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In-situ Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) data from the Zeerijp-3a well in the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands. Period 2015-2021

Pepijn R. Kole & Rob M.H.E. van Eijs
The Groningen gas field is the largest gas field in Europe. Gas production in this field has led to seismicity and surface subsidence, both believed to be caused by compaction of the underlying reservoir sandstone. In 2015, the field operator (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij - NAM) installed a fibre optics cable in the Zeerijp-3a well, at a true vertical depth of about 2900 to 3200 m, i.e. in and around the gas reservoir. The Zeerijp-3a well...

Gezond thuiswerken (working from home healthily)

Anne van der Put
The research project Gezond thuiswerken (working from home healthily) of Utrecht University aimed to study the health and well-being of Dutch employees that worked from home during the covid-19 pandemic. To stop the spread of infections, the Dutch government advised employees to work from home as much as possible during the data collection period (March-July 2021). As a result, many employees worked from home for the majority of their working hours, while before March 2020...

Data supplement to the GLOBGM v1.0: a parallel implementation of a 30 arcsec PCR-GLOBWB-MODFLOW global-scale groundwater model

Jarno Verkaik & Edwin H. Sutanudjaja
The GLOBGM is the PCR-GLOBWB MODFLOW global-scale Groundwater Model at 30 arcsecond spatial resolution (~ 1km at the equator) that makes usage of high performance computing. The current version 1.0 uses off-line data from PCR-GLOBWB. For simulating steady-state or transient groundwater flow, a new distributed ry parallel prototype of MODFLOW 6 is being used, that has been developed together with the United States Geological Survey (https://github.com/verkaik/modflow6-parallel.git, https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5778658). Contact: Jarno Verkaik (globgm.info@gmail.com)

Supplementary data to: “Nanoplastics measurements in Northern and Southern Polar Ice”

Dušan Materić
This is the repository of the supplementary, data and it contains: 1. Raw .h5 data files as original output of TD-PTR-MS for Greenland snow firn measurements; 2. Raw .h5 data files as original output of TD-PTR-MS for Antarctica sea ice core measurements; 3. PTRwid version of software we used for mass spectra and molar ratio extraction; 4. Data analysis of mass spectra: subtraction and limit of detection calculation for Greenland measurements; 5. Data analysis of...

IODP Leg 342 Site U1411 planktic foraminifera across the Eocene Oligocene Transition

Ilja J. Kocken
Images of planktic foraminifera from IODP Leg 342 Site U1411 across the Eocene Oligocene Transition. The datapackage contains two folders, one for Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) photographs and one for colour photographs. The SEM photographs were generated on a JEOL-Neoscope JCM6000 Benchtop SEM. Both cleaned and uncleaned samples were prepared for SEM imaging by placing the fragments on two-sided carbon sticker and adhering 4 nm of Pt/Pd-target. Colour microscope photographs to establish foraminifera preservation and...

The European methane isotope database coupled with a global inventory of fossil and non-fossil δ13C- and δ2H-CH4 source signature measurements

Malika Menoud
Stable isotopic composition (13C and 2H) of methane (CH4) emission sources. European Methane Isotope Database, based on measurements carried out during the MEMO2 project (https://h2020-memo2.eu) Methane Isotopic signatures from previous literature, reported by Sherwood et al. (2017, 2021), and in other literature sources. Sherwood, O.A., Schwietzke, S., Arling, V.A., Etiope, G., 2017. Global Inventory of Gas Geochemistry Data from Fossil Fuel, Microbial and Burning Sources, version 2017. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 9, 639–656. https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-9-639-2017 Sherwood,...

Output of model simulations used for publication \"South Asian agriculture increasingly dependent on meltwater and groundwater\"

Arthur F. Lutz
Output of model simulations used for publication "South Asian agriculture increasingly dependent on meltwater and groundwater", published in Nature Climate Change in 2022. Publication doi:10.1038/s41558-022-01355-z The archive contains outputs of 8 model runs forced with different combinations of GCMs and SSPs. All outputs are stored in NetCDF files at 5 minute spatial resolution covering the downstream spatial model domain (Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra river basins), and cover the period 1981-2100. See also the readme file...

Illgraben topographic datasets 2018 - 2021

Tjalling de Haas
Topographic data of the Illgraben channel from November 2018 to September 2021. The folder contains orthophotos, DTMs, and hillshades DTMs in geotiff format, and point clouds in .laz format. Models have been made through structure-from-motion with aerial drone images.

Measurements to calibrate pulse energy for main ablation experiment

Dries van Oosten & Marnix Vreugdenhil
This folder contains the data used to calibrate the pulse energy (as measured using the auxiliary camera in the setup) with respect to a TD10XP thermopile sensor mounted in the sample plane under the ablation objective. These were taken to calibrate measurements done on 20210729.

History Database of the Global Environment 3.2

Kees G.M. Klein Goldewijk
This database presents an update and expansion of the History Database of the Global Environment (HYDE, v 3.2.1). HYDE is and internally consistent combination of updated historical population estimates and land use. Categories include cropland, with a new distinction into irrigated and rain fed crops (other than rice) and irrigated and rain fed rice. Also grazing lands are provided, divided into more intensively used pasture, converted rangeland and non-converted natural (less intensively used) rangeland. Population...

Shallow compaction data of the Groningen gas field and other locations in the Netherlands – period 1970 to 2021.

Rob M.H.E. van Eijs & Onno van der Wal
This dataset comprises shallow (0 to 400 meter) compaction data obtained in various locations across the Netherlands, including the large Groningen gas field in the NE Netherlands. Data were obtained in 14 dedicated shallow compaction wells in Groningen, 1 well in Friesland (N Netherlands), 1 well in Drenthe (N Netherlands) and 4 wells in South Holland (SW Netherlands). This dataset includes a) spirit levelling data, obtained every six months from 1970 to 2002, and b)...

Secundary data Project Multilingualism & Participation

Annick van der Bijl
This data package contains the secondary, edited data gathered by the Multilingualism & Participation Project (M&M-project). This research project was installed by Utrecht University's Executive Board from 2020-2022 to research multilingualism in Utrecht University's participatory bodies (e.g., the University Council, Faculty Councils, and Education Committees). In addition, the project focused on creating a receptive Dutch course for international employee and student representatives based on scientific findings and authentic meeting materials. The project was headed by...

Data supplement to: Vegetation reconfigures barrier coasts and affects tidal basin infilling under sea level rise

Marcio Boechat Albernaz
Many tidal basins associated with barrier coasts worldwide infilled over the past millennia due to the combination of sediment supply, wave-tidal sediment transport, and eco-engineering effects of plants. However, the biogeomorphological interactions between saltmarsh and the morphodynamics of an entire coastal barrier system are poorly understood, especially under sea level rise. Here we study the evolution of a barrier coast for combinations of mud availability, presence of vegetation and sea level rise. We developed a...

UU Open Science Monitor 2020

Loek Brinkman, Judith de Haan, Daniël van Hemert, Joost de Laat, Dominique Rijshouwer, Sander Thomaes & Ruth van Veelen
YODA storage “research-osonderzoek” February 7, 2022 – Dominique Rijshouwer (c.d.n.rijshouwer@uu.nl; openscience@uu.nl) About the project: This data package contains all information relevant to the Project "UU Open Science Monitor 2020". Authors (alphabetical order): Loek Brinkman Judith de Haan Daniël van Hemert Joost de Laat Dominique Rijshouwer Sander Thomaes Ruth van Veelen Start date project: March 23, 2020 Publication date package: February 7, 2022 This project was started by the Open Science Programme of Utrecht University. With...

European Sustainable Workforce Survey - Longitudinal

Tanja Van der Lippe
A sustainable European workforce has become increasingly relevant in our present day and age. Flexibility and job insecurity are omnipresent; organizational workforces are displaying growing diversity with respect to age, gender, ethnicity and family status; and Europe’s welfare states are delegating more and more responsibility for the well-being of workers to employers. Now more so than ever, organizations need to consider investing in workers to improve their performance and level of satisfaction. These investments can...

A highly automated apparatus for ultra-fast laser ablation studies: figures and analysis code

Dries van Oosten & Marnix Vreugdenhil
This folder contains the analysis code to produce the figures that were used to prepare the manuscript with the title "A highly automated apparatus for ultra-fast laser ablation studies" by Marnix Vreugdenhil and Dries van Oosten. The root folder contains the figures in the manuscript as well as the Python scripts used to generate them. The (relative) paths used in these scripts can be used as a guide through the analysis and the datasets. To...

Questioning the Conversion Paradox: Gender, Sexuality, and Belonging amongst Women Becoming Jewish, Christian, and Muslim in the Netherlands (raw data)

Lieke Schrijvers
This dataset contains the raw data of my PhD research about Dutch women who converted to Judaism, Christianity or Islam, which resulted in the PhD dissertation 'Questioning the Conversion Paradox: Gender, Sexuality, and Belonging amongst Women Becoming Jewish, Christian, and Muslim in the Netherlands.' The research explores the intersections of gender and religion in the process of conversion and in female converts' everyday religious practice. In order to investigate this question in the three groups...

Crystal Nucleation of Highly-Screened Charged Colloids

Marjolein de Jager
Data package accompanying the publication with the above title in the Journal of Chemical Physics [10.1063/5.0117867]. This package provides all the relevant information for the numerical study of the crystal nucleation of highly-screened charged colloids. We strived to answer the question: when can nearly-hard colloids be seen as hard spheres? To this end, we compared the nucleation barriers and rates of nearly-hard colloids to that of hard spheres by mapping via an effective hard-sphere diameter,...

Long Run Global Poverty using the Dollar-a-Day method

Michail Moatsos
This dataset contains estimates of global poverty on the long run at three different international poverty lines, at 5, 10, and 30 dollars per day (using 2011 PPP dollars), covering the period from 1820 until 2019. Detailed information about the assumptions, methods and data used can be found in chapter 6 and in the appendix of my PhD thesis: Moatsos, M. (2020). Global Absolute Poverty, Present and Past since 1820. Utrecht University. https://doi.org/10.33540/129 and on...

Data supplement to \"The photochemical evolution of meteoritic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nontronite clay on early Earth and Mars\"

Nina Kopacz, Inge Loes ten Kate, Maria Angela Corazzi, Giovanni Poggiali & John Brucato
The photochemical evolution of PAHs delivered to a planetary surface environment by meteoritic sources is of great interest to early Earth origin-of-life studies, Mars origin-of-life speculations, as well as current organic molecule detection efforts on Mars. Of prebiotic interest to both Earth and Mars are clay-rich environments, and the evolution of organic carbon molecules within them. In this work we experimentally tested the effect of UV irradiation on different PAHs adsorbed to nontronite clay using...

Core photographs of the Rotliegend reservoir of the Groningen gas field and surrounding areas [updated]

Clemens A. Visser & Karel Bokhorst
The Groningen gas field is the largest gas field in Europe and has been showing seismicity since the 1990s. The ~200 meter thick gas reservoir is situated at ~3 km depth, and comprises sandstone from the Slochteren Formation which is part of the Permian age Upper Rotliegend Group. The reservoir has been cored extensively by the field operator, the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). This dataset constitutes photographs of core slabs (core-parallel slices) taken from the...

Data supplementary to \"Transitional polders between double dikes: driving land-level rise and reducing flood propagation\"

Steven Alexander Hubertus Weisscher & Anne Baar
This data set contains supplementary material for the NBS paper Weisscher et al (2022). The supplementary material includes the input files for the Delft3D modelling along with files necessary to reproduce the scenario permutations reported in the associated paper. All files can be opened and changed using Notepad++ or a similar program. For contact, please mail to: s.a.h.weisscher@uu.nl or m.g.kleinhans@uu.nl

Model output for the paper \"On the cause of enhanced landward motion of the overriding plate after a major subduction earthquake\"

Mario D'Acquisto
This repository contains the relevant data (part of numerical model output) used to plot the figures in the main body of the manuscript entitled "On the cause of enhanced landward motion of the overriding plate after a major subduction earthquake", by Mario D'Acquisto, Matthew Herman, Riccardo Riva, and Rob Govers, submitted for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. Paper abstract: "Greater landward velocities were recorded after 6 megathrust earthquakes in subduction zone regions...

Vital@2040 professional and policy makers data

Anne Annink
The aim of Vital@2040 is to increase physical activity among groups of children with lower physical activity rates, by contributing to the development and evaluation of interventions. First, Vital@2040 examined parental, professional and policy maker hindering and supporting influences on facilitating club-organized sports participation for children, including on acquiring financial support for children’s sports participation. The study was completed in April 2022. Second, Vital@2040 build Living Labs with local stakeholders in order to develop and...

Microstructural data and trace element concentration measurements of recrystallised zircons

Jasper Huijsmans
We have examined the crystal structure and and composition of recrystallised zircons from the Jack Hills, Australia and the island of Harris & Lewis, Scotland. Data has been collected with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron probe micro analysis (EMPA) in order to resolve the mechanisms responsible for recrystallisation microstructures found in these zircons. The dataset is organised in folders per technique: cathodoluminescence (CL), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), backscatter diffraction (BSE), forescatter diffraction (FSE) and...

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