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Expert teachers teaching sensitive topics in Dutch secondary education

Bjorn Wansink
For our research, we purposefully selected nine teachers that were nominated by university-based teacher educators as expert. Furthermore, teachers needed to meet three criteria to be selected for this study: firstly, they had to be active within Dutch secondary education. We chose to select only in-service teachers, because pre-service teachers are often reserved in discussing controversial topics. Secondly, teachers needed to be willing to develop a lesson along the lines of our instruction. And finally,...

Futurestreams dataset

Niko Wanders, Joyce Bosmans & Valerio Barbarossa
Repository of discharge and water temperature scenarios derived from 5 CMIP5 GCMs from the ISI-MIP project computed by the global water balance model PCRGLOBWB and the global water temperature model DynWat. Data are provided on a weekly temporal resolution and 10km spatial resolution. 4 Representative Concentration Pathways are presented, RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0 and RCP8.5, up to 2099. The historical simulations are also provide for 1976 - 2005. A historical simulation derived from E2O reanalysis data...

Contact model and numerical modelling results: “Compaction of the Groningen Gas Reservoir Sandstone: Discrete Element Modelling Using Microphysically Based Grain-Scale Interaction Laws”

Mohammad Hadi Mehranpour
Reservoir compaction, surface subsidence and induced seismicity are often associated with prolonged hydrocarbon production. Recent experiments conducted on the Groningen gas field’s Slochteren sandstone reservoir rock, at in-situ conditions, have shown that compaction involves both poro-elastic strain and time-independent, permanent strain caused by consolidation and shear of clay films coating the sandstone grains, with grain failure occurring at higher stresses. To model compaction of the reservoir in space and time, numerical approaches, such as the...

Verbal Diminutives - Appendix

Sterre Leufkens & Jenny Audring
Excel file with information on language sample used for paper 'Mall events. Verbal diminutives in the language of the world' (Audring, Leufkens, Van Lier, to appear) + rtf-file describing the excel file.

Kees Smit, Brieven van en aan Arnoldus Buchelius: complete verzameling met transcripties en annotaties

Bart Jaski
Geannoteerde editie van alle bekende brieven van en aan Arnoldus Buchelius (Aernout van Buchell) (1565-1641) in handschrift en druk. Het gaat om 414 brieven van/aan 76 personen, bewaard in verschillende bibliotheken binnen en buiten Nederland. Annotated edition of all the known letters from and to Arnoldus Buchelius (Aernout van Buchell) (1565-1641) in manuscript or printed. It concerns 414 letters from/to 76 persons, kept in various libraries in and outside the Netherlands.

Datapackages PhD research Lisa Ansems

Lisa Ansems
These datapackages (1 for each of the 3 empirical studies) belong to the doctoral research conducted by Lisa Ansems during December 2016 and January 2021 on perceived procedural justice from the perspective of criminal defendants.

Continuous versus discrete data analysis for gait evaluation of horses with induced bilateral hindlimb lameness

Ineke Smit
Background: Gait kinematics measured during equine gait analysis are typically evaluated by analysing (asymmetry-based) discrete variables (e.g. peak values) obtained from continuous kinematic signals (e.g. timeseries of datapoints). However, when used for the assessment of complex cases of lameness, such as bilateral lameness, discrete variable analysis might overlook relevant functional adaptations. Objectives: The overall aim of this paper is to compare continuous and discrete data analysis techniques to evaluate kinematic gait adaptations to lameness. Study...

Gender differences in academic and research integrity

Hanneke Mol
This data was collected as part of a study on gender differences in academic and research integrity. The dataset contains data on gender and on attitudes, suspecting and reporting others, and behavior regarding a range of topics in academic and research integrity. In this folder, four data files can be found (.csv, .dat, .sav, .xlsx). Only the formats of these files differ, the contents are the same.

Rotary Shear Experiments on Glass Bead Aggregates

Evangelos Korkolis
Constant sliding velocity (i.e. rate of rotation) friction experiments on mm-thick layers of glass beads, under room temperature and humidity conditions. Stick-slip in sheared granular aggregates is considered to be an analog for the intermittent deformation of the earth’s lithosphere via earthquakes. Stick-slip can be regular, i.e. periodic and of consistent amplitude, or irregular, i.e. aperiodic and of varying amplitude. In the context of seismology, the former behavior resembles the Characteristic Earthquake Model, whereas the...

Commodity, product and factor prices in the Netherlands, 1800-1913

Arthur van Riel
Price-historical database to Trials of 'Convergence. Prices, Markets and Industrialization in the Netherlands, 1800-1913' (Brill, 2021) The database on Dutch nineteenth century commodity and factor prices was compiled between 1991 and 2001 as part of the NWO ‘Pionier’ project ‘Reconstruction of the National Accounts of the Netherlands, 1800-1913’. Its composite deflators featured earlier in the published national accounts (Smits et al., Dutch GNP and its Components, 1800-1913, Groningen University 2000) and in a general survey...

Bayesian Backtracking simulations North Sea

Mikael Kaandorp
Data and code for van Duinen et al. (2021), titled "Identifying Marine Sources of Beached Plastics through a Bayesian Framework: Application to Southwest Netherlands"

In-situ Distributed Strain Sensing data from the Zeerijp-3a well of the Groningen gas field, Netherlands. Period 2015-2019.

Pepijn R. Kole
The Groningen gas field is the largest gas field in Europe. Gas production in this field has led to seismicity and surface subsidence, both believed to be caused by compaction of the underlying reservoir sandstone. In 2015, the field operator (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij - NAM) installed a fibre optic cable in the Zeerijp-3a well, at a true vertical depth of about 2900 to 3200 m, i.e. in and around the gas reservoir. The Zeerijp-3a well...

Model files for the benthic species model

Muriel Z.M. Brückner
This repository includes the model files used in the publication of Brückner et al. 2021 - "Benthic species as mud patrol‐modelled effects of bioturbators and biofilms on large‐scale estuarine mud and morphology" doi: https://doi.org/10.1002/esp.5080. The files contain the initial model domain used in the Delft3D model and the associated Delft3D files. More information about the data and its content can be found in readme.txt. Contact person is Muriel Brückner - Researcher - M.Bruckner@exeter.ac.uk. Abstract study:...

Negative cognitions and emotional distress following job loss: Development and validation of the Beliefs about Loss Of Work (BLOW) scale

Janske van Eersel
Negative cognitions following job loss can contribute to emotional distress by motivating individuals to adopt coping styles that reduce stress in the short run, while obstructing adjustment in the long run. It is unclear which specific cognitions are related to symptoms of complicated grief, depression, and anxiety following job loss. To fill this gap, this study introduces the Beliefs about Loss Of Work (BLOW) scale and examines its psychometric properties. We recruited 222 Dutch workers...

Code and data for the Dutch North Sea beached litter analysis

Mikael Kaandorp
code and data for 'Using machine learning and beach cleanup data to explain litter quantities along the Dutch North Sea coast' by M. Kaandorp, S. Ypma, M. Boonstra, H. Dijkstra, and E. van Sebille. Submitted to the journal 'Ocean Science'

Data supplementary to \"Building and raising land: mud and vegetation effects in infilling estuaries\"

Steven Alexander Hubertus Weisscher, Maarten G. Kleinhans & Kim Van den Hoven
This data set contains supplementary material and the raw data for the JGR paper Weisscher et al (2022). The supplementary material includes the DEMs of three experiments, which were derived from stereo-photography (TIFF format) and from laser-scanning (TIFF format and MAT format). Also, the data package includes overhead imagery in the form of a movie per experiment (MP4 format) and overhead georeferenced photos (PNG format) of the dry bed of two experiments to classify mud...

Extended syntax for 'Cooperation between newcomers and incumbents: The role of normative disagreements'

Kasper Otten
This dataset contains an extended version of the syntax that was originally uploaded in the dataset: 'Cooperation between newcomers and incumbents: The role of normative disagreements'; DOI: 10.24416/UU01-87KATL. The extensions are based on comments received during peer-review.

Gezangen, schapen en pausen: onderzoek naar de Utrechtse Mariakerkbijbel van 1463

Bart Jaski
Onderzoeksverslag over Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Hs. 35 A 3, het tweede deel van een tweedelige bijbel, geschreven door Johannes de Tremonia, rector van de Latijnse school van de Mariakerk in Utrecht in 1463. Research report on Utrecht, University Library, Ms. 35 A 3, the second part of a two-volume bible, written by Johannes de Tremonia, headmaster of the Latin school of St Mary's Church in Utrecht in 1463.

Annual mean NO2 concentrations Europe 2010

Kees de Hoogh
Exposure surface that contains annual concentrations (µg/m3) of NO2 developed for the ELAPSE project: http://www.elapseproject.eu. Coordinate system: ETRS_89_LAEA

Computing and visualizing the Qur’an’s footprint in fifty-five works of Islamic substantive law

Yusuf Çelik
A collection of Qur'an citations discovered in the works of fifty-five jurists, segmented according to the chapter (sūrah) number of the Qur'an. Each segmented file contains a table with the exact verse number, the string quoted by jurists, the title in which the citation appears, the original internet source from which the data has been mined, and the context of the citation. Qur'an citations have been annotated in the latter column with HTML...

Cooperation between newcomers and incumbents: The role of normative disagreements

Kasper Otten
Cooperation in groups often requires individual members to make costly contributions that benefit the group as a whole. Prior research suggests that shared norms can help to support ingroup cooperation by prescribing common standards of how much to contribute. These common standards may be disrupted when groups undergo membership change, i.e., when members from outgroups enter the ingroup. When newcomers and incumbents have different notions about how much to contribute, a normative disagreement ensues that...

Rotary Shear Experiments on Glass Bead Aggregates

Evangelos Korkolis
Constant sliding velocity (i.e. rate of rotation) friction experiments on mm-thick layers of glass beads, under room temperature and humidity conditions. Stick-slip in sheared granular aggregates is considered to be an analog for the intermittent deformation of the earth’s lithosphere via earthquakes. Stick-slip can be regular, i.e. periodic and of consistent amplitude, or irregular, i.e. aperiodic and of varying amplitude. In the context of seismology, the former behavior resembles the Characteristic Earthquake Model, whereas the...

M-Tool data analysis script

Wouter van Boxtel & Karlijn L. van den Broek
This R-script provides M-Tool users with a starting point for their data analysis. The script uses the edge list produced by M-Tool and transforms these into total number of nodes, total number of edges and various centrality measures (including in- and out-degree, in- and out-strength, mean in- and out-degree weight, weighted and unweighted betweenness). The script also includes code to visualize the data. Users need to download both scripts, save their data file in the...

Simulating Lagrangian Subgrid-Scale Dispersion on Neutral Surfaces in the Ocean

Daan Reijnders
This repository holds the Lagrangian data, Eulerian & Lagrangian data generation scripts and analysis & visualization scripts for the manuscript 'Simulating Lagrangian Subgrid-Scale Dispersion on Neutral Surfaces in the Ocean'. https://github.com/daanreijnders/isoneutral-dispersion

Microstructural data and microscopic stress measurements of natural mineral-hydration reactions [updated]

Oliver Plümper
We investigated the microstructures of periclase-to-brucite hydration domains within marble from the Adamello contact aureole (Italy). The microstructure preserve high differential stresses within the calcite surrounding the hydration domains of up to 1.5 GPa. Samples were investigated using optical, scanning and transmission electron microscopy as well as high-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HREBSD). Stress measurements obtained via HREBSD are compared to analytical solutions. The data is organised in 10 folders termed (Supplementary) Figure X, where...

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