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Reading about us and them: Moral and but not minimal group effects on language-induced emotion

Marijn Struiksma, Björn 't Hart & Jos van Berkum
This folder contains all information regarding the experimental set-up, data, analysis, and publication of the experiment of Refining the Multiple‐Drivers Model: Minimal groups vs. Morality. More detailed information can be found in the readme.txt and in the paper "Reading about us and them: Moral and but not minimal group effects on language-induced emotion" by Björn 't Hart, Marijn Struiksma, Anton van Boxtel, & Jos J.A. van Berkum*

Urbanisation Hub

Eltjo Buringh
Much of the recent work done by economists and economic historians analyzing long-term trends in the world economy has used urbanization as a proxy for economic development, and has analyzed data on the number and size of cities and/or the urbanization ratio as measures of the economic success of regions and countries. Estimates of the size of cities are indeed among the few more or less reliable data available for the pre-industrial age, making it...

Presupposition, Admittance and Karttunen Calculus

Yoad Winter
This paper describes the logical properties of various systems dealing with presuppositions in natural language. It is an extended version, May 2021, of a paper that is to appear in Sedlár et al. (eds.), Logica Yearbook 2020. This version includes appendices with proofs of claims made in that paper.

Data supplement to \"Estuarine morphodynamics and development modified by floodplain formation\"

Maarten G. Kleinhans
Data was generated for three experimental, sandy estuaries in the 20 m long Metronome tidal flume https://www.uu.nl/metronome. The conditions were the same, except that one experiment had a mud simulant and one had live vegetation. The third experiment was for control with sand only. The paper contains all information on procedures, settings and data analyses. The data in this supplement is a timeseries of bathymetry, an overhead movie of all three experiments for visual inspection...

Computing and visualizing the Qur’an’s footprint in fifty-five works of Islamic substantive law (2021)

Yusuf Çelik
A collection of Qur'an citations discovered in the works of fifty-five jurists, segmented according to the chapter (sūrah) number of the Qur'an. Each segmented file contains a table with the exact verse number, the string quoted by jurists, the title in which the citation appears, the original internet source from which the data has been mined, and the context of the citation. Qur'an citations have been annotated in the latter column with HTML...

POP data for Nooteboom et al., in prep

Peter Nooteboom
Output of the eddying POP model simulations, using 38Ma paleogeography and 2 and 4 times atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Data supplement to Antigonon leptopus invasion is associated with plant community disassembly in a Caribbean island ecosystem

Martin Joseph Wassen
The spreadsheet file contains the data presented in a study that assessed the impacts of the invasive vine Antigonon leptopus (referred to as ‘Coralita’) on plant communities within the lowland ecosystems of the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius. These impacts were studied using a paired plot design, with the plant community composition in each plot invaded by Coralita being contrasted with an uninvaded plot in close proximity. In total, 17 plot pairs were considered. The...

Formation of platform co-ops in the European gig economy

Damion Bunders
This database is compiled as part of my PhD project on the challenges that gig workers face when organising themselves in a worker-owned and worker-governed cooperative enterprise. The research project aims to provide insight into the viability and competitive (dis)advantages of platform cooperatives as one institutional approach for organising decent work in the gig economy by analysing the conditions under which cooperatives of gig workers can become resilient. To answer a sub-question, I used semi-structured...

Data supplement to \"How debris-flow composition affects bed erosion quantity and mechanisms - an experimental assessment\"

Lonneke Roelofs
Data was generated for 98 debris flow erosion experiments in a 5.4 m long flume with an erodible loosely packed sediment bed. In the 98 experiments the bed conditions were kept constant, but the composition of the debris flow changed. Volume, water content, gravel content and clay content were varied. The paper contains all information on procedures, settings, sensors and data analyses. The data in this supplement contains the DEMs of the erodible bed, the...

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