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Intergranular clay films control inelastic deformation in the Groningen gas reservoir: Evidence from split-cylinder deformation tests

Ronald Pijnenburg, Berend Antonie Verberne, Suzanne Hangx & Christopher James Spiers
Production of oil and gas from sandstone reservoirs leads to small elastic and inelastic strains in the reservoir, which may induce surface subsidence and seismicity. While the elastic component is easily described, the inelastic component, and any rate-sensitivity thereof remain poorly understood in the relevant small strain range (≤ 1.0%). To address this, we performed a sequence of five stress/strain-cycling plus strain-marker-imaging experiments on a single split-cylinder sample (porosity 20.4%) of Slochteren sandstone from the...

Friction and compaction data of simulated fault gouges derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock of the Groningen gas field

Luuk Bernd Hunfeld
We investigated the rate-and-state frictional properties of simulated anhydrite-carbonate fault gouge derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock overlying the seismogenic Groningen gas reservoir in the NE Netherlands. Direct shear experiments were performed at in-situ conditions of 50-150 °C and 40 MPa effective normal stress, using sliding velocities of 0.1-10 µm/s. Reservoir pore fluid compositions were simulated using 4.4 Molar NaCl brine, as well as methane, air and brine/gas mixtures. Brine-saturated samples showed friction coefficients (µ)...


Jacob Harm 'Jaap' Nienhuis
Timeseries of wave data extracted from .grb2 files. Timeseries contain a 30-year wave climatology that has been generated with the NOAA WAVEWATCH III® using the Ardhuin et al (2010) physics package, 15 regular lat-lon grids, and the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis and Reforecast (CFSRR) homogeneous dataset of hourly high-resolution winds. Model setup: Propagation scheme: Higher-order schemes with Tolman (2002) averaging technique (PR3) Linear input: Cavaleri and Malanotte-Rizzoli with filter (LN1) Nonlinear interactions: Discrete interaction...

Corporate network data - Argentina

Andrea Lluch & Erica Salvaj
To create this dataset we collected information of the 100 largest non-financial corporations, according to their share capital at four benchmark years (1923, 1937, 1944, and 1954) and to their annual sales at other three-benchmark years (1970, 1990 and 2000). The choice of these seven benchmark years primarily reflects the different stages in Argentina’s economic history, but it also factored in data availability, in that board membership information is not readily or systematically available for...

Corporate network data - The Netherlands

Gerarda Westerhuis
This dataset covers 10 benchmark years in the period 1903– 2008. For each year, we picked the top 100 exchange-listed Dutch firms and the top 25 listed and non-listed banks (except for 1998: 22 banks, and 2003: 15 banks). The selection was made on the basis of total assets, except for the banks in the period up to 1958, in which the selection was based on the nominal value of equity capital. Dutch firms are...

Corporate network data - Portugal

Álvaro Ferreira da Silva & Pedro Neves
This dataset covers the composition of the boards of the 125 largest Portuegese firms (by assets) in several benchmark years. These years reflect the different contexts faced by business firms over roughly a hundred years— 1913 to 2010. The first year— 1913— comes at the end of the ‘long nineteenth century’, which was characterized by institutional transformation, but slow economic growth and weak industrialization. The second benchmark year— 1925— marks the end of the buoyant...

Corporate network data - Germany

Paul Windolf
This data set consists of samples of the largest German firms for the years 1896, 1914, 1928, 1933, 1938, 1992 and 2010 (for sources see the sources and methods file). Sample size for each year: 1896: N= 211 1914: N= 346 1928: N= 377 1933: N= 405 1938: N= 363 1992: N= 614 2010: N= 252 For the years 1914, 1928, 1933, 1938 and 1992 a standardized firm sample of size N=250 has been selected....

Mechanical data from rotary shear experiments on material derived from outcrops felsic and mafic rocks in the East African Rift Zone

Nina Hellebrekers
In all experiments, multiple series of velocity-steps were performed to obtain the velocity dependence of friction. The data can be modeled using rate-and-state friction equations (see Marone, 1998). We used the rate-and-state friction tool included in the XLOOK program to invert the data for all RSF parameters. For more details on the inversions scheme, see e.g. Reinen and Weeks, 1993. The excel-files included give the best fit values for the different parameters and different velocity...

ChroniclItaly 2.0. A corpus of Italian American newspapers annotated for entities, 1898-1920.

Lorella Viola
ChroniclItaly 2.0 is the tagged version of ChroniclItaly (Viola 2018), a corpus of Italian language newspapers published in the USA between 1898 and 1920. The corpus includes seven Italian language newspapers published in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia: L’Italia, Cronaca sovversiva, La libera parola, The patriot, La ragione, La rassegna, and La sentinella del West Virginia. This collection, which totals 4,810 issues and contains 16,624,571 words, gathers the front pages of each issue...

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