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Stress-cycling data uniaxial compaction of quartz sand in various chemical environments

Mariska T.W. Schimmel
Decarbonisation of the energy system requires new uses of porous subsurface reservoirs, where hot porous reservoirs can be utilised as sustainable sources of heat and electricity, while depleted ones can be employed to temporary store energy or permanently store waste. However, fluid injection induces a poro-elastic response of the reservoir rock, as well as a chemical response that is not well understood. We conducted uniaxial stress-cycling experiments on quartz sand aggregates to investigate the effect...

CESM data for Baatsen et al. 2020

Michiel Baatsen
Averages and climatologies of primary atmosphere and ocean data from the CESM1.0.5 pre-industrial reference (280ppm CO2 / 671ppb CH4)

CESM data for Baatsen et al. 2020

Michiel Baatsen
Averages and climatologies of primary atmosphere and ocean data from the CESM1.0.5 simulation with 38Ma paleomag reconstruction and 2xPIC (pre-industrial carbon; 560ppm CO2 / 1342ppb CH4)

Effect of donor-recipient relatedness on the plasmid conjugation frequency: a meta-analysis

Egil A.J. Fischer
Background: Conjugation plays a major role in the transmission of plasmids encoding antibiotic resistance genes in both clinical and general settings. The conjugation efficiency is influenced by many biotic and abiotic factors, one of which is the taxonomic relatedness between donor and recipient bacteria. A comprehensive overview of the influence of donor-recipient relatedness on conjugation is, however, still lacking, but such an overview is important to quantitatively assess the risk of plasmid transfer and the...

Surface DEM’s data and cross-sections from analogue experiments of subduction initiation performed in the Tectonic Laboratory (TecLab) at Utrecht University

Antoine Auzemery & Ernst Willingshofer
In order to show the spatial and temporal evolution of deformation and associated surface topography, we present our results in terms of surface scans and final cross sections. The latter are pictures recorded at the end of the experiment. They are obtained at two-third of their width. Experiments are monitored using digital photography and laser scans of the top surface. Digital elevation models, DEM's, are used to retrieve the surface data (grid xyz) and evaluate...

Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) data from metabasaltic fault rocks, Woodlark Rift, Papua New Guinea

Marcel Mizera
Here we provide compositional and crystallographic orientation data on metabasaltic fault rocks exhumed by the Mai’iu fault in the footwall of the Suckling-Dayman Metamorphic Core Complex, SE Papua New Guinea. The present dataset was collected with a SIGMA-VP field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM) equipped with an electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) detector at the University of Otago, using 30 kV acceleration voltage, 50–100 nA beam current, 20–30 mm working distance and 70° sample tilt....

Dataset - Reciprocal relations between symptoms of complicated grief, depression, and anxiety following job loss: A cross-lagged analysis

J.H.W. Van Eersel
Abstract Objective: Involuntary job loss can lead to symptoms of complicated grief (CG), depression, and anxiety. Information about the temporal linkage between these symptoms is limited and may have implications for the treatment of those suffering from mental health complaints after dismissal. The aim of this study was to explore the possible reciprocal relationships between symptoms of CG, depression, and anxiety following involuntary job loss. Method: We recruited 128 Dutch workers who had lost their...

De festo aurei velleris Traiecti celebrato … anno 1546

Bart Jaski
Transcription of Utrecht, University Library, Ms. 796, part 3 (pp. 30-36), about the parade and festivities of the Chapter of the Order of the Golden Fleece in Utrecht, 1546, a text attributed to Nicolaus Mameranus. The manuscript belonged to Gijsbert Lap van Waveren.

Data accompanying \"Dynamics of Africa 75 Ma: from plate kinematic reconstructions to intraplate paleo-stresses\"

Marius Christiaan Wouters
Plate reconstruction studies show that the Neotethys Ocean was closing due to convergence of Africa and Eurasia towards the end of the Cretaceous. The period around 75 Ma reflects the onset of continental collision between the two plates, although convergence was still mainly accommodated by subduction, with the Neotethys slab subducting beneath Eurasia. Africa was separated from the rapidly north moving Indian plate by the Owen oceanic transform in the northeast. The rest of the...

NELLS wave 1 and wave 2 data with linked alter information for the CDN

Eva Vriens
This dataset was constructed based on waves 1 and 2 of the NELLS panel. The NELLS survey contained ego-network questions in both waves. These questions asked respondents to list up to 5 alters with whom they discussed important personal matters (i.e., measurement of the core discussion network). Follow-up questions asked about personal characteristics of these alters. We used the original data file with the names of all alters listed (obtained from the panels' administrators) in...

Public data risk-sharing experiment

Eva Vriens
This folder contains the oTree code and final dataset of the Risk-Sharing experiment. The risk-sharing experiment was programmed in oTree and conducted with Uk-based participants recruited from the Prolific platform between June 5 and June 11. In total, 525 people showed up for these sessions (68% of those who signed up), of which 430 could be assigned to a risk-sharing group. 424 subjects completed the entire experiment. The experiment consisted of four parts. First, the...

Arnoldus Buchelius, Index librorum in quibus inscriptiones antiquae vel exhibentur vel explicantur

Bart Jaski
Transcriptie en editie van Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Hs. 1682, waarin Aernout van Buchell (1565-1641) een lijst geeft van 180 boeken waarin klassieke inscripties worden getoond of verklaard. Het meest recente boek in de lijst werd gedrukt in 1627. Transcription and edition of Utrecht, University Library, Hs. 1682, in which Aernout van Buchell (1565-1641) gives a list of 180 books in which classical inscriptions are reproduced or explained. The most recent book in the list is from...

Microscopic and spectroscopic data of pseudotachylytes and wall rocks from the Moncuni ophiolite

Oliver Plümper
We investigated the microstructures and geochemistry of pseudotachylytes found within the ophiolitic peridotites and gabbros from the Moncuni area (Lanzo Ultramafic Massif, Western Alps). The pseudotachylytes preserve dry glass and pristine microlites. The presence of garnet and the static development of eclogite-facies assemblages in local hydrated domains indicate that pseudotachylytes experienced subduction conditions of 600 °C and 2.1 GPa. Samples were investigated using optical and scanning electron microscopic imaging as well as electron backscatter diffraction,...

Hydrothermal friction data of samples obtained from outcrops of the Mai'iu Fault, Papua New Guinae

Andre Rik Niemeijer
General friction and rate and state friction data of powdered fault gouge samples derived from outcrops of the Mai'iu Fault, Papua New Guinae, which is one of the world's most rapidly slipping low-angle normal faults, The experiments show that gouges from the shallowest portion of the fault zone are predominantly weak and velocity-strengthening, while fault rocks deformed at greater depths are stronger and velocity-weakening. Evaluating the geodetic and friction results together with geophysical and microstructural...

Micro-XCT images, grain size distributions and mechanical data used in: \"Uniaxial compaction of sand using 4D X-ray tomography: The effect of mineralogy on grain-scale compaction mechanisms.\"

Jeroen. F. Van Stappen & Suzanne J.T. Hangx
The mechanical behaviour of sand aggregates is often studied as a proxy for poorly consolidated sands and highly porous sandstones. Only recently research aimed at understanding sand deformation has started to use techniques that allow for direct observation of the in-situ grain-scale processes. Using state-of-the-art, time-lapse micro X-ray computed tomography (micro-XCT) imaging, the influence of mineralogy on the compaction of sand aggregates has been investigated by performing uniaxial compaction experiments on four different mineral assemblies...

Transcriptie T’boeck vande vroet-wijfs van Jacob Rueff vertaald uit het Hoogduits in het Nederlands door Martinus Everaerts, Amsterdam 1591

Bart Jaski
Transcriptie van de Nederlandse tekst van Jacob Rueff, T’boeck vande vroet-wijfs, zoals vertaald uit het Hoogduits door Martinus Everaerts, gepubliceerd in Amsterdam in 1591. Transcription of the Dutch text of Jacob Rueff, T’boeck vande vroet-wijfs (The book of the midwife), as translated from the High German by Martinus Everaerts, published in Amsterdam in 1591.

Networks and New Mutualism

Eva Vriens
This folder contains all Mplus and Rscripts used to run the analyses and create the figures as reported in 'Vriens, E., Buskens, V., & de Moor, T. (2019). Networks and new mutualism: how embeddedness influences commitment and trust in small mutuals. Socio-Economic Review. Paper abstract: Mutualism is reviving again in several countries, replying to state and market failure with an alternative, social insurance setup. We study participation in such new mutuals with a focus on...

Bibliography of the Utrecht Psalter

Bart Jaski & Esther van de Vrie
Bibliography of publications about the Utrecht Psalter up to 2019

Subjective and objective evaluations of horses for fit-to-compete or unfit-to-compete judgement.

Filipe. Serra Bragança, Harold Brommer & Marianne. Sloet van Oldruitenborgh-Oosterbaan
At Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) competitions horses pass a veterinary inspection for judgement of ‘fit-to-compete’. However, FEI Veterinary Delegates (VDs) often differ in opinion. The aim of the present study was to evaluate intra- and inter-observer agreements of ‘fit-to-compete’ judgement and compare these with objective gait analysis measurements. Twelve horses were evaluated by three experienced VDs and one veterinary specialist and video-recorded for re-evaluation later. Simultaneously, quantitative gait analysis measurements (Qhorse®) were acquired. Inter-observer agreement...

Data supplementary to \"Complementing scale experiments of rivers and estuaries with numerically modelled hydrodynamics\"

Steven Alexander Hubertus Weisscher
This data set contains supplementary material and the raw data for the Esurf paper Weisscher et al (2020). The supplementary material includes four supplementary figures to the paper and a movie for visual comparison between measured and modelled flow. In addition, there is a supplementary manual that explains how to remodel the hydrodynamics of scale experiments (i.e., the iRIC manual). The raw data of the meandering and braided river scale experiments was collected by Van...

Cornelis Booth, Catalogus der handschriften van Aernout van Buchell

Bart Jaski
Beschrijving, discussie en transcriptie van Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Hs. 1831 door Bart Jaski en Kees Smit. Hs. 1831 bevat een korte lijst met handschriften van Aernout van Buchell (Buchelius; 1565-1641), geschreven door Cornelis Booth tussen 1641 en 1652, die hij en zijn verwanten in bezit hadden. Ingevoegd is een lijst van boeken van de universiteitsbibliotheek die vermist worden, geschreven door Booth tussen 1670 en 1678. Description, discussion and transcription of Utrecht, University Library, Hs. 1831 by...

Large-scale biaxial experiments on frictionally heterogeneous faults: Mechanical data and selected strain and image data

Loes Buijze & Yanshuang Guo
Frictional heterogeneity within fault zones is one of the factors proposed to explain the spectrum of slow, intermediate, and fast slip behaviors exhibited by faults in nature. Numerical modeling shows how even a simplified model setup incorporating sliding on a velocity-weakening (VW) patch surrounded by velocity-strengthening (VS) material can reproduce a rich variety of slip behaviors resembling nature. However, experimental investigations of sliding on heterogeneous faults are few. In this study, the slip behavior of...

Typology of concord

Sterre Leufkens
Raw typological data, acquired by Sterre Leufkens in the context of research into redundancy.

Raw data risk-sharing experiment

Eva Vriens
This folder contains all files used for the Risk-Sharing experiment. The risk-sharing experiment was programmed in oTree and conducted with Uk-based participants recruited from the Prolific platform between June 5 and June 11. In total, 525 people showed up for these sessions (68% of those who signed up), of which 430 could be assigned to a risk-sharing group. 424 subjects completed the entire experiment. The experiment consisted of four parts. First, the subjects had to...

Estimates of the urbanisation process in Europe 800 - 1500

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Estimates of the urbanisation process in Europe 800 - 1500' originally forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been downloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in September 2020. These data were used in the paper 'Charting the rise of the West' and is based on the original data from Bairoch et al. The dataset consists of an excel file with one sheet, containing annual data on 16 countries...

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