folder) - miscellaneous output (`misc` folder) An in-depth explanation of filenames...

Images of Sierpinkski fractals underpinning Nature Physics 15, 127(2019)

Ingmar Swart & Ingmar Swart
This dataset contains experimental and simulated (muffin-tin) images of Sierpinski fractals, created by positioning CO molecules on a Cu(111) surface. The dataset also includes scripts to extract the box-counting dimension from the images

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