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Deciphering seismic and normal-force fluctuation signatures of debris flows: an experimental assessment of effects of flow composition and dynamics

Tjalling De Haas
Data and movies of experiments described in De Haas et al. (2021): Deciphering seismic and normal-force fluctuation signatures of debris flows: an experimental assessment of effects of flow composition and dynamics Abstract summarizing main findings: Debris flows are gravity-driven mass movements that are common natural hazards in mountain regions worldwide. Previous work has shown that measurements of ground vibrations are capable of detecting the timing, speed, and location of landslides and debris flows. A remaining...

Performance Measurement Data for Speeding Up Lagrangian Fluid-Flow Particle Simulations in Python via Dynamic Collections

Christian Kehl
This data repository contains the raw measurement for the scientific computing-article of speeding up lagrangian fluid-flow simulations in Python (within the parcels-framework), called: Kehl, C., van Sebille, E. and Gibson, A. "Speeding up Python-based Lagrangian Fluid-Flow Particle Simulations via Dynamic Collection Data Structures", 2021, to be submitted to SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing The repository is structured as follows: - code_links/ - folder containing a collection of text files with links to GitHub (where the...

Data supplement to: Mapping and classifying large deformation from digital imagery: application to analogue models of lithosphere deformation

Taco Broerse, Nemanja Krstekanic & Ernst Willingshofer
The dataset consists of the original top-view and cross-section digital photographs of the model presented in Broerse et al. (2020) (Mappingand classifying large deformation from digital imagery: application to analogue models of lithosphere deformation.). The top-view images have been taken at a regular interval of 45 seconds during the entire experiment. Cross-section images have been taken after the experiment was finished. The purpose of the top-view images is to track incremental displacement fields of the...

Images of Sierpinkski fractals underpinning Nature Physics 15, 127(2019)

Ingmar Swart & Ingmar Swart
This dataset contains experimental and simulated (muffin-tin) images of Sierpinski fractals, created by positioning CO molecules on a Cu(111) surface. The dataset also includes scripts to extract the box-counting dimension from the images

History of Dutch Shell

Jan Luiten Van Zanden, Joost Jonker, Keetie Sluyterman & Stephen Howarth
Understanding oil is essential for understanding modern history. The 20th century has rightly been called the century of oil, and the beginning of the 21st century suggests that this strategic commodity still gains in importance. From its creation in 1907 Royal Dutch Shell has played a key role in the global oil industry. For most of the 20th century Royal Dutch Shell was either the largest or, after Standard Oil/Exxon, the second largest oil company....

Beam shape modification due to the non-linear optical response in a dense rubidium vapor: Code and data

S. P. Van Solinge, A. J. Van Lange & D. Van Oosten
In this work, we present the data and an implementation of the theoretical model that were used to prepare the manuscript with the title "Beam shape modification due to the non-linear optical response in a dense rubidium vapor" by A. J. van Lange, S. P. van Solinge, G. Buist, and D. van Oosten. The root folder of this archive contains the figures in the manuscript as well as the Python scripts used to generate them....

Individual Choices in Dynamic Networks

Dennie Van Dolder & Vincent Buskens
The dataset 'Individual Choices in Dynamic Networks' contains the outcome of an experiment on network formation, studying how social preferences play a role in networking relations actors make. In total we ran 16 experimental sessions, each of them having between 9 and 15 subjects. Subjects were contacted using the Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments (Greiner B (2004) The online recruitment system ORSEE 2.0 - A guide for the organization of experiments in economics. University...

The impact of verbal insults

Marijn Struiksma
The archive contains the following folders and content: Raw data EEG GSR: raw bdf data; Raw data behavioral: Presentation logfiles; Procedure: all forms used in the project; Pretest: the pretest on the words used in the experiment; Experimental setup: Presentation files and sitmulus material; Analysis GSR: history template, matfiles, SPSS files; Analysis EEG: history templates, SPSS files; Analysis description: codebook and description of workflow

Endogenous Peer Punishment Institutions in Prisoner's Dilemmas: The Role of Noise

Nynke Van Miltenburg
These data were gathered to study six-person Prisoner’s Dilemmas (PDs) in which subjects endogenously decide whether to implement a peer punishment institution in their group and whether the punishment institution, if implemented, implies more or less severe punishments. We consider PDs with perfect information on other subjects’ previous behavior, and PDs in which subjects observe each other’s behavior with noise. In the experiment, subjects participated in series of six-person PD games with endogenous punishment institutions....

Reciprocity MTH study

Eva Poortman
This dataset is the result of research in which we studied the effects of verb concepts on the interpretation of reciprocal expressions in Dutch and Hebrew. More about the research van be found in an article: http://doi.org/10.5334/gjgl.180. The data are structured as follows: Experiment 1 – consisting of a pretest and a main part - studies Hebrew verb concepts in a behavioral experiment using a forced-choice task. The dataset contains raw data (.xls files). Experiment...

Book production in the world 1500 - 2010

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Book production in the world 1500 - 2010' originaly forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been dowloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in september 2017. The dataset consists of an excel file with two sheets, one containing the data and one containing a description of the datasources. Bibliometrics, the science that occupies itself with the application of mathematical and statistical methods to books and other media of...

Greek Lesbian Teachers: School, Nation, Family

Angeliki Sifaki
This database is compiled as part of my research project on lesbian teachers in Greece, culminating in my PhD dissertation under the title “Greek Lesbian Teachers: School, Nation, Family”. The research project explores how Greek lesbian teachers construct their subjectivities and negotiate their sexuality in relation to the social contexts in which they are situated. In looking for answer to the main research question, I employed the qualitative method of semi-structured interviews. Since there was...

Levenstandaard 2018

The research is about the assessment of living standards: When does someone think that a household is poor or rich? In the context of this study, a questionnaire, partly consisting of vignettes, was administered to a selection of the LISS panel.

Reconstruction National Accounts: Economic growth in Java 1815-1939

Jan Luiten Van Zanden
The dataset in this datapackage was constructed for the 'Indonesian Economic History' project, which has been a concerted effort of several researchers at different universities and research institutions. The aim of the project was to reconstruct the national accounts of Java (1815-1939) and of Indonesia (1900-2000) and to analyze the long-term evolution of the economy of Indonesia in this period. The reconstructed national accounts form the prime source of information about the economy's development over...

Reconstruction National Accounts of Holland, 1500-1800

Jan Luiten Van Zanden & Bas Van Leeuwen
The aim of this project is to analyse the economic development of Holland in the early modern period on the basis of a reconstruction of its national accounts. It has been one of the first times the system of national accounts is applied to the study of a pre-industrial economy. The project is confined to the province of Holland, which was demographically and economically the most important part of the Northern Netherlands during this period....

Annual regional related and unrelated variety indicators for the years 2006-2014

Jeroen Content
Database with indicators of related and unrelated variety, at regional NUTS-2 levels across Europe. Measured each year for the period 2006-2014. Unrelated variety is measured at 2 digits, whereas related variety is measured at 4 digits within each 2 digit. Countries included: AT ,BE ,BG ,CY ,CZ ,DE ,DK ,EE ,EL ,ES ,FI ,FR ,HR ,HU ,IE ,IS ,IT ,LT ,LU ,LV ,MT ,NL ,NO ,PL ,PT ,RO ,SE ,SI ,SK ,UK.

Corporate network data - Finland

Susanna Fellman, Kari-Matti Piilahti & Valtteri Harmala
We collected information on the CEOs and boards of directors of 100 of the largest companies in Finland for specific benchmark years: namely, 1912, 1927, 1938, 1974, 1984, 1994 and 2004. We only included the boards of directors, but not the (non-compulsory ) supervisory boards (hallintoneuvosto/förvaltningsråd ). We selected 100 companies from the manufacturing industry, financial industry, trade and services and the utilities. We collected information about managing directors/ CEOs and boards of directors for...

Hydrodynamic Mobility Reversal of Squirmers near Flat and Curved Surfaces

Joost De Graaf, Michael Kuron & Philipp Stärk
The data set "Hydrodynamic Mobility Reversal of Squirmers near Flat and Curved Surfaces" contains the outcome of a theoretical and simulation study into the motion of simple model hydrodynamic swimmers, squirmers, around a spherical obstacle. The main result of this study is that hydrodynamic mobility reversals are possible without the addition of a chemical gradients that help generate the self-propulsion. The robustness of this finding to the curvature of the obstacle with which the squirmer...

Social learning experiment

Eva Vriens
This experiment was designed to study the extent to which people use social learning (i.e., the incorporation of information/knowledge of others in their network) to solve complex problems. The experiment uses a multi-armed bandit problem, translated into a game in which participants have to learn which of four card decks has the most profitable cards. Participants get 20 tries to draw a card from 1 of the 4 card decks, so learning is possible through...

Credit transactions by aldermen and notaries in the Low Countries (Revised 2019)

Oscar Gelderblom
This database was compiled as part the EURYI/VIDI research project ‘The Evolution of Financial Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe (1500-1800): A Comparative Analysis’, led by Oscar (O.C.) Gelderblom and Joost (J.P.B.) Jonker. This second version contains minor changes to the datafiles. For details see the Wordfile "Coding Error in the Notaries and Aldermen Data Set (2 October 2019)" The research project explores why sophisticated capital markets emerge in some economies, but not in others. To explain...

Particle Tracking data for 'Influence of barotropic tidal currents on transport and accumulation of floating microplastics in the global open ocean'

Miriam Sterl & Erik Van Sebille
Simulations using Parcels v 1.1 for the manuscript 'Influence of barotropic tidal currents on transport and accumulation of floating microplastics in the global open ocean'

Middelnederlandse Handschriften in de Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht

Roel Van Den Assem, Femke Van Hilten, Kristien Lammers, Sophie Van Setten & Bart Jaski
Catalogue of c. 100 Middle Dutch manuscripts and manuscript fragments in the University Library of Utrecht. Rubrics: title, date, origin, description, script, scribe, decoration, content, genre, binding, provenance and recent secondary literature. Genres: Artes literature, Didactic texts, Philosophy, Historical texts, Court literature, Moralistic texts, Travel literature, Religious texts, Statutes. Religious texts are subdivided into: biblical texts, exempla, prayers, books of hours, hagiography, monastic rules and theology. Of each manuscript an image is included. The manuscripts...

FSW Yoda manual

Dennis Hofman
Yoda (Your Data)is an encrypted storage location aimed at safely storing your research data. Yoda provides a way to store, manage, share, secure, add metadata and publish your research data. Using Yoda is recommended when storing large amounts of personal information such as interview transcripts or video footage. This manual explains how to use YoDa with Windows or Mac devices.

Multi-scale electron crystal-orientation diffraction of seismically active carbonate fault rocks

Markus Ohl
We determine the active deformation mechanisms in two active carbonate fault zones in Greece. Detailed slip-system analyses in combination with high-resolution nanostructural investigations show a throughout contribution of crystal plasticity, evident from subgrain-wall misorientations. Post-deformational static recrystallisation and annealing reduces the grain size and offers an alternative mechanism of nanograin formation. The decrease in grain size results in a grain-boundary strengthening effect and slip localisation which can be observed over several orders of length scales....

Data supplement to: Phosphorus fertilization is eradicating the niche of northern Eurasia's threatened plant species

Martin Joseph Wassen
The greater bioavailability of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in the Anthropocene has strongly impacted terrestrial plant communities. In northwest Europe, high N deposition is considered the main driver of plant diversity loss, so EU legislation to reduce N deposition is expected to promote plant species recovery. But this expectation is simplistic: it ignores the role of other macronutrients. To better understand the potential consequences of changes in the bioavailability of N, P...

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