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An extensible lattice Boltzmann method for viscoelastic flows: complex and moving boundaries in Oldroyd-B fluids

Joost de Graaf
This data package contains the outcome of a study to develop a new method for the simulation of colloids suspended in viscoelatic fluids. This includes the implementation itself, scripts for running the validation simulations, and high-resolution data produced during this validation process. This data could serve as a reliable reference for future investigations, and the simulations scripts can easily be customized to study similar systems at parameters and resolutions of interest. The results of the...

Autonomously probing viscoelasticity in disordered suspensions

Joost de Graaf
Data package for the publication with above title [Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 258002 (2020); https://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.258002]. It contains the full latex directory for compiling the paper, plus the data required to reproduce the graphs for the simulations, as well as the simulation source code and analysis scripts required to process the raw simulation output. In the top-level directory (and various subdirectories) there are readme_use.txt files that describe the content and use of the elements contained therein,...

Arnoldus Buchelius, VOC-dagboek 1619-1639

Bart Jaski
Transcriptie, editie en vertaling van Kees Smit van het VOC-dagboek van Aernout van Buchell (1565-1641) voor de jaren 1619-1639. In die periode was Buchelius een van de bewindhebbers was van de kamer Amsterdam van de VOC (1619-1621), en was betrokken bij de WIC. Gepubliceerd in twee delen. Bron: Den Haag, Nationaal Archief, Eerste afdeling Aanwinsten, toegang, subnr. 256. Transcription, edition en translation by Kees Smit of the VOC-diary of Aernout van Buchell (1565-1641) over...

Data supplement to \"Salt marsh and tidal flat area distributions along three estuaries\"

Harke Douma
Data was generated for three estuaries by automated classification of false-colour aerial imagery. The estuaries are the Western Scheldt, the Eastern Scheldt and the Ems-Dollard in the Netherlands. The vector data of land cover classes are for the intertidal zones of the three estuaries. The original aerial imagery is available from Rijkswaterstaat. The automated method can be applied in other estuaries and tidal basins, such as the Wadden Sea, provided that high-quality areal imagery is...


Iris Mulders
Stimulus set, data, and analysis scripts for the experiment reported in Mulders (2021), 'Are Dutch posture verbs lexical or functional elements?' Linguistics in the Netherlands 2021, ed. by M. Dingemanse, E. van Lier, & J. Vogels. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Data from seismic slip-pulse experiments simulating induced earthquake rupture in the Groningen gas field

Luuk Bernd Hunfeld
Rock materials show dramatic dynamic weakening in large-displacement (m), high-velocity (~1 m/s) friction experiments, providing a mechanism for the generation of large, natural earthquakes. However, whether such weakening occurs during induced M3-4 earthquakes (dm displacements) is unknown. We performed rotary-shear experiments on simulated fault gouges prepared from the source-, reservoir- and caprock formations present in the seismogenic Groningen gas field (Netherlands). Water-saturated gouges were subjected to a slip pulse reaching a peak circumferential velocity of...

Rater agreement for assessment of equine back mobility at walk and trot compared to quantitative gait analysis.

T.J.P. Spoormakers
Background: Lameness assessment in horses is still predominantly performed using subjective methods. Visual assessment is known to have moderate to good intra-rater agreement but relatively poor inter-rater agreement. Little is known about inter- and intra-rater agreement on the evaluation of back motion, for which no objective measurement technique in a clinical setting is available thus far. Objectives: To describe inter- and intra-rater agreement of visual evaluation of equine back mobility. Study design: Rater reliability study...

Reflexive and Reciprocals in Spanish and Catalan

Júlia Nieto Bou
This dataset is the result of the research master thesis in which we studied reflexivity and reciprocity in Spanish and Catalan. The first part of this thesis focus on the identification of lexical reflexivity and lexical reciprocity. The second part of the thesis aims to investigate the overlap found in Spanish and Catalan between plural reflexive and reciprocal interpretations. More about the research can be found in an article: DOI REQUIRED The data are structured...

Top-view and cross-section photographs from analogue experiments of strain partitioning during coeval indentation and back-arc extension performed in the Tectonic modelling laboratory (TecLab) at Utrecht University

Nemanja Krstekanić
This dataset contains original unaltered top-view and cross-section photographs of 4 crustal-scale analogue models. Top-view photographs were taken at a regular time interval from the beginning until the end of each experiment (for details see below). Cross-section photographs were taken at the end of each experiment. Top-view photographs were used to analyse surface deformation through time and space, while in cross-sections vertical deformation was studied. The dataset is arranged in 4 folders, each containing the...

Johannes Franciscus Reith, Notities uit het leven van een zondagskind

Bart Jaski
Autobiografie van Johannes Franciscus Reith (1902-1990), geschreven in 1980 en bewerkt door zijn zoon Bernard A. Reith. J. F. Reith was hoogleraar Chemische levensmiddelenleer en toxicologie aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Autobiography of Johannes Franciscus Reith (1902-1990), written in 1980 and edited by his son Bernard A. Reith. J. F. Reith was professor Chemical nutritional science and toxicology at Utrecht University.

Data supplement of \"Tectonic context and possible triggering of the 2019-2020 Puerto Rico earthquake sequence\"

Rob M.A. Govers
Paper Abstract: An historically unprecedented seismic moment was released by crustal events of the 2019-2020 earthquake sequence near southwest Puerto Rico. The sequence involved at least two, and per-haps three interacting fault systems. The largest Mw 6.4 event was likely triggered by left lateral strike-slip events along the eastern extension of the North Boquerón Bay-Punta Montalva fault zone. The mainshock occurred in a normal fault zone that extends into a region where previous studies documented...

Perception training data - English in the second language classroom

Marlisa Hommel
These are the results from three separate perception training studies. The participants were Dutch secondary school students of app. 19 years old. The students were tested in a school in Amsterdam. Their level of English is app. B2 CEFR. Each experiment consisted of different participants. Each experiment consisted of around 100 participants. The intervention was as follows. A control group received no intervention and was tested three times with the same test. The test group...

M-Tool data analysis script

Wouter van Boxtel & Karlijn L. van den Broek
This R-script provides M-Tool users with a starting point for their data analysis. The script uses the edge list produced by M-Tool and transforms these into centrality measures, including in- and out-degree, in- and out-strength, and mean in- and out-degree weight. Users need to download both scripts, save their data file in the same folder, and enter the name of their data file in the script to obtain the centrality measures. The output consists of...

Expert teachers teaching sensitive topics in Dutch secondary education

Bjorn Wansink
For our research, we purposefully selected nine teachers that were nominated by university-based teacher educators as expert. Furthermore, teachers needed to meet three criteria to be selected for this study: firstly, they had to be active within Dutch secondary education. We chose to select only in-service teachers, because pre-service teachers are often reserved in discussing controversial topics. Secondly, teachers needed to be willing to develop a lesson along the lines of our instruction. And finally,...

Original microstructural data of altered rocks and reconstructions using generative adversarial networks (GANs)

Hamed Amiri
We image two altered rock samples consisting of a meta-igneous and a serpentinite showing an isolated porous and fracture network, respectively. The rock samples are collected during previous visits to Swartberget, Norway in 2009 and Tønsberg, Norway in 2012. The objective is to employ a deep-learning-based model called generative adversarial network (GAN) to reconstruct statistically-equivalent microstructures. To evaluate the reconstruction accuracy, different polytope functions are calculated and compared in both original and reconstructed images. Compared...

In-situ and optical profilometry data for single-shot ablation experiment on crystalline silicon

Dries van Oosten & Marnix Vreugdenhil
This folder contains in-situ camera images (acquired on 20210729) taken during an experiment on single-shot laser ablation on crystalline silicon and corresponding optical profilometry data (acquired on 20210730). The raw data are stored in the folder Data/RawData/, in subfolders called run_007 ... run_070. The folder PreProcessing/ contains scripts used to pre-process the data. The results of this preprocessing are stored in Data/ The folder OverviewFigures/ contains figures that illustrate the steps in the preprocessing. These...

European Sustainable Workforce Survey - Wave 1

Tanja Van der Lippe
A sustainable European workforce has become increasingly relevant in our present day and age. Flexibility and job insecurity are omnipresent; organizational workforces are displaying growing diversity with respect to age, gender, ethnicity and family status; and Europe’s welfare states are delegating more and more responsibility for the well-being of workers to employers. Now more so than ever, organizations need to consider investing in workers to improve their performance and level of satisfaction. These investments can...

µCT data for \"A new method for determining fluid flux at high pressures applied to the dehydration of serpentinites\"

Lisa Eberhard
Dehydration of serpentine within a subduction zone setting causes the formation of pore space. The porosity and connectivity of the pores is important for fluid flux through these rocks. The pore space preserved within two recovered high-pressure and high-temperature multi-anvil samples was measured using µCT-scans at the BL20XU experimental hutch 2 of the SPring-8 synchrotron facility. The 3D images were obtained using X-rays with energy of 30 keV and by rotating the sample through 180°...

Cat-human interaction - data + additional data

Kristin Eide & Ronja van Zijverden
This folder includes - 4 videos used as primary data in paper on cat-human interaction (Cornips, Eide, Van Koppen, Leufkens, Van Zijverden) - Transcripts of those videos - An additional file with pictures and brief transcripts of additional data, supporting the analysis in the paper.

Corpus of Dutch tweets containing kinship terms

Michelle Suijkerbuijk
A corpus of 2400 tweets, collected for research into marking of Dutch kinship terms. We searched Twitter for 24 Dutch kinship terms and selected the first 100 positive hits. A hit was considered positive when it included the kinship term, and the term was pre--modified by 1) a possessive pronoun 2) a definite article or 3) a zero-marker. It was excluded when the kinship term was used with a different meaning and when there was...

Microstructural data and microscopic stress measurements of natural mineral-hydration reactions

Oliver Plümper
We investigated the microstructures of periclase-to-brucite hydration domains within marble from the Adamello contact aureole (Italy). The microstructure preserve high differential stresses within the calcite surrounding the hydration domains of up to 1.5 GPa. Samples were investigated using optical, scanning and transmission electron microscopy as well as high-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HREBSD). Stress measurements obtained via HREBSD are compared to analytical solutions. The data is organised in 10 folders termed (Supplementary) Figure X, where...


Kira Maathuis
This archive contains the ptychograpical reconstruction model called PtychoKeras used for developing a sensor fusion algorithm in ptychography. In the archive, you will find the ptychokeras.py reconstruction model and the folder functions with the supporting scripts that make up the model. You will also find a laboratory data set in the folder ptycho_data that contains the data which was used to verify the model. Lastly, in the folder output, you will find the resulting reconstructions...

Prevalence data and analysis from 'Repeated cross-sectional sampling of pigs at slaughter indicates varying age of hepatitis E virus infection within and between pig farms'

Marina Meester
This package contains the data and R Script of the analysis of a study regarding hepatitis E virus (HEV) prevalence in pigs at slaughter, from 208 pig farms in The Netherlands. The primary aim of the study was to investigate whether farms, of different farm types, cluster based on patterns in batch level HEV infection dynamics, and whether the clustering can be used to determine the relative moment of infection on the farms. The README...

Geomechanical, seismological, and geodetic data pertaining to the Groningen gas field: a data package used in the \"Mmax II Workshop\", on constraining the maximum earthquake magnitude in the Groningen field

Stephen Oates, Anke Jannie Landman, Onno van der Wal, Hermann Baehr & Harry Piening
The operator of the Groningen gas field, the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) has been developing and refining a seismic hazard and risk model as part of the response to induced earthquakes seen in the Groningen gas field since the early ‘90s. As part of these efforts, a workshop was conducted to address the question of the maximum earthquake magnitude, Mmax, that should be considered in the seismic hazard and risk modelling. An international panel of...

Hanna Muller, A review of the Dutch martinelli

Bart Jaski
Studie van de middeleeuwse 'martinelli' die in de Nederlanden zijn vervaardigd of zijn gebruikt. Zij bevatten de Vita Martini en aanverwante teksten. Zij worden onderling vergeleken en in een bredere context geplaatst. Study of the medieval 'martinelli' made or used in the Netherlands. They contain the Vita Martini and related texts. They are compared with each other and placed in a broader context.

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