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Risk-Sharing under Heterogeneity - Simulation

Eva Vriens
This folder contains the NetLogo code, the datasets of two BehaviorSpace explorations, and Rscripts used to run the analyses and create the figures as reported in 'Vriens, E., & Buskens, V. (2020). Sharing Risk under Heterogeneity: Exploring Participation Patterns in Situations of Incomplete Information. Working Paper' Abstract paper: Motivated by the emergence of new Peer-to-Peer insurance organizations in many countries globally (see, e.g., Friendsurance in Germany and Broodfonds in the Netherlands), we propose a model...

Top-view and cross-section photographs from analogue experiments of strain partitioning around a rigid indenter performed in the Tectonic modelling laboratory (TecLab) at Utrecht University

Nemanja Krstekanić & Ernst Willingshofer
This dataset contains original top-view and cross-section photographs of 12 crustal-scale analogue models. Top-view photographs were taken in regular time intervals from the beginning until the end of each experiment (for details see below). Cross-section photographs were taken at the end of each experiment. Therefore, top-view photographs provide means to track and analyse surface deformation through time and space and cross-sections allow to demonstrate overall vertical deformation of each model. The data are grouped in...

Managing Risk Heterogeneity in Risk-Sharing Groups - Experiment and Survey

Eva Vriens
This folder contains the data of the Risk-Sharing experiment and the Rscripts used to analyze the Broodfonds survey data and the data of the Risk-Sharing experiment to create the tables and figures as reported in 'Vriens, E., & Buskens, V. (2020). Managing Risk Heterogeneity in Risk-Sharing Groups: A Multi-Method Study on Risk Aversion and Solidarity. Working Paper.' The data of the Broodfonds survey is not included in this data package, because it is only available...

Data supplement to: Mapping and classifying large deformation from digital imagery: application to analogue models of lithosphere deformation

Taco Broerse, Nemanja Krstekanic & Ernst Willingshofer
The dataset consists of the original top-view and cross-section digital photographs of the model presented in Broerse et al. (2020) (Mappingand classifying large deformation from digital imagery: application to analogue models of lithosphere deformation.). The top-view images have been taken at a regular interval of 45 seconds during the entire experiment. Cross-section images have been taken after the experiment was finished. The purpose of the top-view images is to track incremental displacement fields of the...

Supporting data set for manuscript \"Remediation of annular gas migration along cemented wellbores using reactive mineral fluids: experimental assessment of sodium bicarbonate and sodium silicate-based solutions\"

Timotheus K.T. Wolterbeek
Brief description of the Data: This folder contains data for a study on reactive sealing of microannuli along wellbore casing-cement interfaces. The data set consists of four Microsoft Excel Worksheets, containing volume, flow rate, and pressure data with time for reference and reactive flow measurements on two samples, denoted BC-1 and SIL-1 in the aforementioned study. This document provides basic descriptions of the samples, experimental procedures and data processing. For more detailed information, the reader...

History of Dutch Shell

Jan Luiten van Zanden, Joost Jonker, Keetie Sluyterman & Stephen Howarth
Understanding oil is essential for understanding modern history. The 20th century has rightly been called the century of oil, and the beginning of the 21st century suggests that this strategic commodity still gains in importance. From its creation in 1907 Royal Dutch Shell has played a key role in the global oil industry. For most of the 20th century Royal Dutch Shell was either the largest or, after Standard Oil/Exxon, the second largest oil company....

Beam shape modification due to the non-linear optical response in a dense rubidium vapor: Code and data

S. P. van Solinge, A. J. van Lange & D. van Oosten
In this work, we present the data and an implementation of the theoretical model that were used to prepare the manuscript with the title "Beam shape modification due to the non-linear optical response in a dense rubidium vapor" by A. J. van Lange, S. P. van Solinge, G. Buist, and D. van Oosten. The root folder of this archive contains the figures in the manuscript as well as the Python scripts used to generate them....

Bicarbonate-stimulated membrane reorganization in stallion spermatozoa

Chris H.A. van de Lest
"Bicarbonate-stimulated membrane reorganization in stallion spermatozoa", published in: Frontiers Cell and Developmental Biology https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fcell.2021.772254 This study aimed to investigate and clarify several aspects of stallion sperm capacitation occurring in the presence of bicarbonate, calcium and albumin. Specifically, re-organization of the plasma membrane after the initiation of sperm capacitation was investigated using lipidomics, cryo-electron microscopy, flow cytometry and complementary biochemical strategies. To this end, phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidylethanolamine exposure in viable sperm was monitored with flow...

Attribution of River-Sourced Floating Plastic in the South Atlantic Ocean Using Bayesian Inference

Claudio Pierard
Data from "Attribution of River-Sourced Floating Plastic in the South Atlantic Ocean Using Bayesian Inference". The data consists of: - Lagrangian simulation used for analysis. - Prior probability file for the sources. The repository with the code to run the analysis can be found at https://github.com/OceanParcels/BayesianAnalysis_SouthAtlantic.

The European methane isotope database coupled with a global inventory of fossil and non-fossil δ13C- and δ2H-CH4 source signature measurements

Malika Menoud
Stable isotopic composition (13C and 2H) of methane (CH4) emission sources. European Methane Isotope Database, based on measurements carried out during the MEMO2 project (https://h2020-memo2.eu) Methane Isotopic signatures from previous literature, reported by Sherwood et al. (2017, 2021), and in other literature sources. Sherwood, O.A., Schwietzke, S., Arling, V.A., Etiope, G., 2017. Global Inventory of Gas Geochemistry Data from Fossil Fuel, Microbial and Burning Sources, version 2017. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 9, 639–656. https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-9-639-2017 Sherwood,...

Data supplement to \"A Study in Blue: Secondary Copper-rich Minerals and their Associated Bacterial Diversity in Icelandic Lava Tubes\"

Nina Kopacz
Lava tubes on Earth represent some of the most enticing Martian analogue environments when investigating the possibility of past or present life on Mars. Lava tubes provide stable, sheltered environments, isolated and protected from the radiation on the surface. The microbial mats in these caves further regulate the environment for life, allowing various microbial communities with different metabolisms to coexist. This adaptation is so successful, one could imagine such a microbe-mineral continuum might occur on...

European Sustainable Workforce Survey - Full

Tanja Van der Lippe
A sustainable European workforce has become increasingly relevant in our present day and age. Flexibility and job insecurity are omnipresent; organizational workforces are displaying growing diversity with respect to age, gender, ethnicity and family status; and Europe’s welfare states are delegating more and more responsibility for the well-being of workers to employers. Now more so than ever, organizations need to consider investing in workers to improve their performance and level of satisfaction. These investments can...

Illgraben topographic datasets 2018 - 2021

Tjalling de Haas
Topographic data of the Illgraben channel from November 2018 to September 2021. The folder contains orthophotos, DTMs, and hillshades DTMs in geotiff format, and point clouds in .laz format. Models have been made through structure-from-motion with aerial drone images. There is a new version (1.2) of this dataset, which can be found here; https://public.yoda.uu.nl/geo/UU01/XXASOM.html

Attribution of Plastic Sources Using Bayesian Inference: Application to River-Sourced Floating Plastic in the South Atlantic Ocean

Claudio Pierard
Data from "Attribution of Plastic Sources Using Bayesian Inference: Application to River-Sourced Floating Plastic in the South Atlantic Ocean." The data consists of: - Lagrangian simulation used for analysis. - Prior probability file for the sources. The repository with the code to run the analysis can be found at https://github.com/OceanParcels/BayesianAnalysis_SouthAtlantic.

Gezond thuiswerken (working from home healthily)

Anne van der Put
The research project Gezond thuiswerken (working from home healthily) of Utrecht University aimed to study the health and well-being of Dutch employees that worked from home during the covid-19 pandemic. To stop the spread of infections, the Dutch government advised employees to work from home as much as possible during the data collection period (March-July 2021). As a result, many employees worked from home for the majority of their working hours, while before March 2020...

History Database of the Global Environment 2.0

Kees G.M. Klein Goldewijk
This HYDE 2.0 version is an updated version from 'The IMAGE 2 Hundred Year (1890 1990) Data Base of the Global Environment (HYDE) (1.0) called, and the 'A Hundred Year (1890 1990) Database for Integrated Environmental Assessments (HYDE, version 1.1). Testing against historical data is an important step for validating integrated models of global environmental change. Owing to long time lags in the climate system, these models should aim the simulation of the land use...

History Database of the Global Environment 3.1

Kees G.M. Klein Goldewijk
This database presents an update and expansion of the History Database of the Global Environment (HYDE, v 3.1). HYDE is and internally consistent combination of updated historical population estimates and land use. Categories include cropland and grazing land. Population is represented by maps of total, urban, rural population and population density as well as built-up area. The period covered is 10 000 BCE to 2015 CE. Spatial resolution is 5 arc minutes (approx. 85 km2...

Kaarten behorend bij \"Wat wil de delta?\"

Jesper Schra
Neogeografische kaarten van het Nederlandse laagland in een toekomst met zeespiegelstijging: Om meer inzicht te krijgen in hoe de Nederlandse delta zich van nature zou kunnen gaan gedragen bij een snellere en steeds hogere zeespiegel zijn twee kaartbeelden gemaakt waarin de lage delen van Nederland getoond worden na een zeespiegelstijging van 2 meter en na een stijging 5 meter. Contact persoon: Maarten Kleinhans - M.G.Kleinhans@uu.nl

Monitoring of Antibiotic Resistance in Veterinary Pathogens by re-use of data? Validation of existing databases

Jobke van Hout, Thijs Derkman, Maaike Gonggrijp, Annet Heuvelink, Jeanine Wiegel, Els Broens, Marloes Van Dijk & Nonke Hopman
The emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is considered a serious public health threat with use of antimicrobials in animals considered as one of the potential risk factors. In the Netherlands, veterinary use of antimicrobials (AMU) has been decreased substantially in the last decade and gradually the focus shifts to ‘prudent use’: reduction and refinement of AMU. To achieve 'prudent use' in practice, among others evidence-based treatment guidelines are required and therefore knowledge on...

Model output for the paper \"Reconciling the conflicting extent of overriding plate deformation before and during megathrust earthquakes in South America, Sunda, and northeast Japan\"

Mario D'Acquisto
This repository contains the relevant data (part of numerical model output) used to plot the figures in the main body of the manuscript mentioned in the title, authored by Mario D’Acquisto, Taco Broerse, Celine P. Marsman, and Rob Govers, submitted for publication in Geophysical Journal International. Paper abstract: "We aim to better understand the overriding plate deformation during the megathrust earthquake cycle. We estimate the spatial patterns of interseismic GNSS velocities in South America, Southeast...

Endogenous Peer Punishment Institutions in Prisoner's Dilemmas: The Role of Noise

Nynke van Miltenburg
These data were gathered to study six-person Prisoner’s Dilemmas (PDs) in which subjects endogenously decide whether to implement a peer punishment institution in their group and whether the punishment institution, if implemented, implies more or less severe punishments. We consider PDs with perfect information on other subjects’ previous behavior, and PDs in which subjects observe each other’s behavior with noise. In the experiment, subjects participated in series of six-person PD games with endogenous punishment institutions....

FSW Yoda manual

Dennis Hofman
Yoda (Your Data)is an encrypted storage location aimed at safely storing your research data. Yoda provides a way to store, manage, share, secure, add metadata and publish your research data. Using Yoda is recommended when storing large amounts of personal information such as interview transcripts or video footage. This manual explains how to use YoDa with Windows or Mac devices.

Particle Tracking data for 'Influence of barotropic tidal currents on transport and accumulation of floating microplastics in the global open ocean'

Miriam Sterl & Erik van Sebille
Simulations using Parcels v 1.1 for the manuscript 'Influence of barotropic tidal currents on transport and accumulation of floating microplastics in the global open ocean'

Middelnederlandse Handschriften in de Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht

Roel van den Assem, Femke van Hilten, Kristien Lammers, Sophie van Setten & Bart Jaski
Catalogue of c. 100 Middle Dutch manuscripts and manuscript fragments in the University Library of Utrecht. Rubrics: title, date, origin, description, script, scribe, decoration, content, genre, binding, provenance and recent secondary literature. Genres: Artes literature, Didactic texts, Philosophy, Historical texts, Court literature, Moralistic texts, Travel literature, Religious texts, Statutes. Religious texts are subdivided into: biblical texts, exempla, prayers, books of hours, hagiography, monastic rules and theology. Of each manuscript an image is included. The manuscripts...

Credit transactions by aldermen and notaries in the Low Countries (Revised 2019)

Oscar Gelderblom
This database was compiled as part the EURYI/VIDI research project ‘The Evolution of Financial Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe (1500-1800): A Comparative Analysis’, led by Oscar (O.C.) Gelderblom and Joost (J.P.B.) Jonker. This second version contains minor changes to the datafiles. For details see the Wordfile "Coding Error in the Notaries and Aldermen Data Set (2 October 2019)" The research project explores why sophisticated capital markets emerge in some economies, but not in others. To explain...

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