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Hydrothermal friction data of samples obtained from outcrops of the Mai'iu Fault, Papua New Guinae

Andre Rik Niemeijer
General friction and rate and state friction data of powdered fault gouge samples derived from outcrops of the Mai'iu Fault, Papua New Guinae, which is one of the world's most rapidly slipping low-angle normal faults, The experiments show that gouges from the shallowest portion of the fault zone are predominantly weak and velocity-strengthening, while fault rocks deformed at greater depths are stronger and velocity-weakening. Evaluating the geodetic and friction results together with geophysical and microstructural...

Data supplementary to \"Transitional polders between double dikes: driving land-level rise and reducing flood propagation\"

Steven Alexander Hubertus Weisscher & Anne Baar
This data set contains supplementary material for the NBS paper Weisscher et al (2022). The supplementary material includes the input files for the Delft3D modelling along with files necessary to reproduce the scenario permutations reported in the associated paper. All files can be opened and changed using Notepad++ or a similar program. For contact, please mail to: s.a.h.weisscher@uu.nl or m.g.kleinhans@uu.nl

Friction and compaction data of simulated fault gouges derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock of the Groningen gas field

Luuk Bernd Hunfeld
We investigated the rate-and-state frictional properties of simulated anhydrite-carbonate fault gouge derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock overlying the seismogenic Groningen gas reservoir in the NE Netherlands. Direct shear experiments were performed at in-situ conditions of 50-150 °C and 40 MPa effective normal stress, using sliding velocities of 0.1-10 µm/s. Reservoir pore fluid compositions were simulated using 4.4 Molar NaCl brine, as well as methane, air and brine/gas mixtures. Brine-saturated samples showed friction coefficients (µ)...

M-Tool data analysis script

Wouter van Boxtel & Karlijn L. van den Broek
This R-script provides M-Tool users with a starting point for their data analysis. The script uses the edge list produced by M-Tool and transforms these into total number of nodes, total number of edges and various centrality measures (including in- and out-degree, in- and out-strength, mean in- and out-degree weight, weighted and unweighted betweenness). The script also includes code to visualize the data. Users need to download both scripts, save their data file in the...

Microscopic and spectroscopic data of pseudotachylytes and wall rocks from the Moncuni ophiolite

Oliver Plümper
We investigated the microstructures and geochemistry of pseudotachylytes found within the ophiolitic peridotites and gabbros from the Moncuni area (Lanzo Ultramafic Massif, Western Alps). The pseudotachylytes preserve dry glass and pristine microlites. The presence of garnet and the static development of eclogite-facies assemblages in local hydrated domains indicate that pseudotachylytes experienced subduction conditions of 600 °C and 2.1 GPa. Samples were investigated using optical and scanning electron microscopic imaging as well as electron backscatter diffraction,...

Data accompanying \"Dynamics of Africa 75 Ma: from plate kinematic reconstructions to intraplate paleo-stresses\"

Marius Christiaan Wouters
Plate reconstruction studies show that the Neotethys Ocean was closing due to convergence of Africa and Eurasia towards the end of the Cretaceous. The period around 75 Ma reflects the onset of continental collision between the two plates, although convergence was still mainly accommodated by subduction, with the Neotethys slab subducting beneath Eurasia. Africa was separated from the rapidly north moving Indian plate by the Owen oceanic transform in the northeast. The rest of the...

Model output for the paper \"On the cause of enhanced landward motion of the overriding plate after a major subduction earthquake\"

Mario D'Acquisto
This repository contains the relevant data (part of numerical model output) used to plot the figures in the main body of the manuscript entitled "On the cause of enhanced landward motion of the overriding plate after a major subduction earthquake", by Mario D'Acquisto, Matthew Herman, Riccardo Riva, and Rob Govers, submitted for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. Paper abstract: "Greater landward velocities were recorded after 6 megathrust earthquakes in subduction zone regions...

Core photographs of the Rotliegend reservoir of the Groningen gas field and surrounding areas

Clemens A. Visser & Karel Bokhorst
The Groningen gas field is the largest gas field in Europe and has been showing seismicity since the 1990s. The ~200 meter thick gas reservoir is situated at ~3 km depth, and comprises sandstone from the Slochteren Formation which is part of the Permian age Upper Rotliegend Group. The reservoir has been cored extensively by the field operator, the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). This dataset constitutes photographs of core slabs (core-parallel slices) taken from the...

Rotary Shear Experiments on Glass Bead Aggregates

Evangelos Korkolis
Constant sliding velocity (i.e. rate of rotation) friction experiments on mm-thick layers of glass beads, under room temperature and humidity conditions. Stick-slip in sheared granular aggregates is considered to be an analog for the intermittent deformation of the earth’s lithosphere via earthquakes. Stick-slip can be regular, i.e. periodic and of consistent amplitude, or irregular, i.e. aperiodic and of varying amplitude. In the context of seismology, the former behavior resembles the Characteristic Earthquake Model, whereas the...

Microstructural data and microscopic stress measurements of natural mineral-hydration reactions

Oliver Plümper
We investigated the microstructures of periclase-to-brucite hydration domains within marble from the Adamello contact aureole (Italy). The microstructure preserve high differential stresses within the calcite surrounding the hydration domains of up to 1.5 GPa. Samples were investigated using optical, scanning and transmission electron microscopy as well as high-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HREBSD). Stress measurements obtained via HREBSD are compared to analytical solutions. The data is organised in 10 folders termed (Supplementary) Figure X, where...

Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) data from metabasaltic fault rocks, Woodlark Rift, Papua New Guinea

Marcel Mizera
Here we provide compositional and crystallographic orientation data on metabasaltic fault rocks exhumed by the Mai’iu fault in the footwall of the Suckling-Dayman Metamorphic Core Complex, SE Papua New Guinea. The present dataset was collected with a SIGMA-VP field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM) equipped with an electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) detector at the University of Otago, using 30 kV acceleration voltage, 50–100 nA beam current, 20–30 mm working distance and 70° sample tilt....

Surface DEM’s data and cross-sections from analogue experiments of subduction initiation performed in the Tectonic Laboratory (TecLab) at Utrecht University

Antoine Auzemery & Ernst Willingshofer
In order to show the spatial and temporal evolution of deformation and associated surface topography, we present our results in terms of surface scans and final cross sections. The latter are pictures recorded at the end of the experiment. They are obtained at two-third of their width. Experiments are monitored using digital photography and laser scans of the top surface. Digital elevation models, DEM's, are used to retrieve the surface data (grid xyz) and evaluate...

Micro-XCT images, grain size distributions and mechanical data used in: \"Uniaxial compaction of sand using 4D X-ray tomography: The effect of mineralogy on grain-scale compaction mechanisms.\"

Jeroen. F. Van Stappen & Suzanne J.T. Hangx
The mechanical behaviour of sand aggregates is often studied as a proxy for poorly consolidated sands and highly porous sandstones. Only recently research aimed at understanding sand deformation has started to use techniques that allow for direct observation of the in-situ grain-scale processes. Using state-of-the-art, time-lapse micro X-ray computed tomography (micro-XCT) imaging, the influence of mineralogy on the compaction of sand aggregates has been investigated by performing uniaxial compaction experiments on four different mineral assemblies...

Intergranular clay films control inelastic deformation in the Groningen gas reservoir: Evidence from split-cylinder deformation tests

Ronald Pijnenburg, Berend Antonie Verberne, Suzanne Hangx & Christopher James Spiers
Production of oil and gas from sandstone reservoirs leads to small elastic and inelastic strains in the reservoir, which may induce surface subsidence and seismicity. While the elastic component is easily described, the inelastic component, and any rate-sensitivity thereof remain poorly understood in the relevant small strain range (≤ 1.0%). To address this, we performed a sequence of five stress/strain-cycling plus strain-marker-imaging experiments on a single split-cylinder sample (porosity 20.4%) of Slochteren sandstone from the...

Dataset - Reciprocal relations between symptoms of complicated grief, depression, and anxiety following job loss: A cross-lagged analysis

J.H.W. Van Eersel
Abstract Objective: Involuntary job loss can lead to symptoms of complicated grief (CG), depression, and anxiety. Information about the temporal linkage between these symptoms is limited and may have implications for the treatment of those suffering from mental health complaints after dismissal. The aim of this study was to explore the possible reciprocal relationships between symptoms of CG, depression, and anxiety following involuntary job loss. Method: We recruited 128 Dutch workers who had lost their...

UU Open Science Monitor 2020

Loek Brinkman, Judith de Haan, Daniël van Hemert, Joost de Laat, Dominique Rijshouwer, Sander Thomaes & Ruth van Veelen
YODA storage “research-osonderzoek” February 7, 2022 – Dominique Rijshouwer (c.d.n.rijshouwer@uu.nl; openscience@uu.nl) About the project: This data package contains all information relevant to the Project "UU Open Science Monitor 2020". Authors (alphabetical order): Loek Brinkman Judith de Haan Daniël van Hemert Joost de Laat Dominique Rijshouwer Sander Thomaes Ruth van Veelen Start date project: March 23, 2020 Publication date package: February 7, 2022 This project was started by the Open Science Programme of Utrecht University. With...

Questioning the Conversion Paradox: Gender, Sexuality, and Belonging amongst Women Becoming Jewish, Christian, and Muslim in the Netherlands (raw data)

Lieke Schrijvers
This dataset contains the raw data of my PhD research about Dutch women who converted to Judaism, Christianity or Islam, which resulted in the PhD dissertation 'Questioning the Conversion Paradox: Gender, Sexuality, and Belonging amongst Women Becoming Jewish, Christian, and Muslim in the Netherlands.' The research explores the intersections of gender and religion in the process of conversion and in female converts' everyday religious practice. In order to investigate this question in the three groups...

Effect of donor-recipient relatedness on the plasmid conjugation frequency: a meta-analysis

Egil A.J. Fischer
Background: Conjugation plays a major role in the transmission of plasmids encoding antibiotic resistance genes in both clinical and general settings. The conjugation efficiency is influenced by many biotic and abiotic factors, one of which is the taxonomic relatedness between donor and recipient bacteria. A comprehensive overview of the influence of donor-recipient relatedness on conjugation is, however, still lacking, but such an overview is important to quantitatively assess the risk of plasmid transfer and the...

Annual mean NO2 concentrations Europe 2010

Kees de Hoogh
Exposure surface that contains annual concentrations (µg/m3) of NO2 developed for the ELAPSE project: http://www.elapseproject.eu. Coordinate system: ETRS_89_LAEA

Data supplement to \"The photochemical evolution of meteoritic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nontronite clay on early Earth and Mars\"

Nina Kopacz, Inge Loes ten Kate, Maria Angela Corazzi, Giovanni Poggiali & John Brucato
The photochemical evolution of PAHs delivered to a planetary surface environment by meteoritic sources is of great interest to early Earth origin-of-life studies, Mars origin-of-life speculations, as well as current organic molecule detection efforts on Mars. Of prebiotic interest to both Earth and Mars are clay-rich environments, and the evolution of organic carbon molecules within them. In this work we experimentally tested the effect of UV irradiation on different PAHs adsorbed to nontronite clay using...

Long Run Global Poverty using the Dollar-a-Day method

Michail Moatsos
This dataset contains estimates of global poverty on the long run at three different international poverty lines, at 5, 10, and 30 dollars per day (using 2011 PPP dollars), covering the period from 1820 until 2019. Detailed information about the assumptions, methods and data used can be found in chapter 6 and in the appendix of my PhD thesis: Moatsos, M. (2020). Global Absolute Poverty, Present and Past since 1820. Utrecht University. https://doi.org/10.33540/129 and on...

Estimates of the urbanisation process in Europe 800 - 1500

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Estimates of the urbanisation process in Europe 800 - 1500' originally forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been downloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in September 2020. These data were used in the paper 'Charting the rise of the West' and is based on the original data from Bairoch et al. The dataset consists of an excel file with one sheet, containing annual data on 16 countries...

Corporate network data - Germany

Paul Windolf
This data set consists of samples of the largest German firms for the years 1896, 1914, 1928, 1933, 1938, 1992 and 2010 (for sources see the sources and methods file). Sample size for each year: 1896: N= 211 1914: N= 346 1928: N= 377 1933: N= 405 1938: N= 363 1992: N= 614 2010: N= 252 For the years 1914, 1928, 1933, 1938 and 1992 a standardized firm sample of size N=250 has been selected....

Quality of Life

Tanja van der Lippe
QUALITY is an innovative quantitative and qualitative research project that has examined how, in an era of major change, European citizens and workers living in different national welfare state regimes and subject to different public and organisational trends and policies evaluate the quality of their lives. The project analyses international-comparative data on the social well-being of citizens and collects new data on social quality in European workplaces in the selected partner countries: UK, Finland, Sweden,...

Formation of platform co-ops in the European gig economy

Damion Bunders
This database is compiled as part of my PhD project on the challenges that gig workers face when organising themselves in a worker-owned and worker-governed cooperative enterprise. The research project aims to provide insight into the viability and competitive (dis)advantages of platform cooperatives as one institutional approach for organising decent work in the gig economy by analysing the conditions under which cooperatives of gig workers can become resilient. To answer a sub-question, I used semi-structured...

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