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Particle Tracking data for 'Basin-scale sources and pathways of microplastic that ends up in the Galapagos Archipelago'

Erik van Sebille
Simulations using Parcels v2.0.0beta2 for the manuscript 'Basin-scale sources and pathways of microplastic that ends up in the Galapagos Archipelago'

Analysis of organic matter in surface snow by PTR-MS – implications for dry deposition dynamics in the Alps

Dusan Materic
This is the repository of the supplementary data for the paper: “Brief communication: Analysis of organic matter in surface snow by PTR-MS – implications for dry deposition dynamics in the Alps”, https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-2018-203 The sampling of the surface snow (2 cm) was performed from 20/03/2017 – 01/04/2017, 8-9 AM each day at Sonnblick Observatory, Austria. The supplementary data include: 1. Raw mass spectra are given for all the measurements including the replicates. The unit expressed is...

Corporate network data - Italy

Alberto Rinaldi & Michelangelo Vasta
The source we used in this work for the benchmark years from 1913 to 1983 is Notizie statistiche sulle principali società italiane per azioni, edited by the Associazione fra le Società Italiane per Azioni (Assonime). The Imita.db database is an electronic version of this source. This dataset contains information on companies, boards of directors, and balance sheets of a large sample of Italian joint-stock companies for several benchmark years. On the whole, the dataset contains...

Corporate network data - USA

Todd Shifeling & Mark S. Mizruchi
Our dataset integrates several of the leading research projects on corporate networks in the postwar United States. The data from the 1960s were derived from the Mathematical Analysis of Corporate Networks (MACNET) project, directed by Michael Schwartz (see Mintz and Schwartz, 1985, for a description). Data from the 1970s were drawn from a project directed by Gerald Davis, Eric Neuman, and Mark Mizruchi. The data from the 1980s through 2003 were collected by Gerald Davis...

Data carsharing companies Germany

Karla Münzel
Data on all carsharing companies in Germany. Data on the numbers of car and the geographical reach. Data on the companies (founding year, owners, partners, profit structure). Data on the service offered. Own collection of data Sample size 101 (101 companies) IBM SPSS Statistics 25 51 variables • Reference number • BM type 4 clusters (P2P, B2C Roundtrip, B2C one-way, co-operative) • Owner background: type incumbent, non-incumbent, co-operative • Firm name • Website • Names...

Carsharing supply in Western European cities

Karla Münzel
Database contains carsharing supply data on all cities larger than 150,000 inhabitants in 5 European countries (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands). Contains data on the offered shared cars of B2C and P2P carsharing in a city and the number of inhabitants in the city. Own collection of data Sample size: 177 (177 cities) 13 variables • City name • Shared cars in total • Shared P2P cars • Shared B2C cars • Number of...

Large-scale biaxial experiments on gypsum-gouge faults and a bare PMMA fault: Mechanical data and selected strain and image data

Loes Buijze
Geodetic observations and large-scale laboratory experiments show that seismic instability is preceded by slow slip within a finite nucleation zone. In laboratory experiments rupture nucleation is studied mostly using bare (rock) interfaces, whereas upper crustal faults are typically filled with gouge. To investigate effects of gouge on nucleation, we performed a biaxial shearing experiment on a 350 mm long saw-cut fault filled with gypsum gouge, at room temperature and σ2 = 0.3 - 5 MPa....

Corporate network data - Finland

Susanna Fellman, Kari-Matti Piilahti & Valtteri Harmala
We collected information on the CEOs and boards of directors of 100 of the largest companies in Finland for specific benchmark years: namely, 1912, 1927, 1938, 1974, 1984, 1994 and 2004. We only included the boards of directors, but not the (non-compulsory ) supervisory boards (hallintoneuvosto/förvaltningsråd ). We selected 100 companies from the manufacturing industry, financial industry, trade and services and the utilities. We collected information about managing directors/ CEOs and boards of directors for...

Hydrodynamic Mobility Reversal of Squirmers near Flat and Curved Surfaces

Joost de Graaf, Michael Kuron & Philipp Stärk
The data set "Hydrodynamic Mobility Reversal of Squirmers near Flat and Curved Surfaces" contains the outcome of a theoretical and simulation study into the motion of simple model hydrodynamic swimmers, squirmers, around a spherical obstacle. The main result of this study is that hydrodynamic mobility reversals are possible without the addition of a chemical gradients that help generate the self-propulsion. The robustness of this finding to the curvature of the obstacle with which the squirmer...

Credit transactions by aldermen and notaries in the Low Countries (Revised 2019)

Oscar Gelderblom
This database was compiled as part the EURYI/VIDI research project ‘The Evolution of Financial Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe (1500-1800): A Comparative Analysis’, led by Oscar (O.C.) Gelderblom and Joost (J.P.B.) Jonker. This second version contains minor changes to the datafiles. For details see the Wordfile "Coding Error in the Notaries and Aldermen Data Set (2 October 2019)" The research project explores why sophisticated capital markets emerge in some economies, but not in others. To explain...

Social learning experiment

Eva Vriens
This experiment was designed to study the extent to which people use social learning (i.e., the incorporation of information/knowledge of others in their network) to solve complex problems. The experiment uses a multi-armed bandit problem, translated into a game in which participants have to learn which of four card decks has the most profitable cards. Participants get 20 tries to draw a card from 1 of the 4 card decks, so learning is possible through...

Annual regional related and unrelated variety indicators for the years 2006-2014

Jeroen Content
Database with indicators of related and unrelated variety, at regional NUTS-2 levels across Europe. Measured each year for the period 2006-2014. Unrelated variety is measured at 2 digits, whereas related variety is measured at 4 digits within each 2 digit. Countries included: AT ,BE ,BG ,CY ,CZ ,DE ,DK ,EE ,EL ,ES ,FI ,FR ,HR ,HU ,IE ,IS ,IT ,LT ,LU ,LV ,MT ,NL ,NO ,PL ,PT ,RO ,SE ,SI ,SK ,UK.

Illustration of irrigation patterns for a subset area in the Central Rift Valley Ethiopia

Marjolein Vogels
These files show the output for a subset area located in the Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia (incorporates the city Adama and Koka Lake), following the workflow in the associated paper (Spatio-temporal patterns of smallholder irrigated agriculture in the Horn of Africa using GEOBIA and Sentinel-2 imagery from M.F.A. Vogels, S.M. de Jong, G. Sterk, H. Douma, E.A. Addink; Utrecht University). The studied year is September 2016 to August 2017. It contains: 1) the cropland classification,...

Corporate network data - Japan

Satoshi Koibuchi & Tetsuji Okazaki
To create this dataset we collected the directorship data of the 200 largest nonfinancial firms and the 50 largest financial firms, in terms of total assets, for the years 1911, 1928, 1937, 1957, 1973, 1982, 1992, 1998 and 2009. In order to obtain the asset data and information on directors and auditors for pre-war Japan, we used a series of company directories compiled by a major securities company, Osakaya Shoten (Kabushiki Nenkan ). Because this...

Corporate network data - Taiwan

Zong-Rong Lee & Thijs A. Velema
The data is collected by including all major active Taiwanese firms in pre-war colonial period, and all listed companies in post-war period for totally eight time points since 1941 to 2003 (i.e., 1941, 1962, 1969, 1982, 1988, 1992, 1998, and 2003). Data from 1941 is based on the Taiwanese Company Yearbook published by the Taiwan Economic Research Association. The Yearbook includes the major 168 companies that were active in Taiwan during 1941 when the Taiwan...

Frictional properties of simulated shale-coal fault gouges: Implications for induced seismicity in source rocks below Europe’s largest gas field

Jinfeng Liu, Luuk Bernd Hunfeld, André Rik Niemeijer & Christopher James Spiers
We report 21 frictional sliding experiments performed on simulated fault gouges prepared from shale-coal mixtures. Our aim was to investigate the effects of local coal seam smearing on the frictional properties and induced seismogenic potential of faults cutting the Upper Carboniferous source rocks underlying the Groningen gas reservoir (Netherlands). We used shale/siltstone core recovered from beneath the Groningen reservoir plus Polish bituminous coal of similar age and origin to coals locally present in the Groningen...

Reliability of pelvis measurements in beef cattle

Johannes C.M. Vernooij & Dietmar E. Holm
Reproducibility and repeatability of pelvis measurements taken by experienced and unexperienced observers in beef cattle. Horizontal and vertical measurements (cm) of the pelvis were taken in young cattle of 4 South African beef breeds. The observers have taken 2 measurements each from every animal. Also other animal characteristics were collected such as body length, heart girth, height at the withers , sex, pregnancy status and body condition score.

Reviewed publications 'The living lab as a methodology for public administration research'

Rianne Dekker
This document provides a full list of 84 publications that were included in a systematic literature review of applications of the living lab methodology in the social sciences. This article is published in the International Journal of Public Administration, DOI:10.1080/01900692.2019.1668410.

Intergranular clay films control inelastic deformation in the Groningen gas reservoir: Evidence from split-cylinder deformation tests

Ronald Pijnenburg, Berend Antonie Verberne, Suzanne Hangx & Christopher James Spiers
Production of oil and gas from sandstone reservoirs leads to small elastic and inelastic strains in the reservoir, which may induce surface subsidence and seismicity. While the elastic component is easily described, the inelastic component, and any rate-sensitivity thereof remain poorly understood in the relevant small strain range (≤ 1.0%). To address this, we performed a sequence of five stress/strain-cycling plus strain-marker-imaging experiments on a single split-cylinder sample (porosity 20.4%) of Slochteren sandstone from the...

Corporate network data - UK

Gerhard Schnyder & John F. Wilson
The dataset contains data on the composition of the boards of directors (BoD) of the 250 largest UK companies by net assets for nine benchmark years between 1904 and 2010 (1904, 1938, 1958, 1976, 1983, 1993, 1997, 2003 and 2010). The sample is composed of 50 financial firms and 200 non-financial firms, categorized according to the dominant sectoral activity of each firm. In order to compile this data, we relied partly on existing datasets, 2...

Corporate network data - Switserland

Stéphanie Ginalski, Thomas David & André Mach
To create this dataset we used a sample of the 100 largest Swiss companies for eight benchmark years in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries (1910, 1929, 1937, 1957, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010). We included the 25 most important firms in the financial sector (banks, insurance companies and financial companies) and the 75 largest industrial firms. Moreover, we derived the composition of the board of directors (BoD) and the main executive director(s) (1– 4 people,...

Dataset Broodfonds survey

Eva Vriens
The broodfonds data was collected with a survey distributed among all 10230 members of the 230 broodfonds groups that were established before 1 Feb 2017. The data collection period ran from May 8, 2017 until June 14, 2017. Within this period, 5192 respondents (59.7%) filled in the questionnaire. This questionnaire contained questions about motivation for membership, personal characteristics, health and sickness, and social relations. All chairpersons of the 230 broodfonds group were invited to fill...


Jacob Harm 'Jaap' Nienhuis
Timeseries of wave data extracted from .grb2 files. Timeseries contain a 30-year wave climatology that has been generated with the NOAA WAVEWATCH III® using the Ardhuin et al (2010) physics package, 15 regular lat-lon grids, and the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis and Reforecast (CFSRR) homogeneous dataset of hourly high-resolution winds. Model setup: Propagation scheme: Higher-order schemes with Tolman (2002) averaging technique (PR3) Linear input: Cavaleri and Malanotte-Rizzoli with filter (LN1) Nonlinear interactions: Discrete interaction...

Cost of Basic Needs based Global Poverty estimates, 1983-2014

Michail Moatsos
This dataset provides global poverty estimates using the method of cost of basic needs, covering the period 1983-2014, as have been calculated for the "Global Absolute Poverty: Behind the Veil of Dollars" article published in the Journal of Globalization and Development (DOI: 10.1515/jgd-2016-0033). Consult that article for details on the calculation method and the use of the data provided here. See the documentation in this datapackage for explanation of the meanings of each column. The...

Friction and compaction data of simulated fault gouges derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock of the Groningen gas field

Luuk Bernd Hunfeld
We investigated the rate-and-state frictional properties of simulated anhydrite-carbonate fault gouge derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock overlying the seismogenic Groningen gas reservoir in the NE Netherlands. Direct shear experiments were performed at in-situ conditions of 50-150 °C and 40 MPa effective normal stress, using sliding velocities of 0.1-10 µm/s. Reservoir pore fluid compositions were simulated using 4.4 Molar NaCl brine, as well as methane, air and brine/gas mixtures. Brine-saturated samples showed friction coefficients (µ)...

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