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Greek Lesbian Teachers: School, Nation, Family

Angeliki Sifaki
This database is compiled as part of my research project on lesbian teachers in Greece, culminating in my PhD dissertation under the title “Greek Lesbian Teachers: School, Nation, Family”. The research project explores how Greek lesbian teachers construct their subjectivities and negotiate their sexuality in relation to the social contexts in which they are situated. In looking for answer to the main research question, I employed the qualitative method of semi-structured interviews. Since there was...

Annual regional related and unrelated variety indicators for the years 2006-2014

Jeroen Content
Database with indicators of related and unrelated variety, at regional NUTS-2 levels across Europe. Measured each year for the period 2006-2014. Unrelated variety is measured at 2 digits, whereas related variety is measured at 4 digits within each 2 digit. Countries included: AT ,BE ,BG ,CY ,CZ ,DE ,DK ,EE ,EL ,ES ,FI ,FR ,HR ,HU ,IE ,IS ,IT ,LT ,LU ,LV ,MT ,NL ,NO ,PL ,PT ,RO ,SE ,SI ,SK ,UK.

Rhythmic regularity, Experiment 4, NL version

Hugo Quené
Scripts for analysis and processing of speech files, in order to create stimuli for experiments studying the effects of rhythmic regularity on speech processing. Scripts require Praat software, available at https://www.praat.org .


Iris Mulders
Stimulus set, data, and analysis scripts for the experiment reported in Mulders (2021), 'Are Dutch posture verbs lexical or functional elements?' Linguistics in the Netherlands 2021, ed. by M. Dingemanse, E. van Lier, & J. Vogels. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Corporate network data - Finland

Susanna Fellman, Kari-Matti Piilahti & Valtteri Harmala
We collected information on the CEOs and boards of directors of 100 of the largest companies in Finland for specific benchmark years: namely, 1912, 1927, 1938, 1974, 1984, 1994 and 2004. We only included the boards of directors, but not the (non-compulsory ) supervisory boards (hallintoneuvosto/förvaltningsråd ). We selected 100 companies from the manufacturing industry, financial industry, trade and services and the utilities. We collected information about managing directors/ CEOs and boards of directors for...

Reconstruction National Accounts of Holland, 1500-1800

Jan Luiten Van Zanden & Bas Van Leeuwen
The aim of this project is to analyse the economic development of Holland in the early modern period on the basis of a reconstruction of its national accounts. It has been one of the first times the system of national accounts is applied to the study of a pre-industrial economy. The project is confined to the province of Holland, which was demographically and economically the most important part of the Northern Netherlands during this period....

Reconstruction National Accounts: Economic growth in Java 1815-1939

Jan Luiten Van Zanden
The dataset in this datapackage was constructed for the 'Indonesian Economic History' project, which has been a concerted effort of several researchers at different universities and research institutions. The aim of the project was to reconstruct the national accounts of Java (1815-1939) and of Indonesia (1900-2000) and to analyze the long-term evolution of the economy of Indonesia in this period. The reconstructed national accounts form the prime source of information about the economy's development over...

Individual Choices in Dynamic Networks

Dennie Van Dolder & Vincent Buskens
The dataset 'Individual Choices in Dynamic Networks' contains the outcome of an experiment on network formation, studying how social preferences play a role in networking relations actors make. In total we ran 16 experimental sessions, each of them having between 9 and 15 subjects. Subjects were contacted using the Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments (Greiner B (2004) The online recruitment system ORSEE 2.0 - A guide for the organization of experiments in economics. University...

Levenstandaard 2018

The research is about the assessment of living standards: When does someone think that a household is poor or rich? In the context of this study, a questionnaire, partly consisting of vignettes, was administered to a selection of the LISS panel.

Reciprocity MTH study

Eva Poortman
This dataset is the result of research in which we studied the effects of verb concepts on the interpretation of reciprocal expressions in Dutch and Hebrew. More about the research van be found in an article: http://doi.org/10.5334/gjgl.180. The data are structured as follows: Experiment 1 – consisting of a pretest and a main part - studies Hebrew verb concepts in a behavioral experiment using a forced-choice task. The dataset contains raw data (.xls files). Experiment...

Endogenous Peer Punishment Institutions in Prisoner's Dilemmas: The Role of Noise

Nynke Van Miltenburg
These data were gathered to study six-person Prisoner’s Dilemmas (PDs) in which subjects endogenously decide whether to implement a peer punishment institution in their group and whether the punishment institution, if implemented, implies more or less severe punishments. We consider PDs with perfect information on other subjects’ previous behavior, and PDs in which subjects observe each other’s behavior with noise. In the experiment, subjects participated in series of six-person PD games with endogenous punishment institutions....

Book production in the world 1500 - 2010

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Book production in the world 1500 - 2010' originaly forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been dowloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in september 2017. The dataset consists of an excel file with two sheets, one containing the data and one containing a description of the datasources. Bibliometrics, the science that occupies itself with the application of mathematical and statistical methods to books and other media of...

Social learning experiment

Eva Vriens
This experiment was designed to study the extent to which people use social learning (i.e., the incorporation of information/knowledge of others in their network) to solve complex problems. The experiment uses a multi-armed bandit problem, translated into a game in which participants have to learn which of four card decks has the most profitable cards. Participants get 20 tries to draw a card from 1 of the 4 card decks, so learning is possible through...

Rater agreement for assessment of equine back mobility at walk and trot compared to quantitative gait analysis.

T.J.P. Spoormakers
Background: Lameness assessment in horses is still predominantly performed using subjective methods. Visual assessment is known to have moderate to good intra-rater agreement but relatively poor inter-rater agreement. Little is known about inter- and intra-rater agreement on the evaluation of back motion, for which no objective measurement technique in a clinical setting is available thus far. Objectives: To describe inter- and intra-rater agreement of visual evaluation of equine back mobility. Study design: Rater reliability study...

Perception training data - English in the second language classroom

Marlisa Hommel
These are the results from three separate perception training studies. The participants were Dutch secondary school students of app. 19 years old. The students were tested in a school in Amsterdam. Their level of English is app. B2 CEFR. Each experiment consisted of different participants. Each experiment consisted of around 100 participants. The intervention was as follows. A control group received no intervention and was tested three times with the same test. The test group...

Reflexive and Reciprocals in Spanish and Catalan

Júlia Nieto Bou
This dataset is the result of the research master thesis in which we studied reflexivity and reciprocity in Spanish and Catalan. The first part of this thesis focus on the identification of lexical reflexivity and lexical reciprocity. The second part of the thesis aims to investigate the overlap found in Spanish and Catalan between plural reflexive and reciprocal interpretations. More about the research can be found in an article: DOI REQUIRED The data are structured...

M-Tool data analysis script

Wouter Van Boxtel & Karlijn L. Van Den Broek
This R-script provides M-Tool users with a starting point for their data analysis. The script uses the edge list produced by M-Tool and transforms these into centrality measures, including in- and out-degree, in- and out-strength, and mean in- and out-degree weight. Users need to download both scripts, save their data file in the same folder, and enter the name of their data file in the script to obtain the centrality measures. The output consists of...

Top-view and cross-section photographs from analogue experiments of strain partitioning during coeval indentation and back-arc extension performed in the Tectonic modelling laboratory (TecLab) at Utrecht University

Nemanja Krstekanić
This dataset contains original unaltered top-view and cross-section photographs of 4 crustal-scale analogue models. Top-view photographs were taken at a regular time interval from the beginning until the end of each experiment (for details see below). Cross-section photographs were taken at the end of each experiment. Top-view photographs were used to analyse surface deformation through time and space, while in cross-sections vertical deformation was studied. The dataset is arranged in 4 folders, each containing the...

Johannes Franciscus Reith, Notities uit het leven van een zondagskind

Bart Jaski
Autobiografie van Johannes Franciscus Reith (1902-1990), geschreven in 1980 en bewerkt door zijn zoon Bernard A. Reith. J. F. Reith was hoogleraar Chemische levensmiddelenleer en toxicologie aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Autobiography of Johannes Franciscus Reith (1902-1990), written in 1980 and edited by his son Bernard A. Reith. J. F. Reith was professor Chemical nutritional science and toxicology at Utrecht University.

Futurestreams dataset

Niko Wanders, Joyce Bosmans & Valerio Barbarossa
Repository of discharge and water temperature scenarios derived from 5 CMIP5 GCMs from the ISI-MIP project computed by the global water balance model PCRGLOBWB and the global water temperature model DynWat. Data are provided on a weekly temporal resolution and 10km spatial resolution. 4 Representative Concentration Pathways are presented, RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0 and RCP8.5, up to 2099. The historical simulations are also provide for 1976 - 2005. A historical simulation derived from E2O reanalysis data...

Data supplement of \"Tectonic context and possible triggering of the 2019-2020 Puerto Rico earthquake sequence\"

Rob M.A. Govers
Paper Abstract: An historically unprecedented seismic moment was released by crustal events of the 2019-2020 earthquake sequence near southwest Puerto Rico. The sequence involved at least two, and per-haps three interacting fault systems. The largest Mw 6.4 event was likely triggered by left lateral strike-slip events along the eastern extension of the North Boquerón Bay-Punta Montalva fault zone. The mainshock occurred in a normal fault zone that extends into a region where previous studies documented...

Grief, depression, and anxiety following job loss: Patterns and correlates

J.H.W. Van Eersel
Abstract Background. Research on grief, depression, and anxiety reactions following job loss is sparse. More insight in this matter could be important for the development of preventive and curative methods addressing the perceived emotional distress following job loss, especially in the case of job loss-related grief reactions. Objective. The aim of this study was to examine job loss-related grief reactions in relation to depression and anxiety symptoms. Method. A sample of 525 Dutch workers (59.8%...

Credit transactions by aldermen and notaries in the Low Countries (Revised 2019)

Oscar Gelderblom
This database was compiled as part the EURYI/VIDI research project ‘The Evolution of Financial Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe (1500-1800): A Comparative Analysis’, led by Oscar (O.C.) Gelderblom and Joost (J.P.B.) Jonker. This second version contains minor changes to the datafiles. For details see the Wordfile "Coding Error in the Notaries and Aldermen Data Set (2 October 2019)" The research project explores why sophisticated capital markets emerge in some economies, but not in others. To explain...

Autonomously probing viscoelasticity in disordered suspensions

Joost De Graaf
Data package for the publication with above title [Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 258002 (2020); https://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.258002]. It contains the full latex directory for compiling the paper, plus the data required to reproduce the graphs for the simulations, as well as the simulation source code and analysis scripts required to process the raw simulation output. In the top-level directory (and various subdirectories) there are readme_use.txt files that describe the content and use of the elements contained therein,...

Hydrodynamic Mobility Reversal of Squirmers near Flat and Curved Surfaces

Joost De Graaf, Michael Kuron & Philipp Stärk
The data set "Hydrodynamic Mobility Reversal of Squirmers near Flat and Curved Surfaces" contains the outcome of a theoretical and simulation study into the motion of simple model hydrodynamic swimmers, squirmers, around a spherical obstacle. The main result of this study is that hydrodynamic mobility reversals are possible without the addition of a chemical gradients that help generate the self-propulsion. The robustness of this finding to the curvature of the obstacle with which the squirmer...

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